Resveratrol Synergy
Resveratrol Synergy
Resveratrol Synergy
New, more powerful and comprehensive formula, with fisetin
Improves biomarkers of aging and promotes expression of longevity genes

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Calorie restriction is the most scientifically-validated way of extending lifespan in all living organisms – it can increase lifespan by almost 100% in certain species. It works by favourably altering gene expression, one of the body’s adaptive responses to reduced calorie intake. In activating certain genes and inhibiting others, calorie restriction significantly slows down the aging process by promoting healthy cell function via a number of different pathways, including:
    - blocking inflammatory factors ;
    - optimising fat and carbohydrate metabolism;
    - lowering blood sugar;
    - supporting endothelial function;
    - inhibiting the development and progress of cancer.
¤ Resveratrol Synergy contains high levels of resveratrol, pterostilbene, polydatin, quercetin, proanthocyanidins and, for the first time, fisetin : together, these nutrients mimic the effects of calorie restriction, acting synergistically to combat the effects of aging. In particular, they favourably affect longevity genes which influence the aging process.

¤ Animal research shows that resveratrol mimics many of the beneficial alterations in gene expression produced by calorie restriction. Other studies have highlighted resveratrol's many properties including its ability to promote insulin sensitivity, stimulate mitochondrial function, reduce expression of inflammatory factors and protect against the harmful effects of a high-fat diet.

¤ Pterostilbene is a compound from the same family as resveratrol. Research shows it acts synergistically with resveratrol on longevity genes, boosting the latter’s ‘anti-aging’ benefits. Its bioavailability is also higher than that of resveratrol. It also has anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and antioxidant properties. These activities stem from biological interactions at a fundamental level for both control of gene expression and enzyme activity modulation. It regulates the genes involved in the development of cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes and inflammation.

¤ Polydatin is a glucoside of resveratrol – that is, a resveratrol molecule bound to a sugar molecule. When polydatin enters the bloodstream, the two molecules separate. The glucoside of resveratrol is thus absorbed at a different rate to normal trans-resveratrol, improving the bioavailability, half-life and potency of resveratrol.

¤ Quercetin also mimics some of the effects of calorie restriction. It is a powerful antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory potency which works mainly by inhibiting NF-kappaB, a protein that plays a fundamental role in controlling expression of genes encoding pro-inflammatory cytokines. Quercetin has also demonstrated protective effects against cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer. Vitamin C boosts quercetin's bioavailability and effects.

¤ Pine bark extract, rich in oligoproanthocyanadins (OPC) , has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a number of beneficial effects, particularly on endothelial function, glycaemia and inflammation.

¤ According to the latest research, fisetin, extracted from Buxus sinica, ‘switches on’ cell-signalling molecules supporting anti-aging gene expression, ensuring protection of DNA and neurons, particularly in the presence of oxidative stress. In addition, fisetin has a stabilising effect on resveratrol, preventing its breakdown.

With its combination of nutrients that modulate longevity gene expression, Resveratrol Synergy mimics the effects of calorie restriction, improves biomarkers of aging and boosts disease-fighting mechanisms.
Daily dose : 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
Transresveratrol (from 500 mg Polygonum cuspidatum extract standardised to 20 % transresveratrol) 100 mg
Fisetin (from 52 mg Buxus sinica extract standardised to 98 % fisetin) 50 mg
Pterostilbene (from 51 mg bilberry extract standardised to 99 % pterostilbene) 50 mg
Polydatin (from 53 mg Polygonum cuspidatum extract standardised to 95 % polydatin) 50 mg
Quercetin (from 53 mg Sophora japonica extract standardised to 95 % quercetin) 50 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg
Proanthocyanidins (from 53 mg pine bark extract standardised to 95 % proanthocyanidins) 50 mg
Other ingredients : microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Take two vegetarian capsules a day or as advised by your therapist.

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