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Homotaurine 50 mg
Homotaurine 50 mg
Homotaurine 50 mg
Neuroprotective homotaurine extract:
  • chemically similar to taurine;
  • may help slow down decline in brain and cognitive functions;
  • anticonvulsant and sedative properties.
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    Homotaurine, or 3-amino-1-propanesulfonic acid, is a natural-source organic compound found in certain seaweeds. Though chemically similar to taurine, with only one additional carbon atom in its chain, it offers cognitive protection that taurine does not provide. Structurally similar to the neurotransmitter GABA, it also has gabaergic effects and may be useful as an anti-convulsant.

    Everyday manifestations of age-related physiological decline in brain neurons include:
      • slowness in conceptualising and generating ideas;
      • confused state;
      • difficulty retaining new information;
      • frequent forgetfulness;
      • loss of cognitive function, and an obvious slowing down in performing daily tasks.
    Neuro-protective effects

    Recent studies on homotaurine have highlighted its neuro-protective effects in a specific area of the brain, the hippocampus, which is the site of memorisation and learning.

    Memory problems, which increase with advancing age, can develop as a result of aggregation of the protein beta-amyloid - responsible for the loss of neurons in the hippocampus and a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Homotaurine thus represents a major, natural supplement for combatting this disease.

    Homotaurine interacts with soluble beta-amyloid protein, inhibiting formation of the neuro-toxic aggregates that result in beta-amyloid plaque deposits in the brain which in turn produce dysfunction - and ultimately death - of brain cells.

    Taking homotaurine stems the increase in these plaques and reduces their toxic effects on the brain, thus protecting memory and learning function.

    According to clinical studies conducted in Europe and North America, homotaurine:
      • protects the hippocampus region associated with memory and learning and reduces atrophy by around 68%, compared with placebo;
      • supports the memorisation process;
      • limits memory loss and cognitive decline associated with beta-amyloid plaque toxicity;
      • protects brain cells from premature aging;
      • helps maintain comprehension and development of ideas, particularly during presentations, and is thus excellent for those giving speeches and for teachers;
      • improves ability to plan and execute tasks by ensuring the necessary recall at the right moment.
    Homotaurine is thus a key neuro-nutrition supplement for slowing down age-related decline in brain capacity.

    For optimal efficacy, the recommended dose is 50g in the morning and 50g in the evening, to be taken with meals. No side-effects are associated with these doses.

    Other products may also be of interest for preventing cerebral degeneration and maintaining cognitive ability. Neurex™, for example, is a powerful neuroprotective supplement, while our new formulation, Neuro-Nutrition Formula, helps protect the brain against the effects of ageing.

    Daily dose: 2 capsules
    Number of doses per pack: 30
    Amount per dose
    Homotaurine 100 mg
    Other ingredients: Acacia gum, Acacia gum, white rice bran.

    Adults. Take one capsule morning and evening with meals.
    Each capsule contains 50mg homotaurine.

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    Homotaurine 50 mg
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