Champex® 250 mg
Champex® 250 mg
Champex® 250 mg
Patented extract of Agaricus bisporus mushroom for eliminating bad breath
  • Designed to neutralise the by-products responsible for bad breath.
  • Combats body odours due to consumption of garlic, onions and alcohol as well as smoking.
  • Liver-protective effects.
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Patented extract of Agaricus bisporus mushroom for eliminating bad breath

Champex® is a proprietary extract of the mushroom Agaricus bisporus which specifically neutralizes the by-products of food decomposition, exhaled in the form of "bad breath," or generators of body odour. Developed in Japan, Champex® acts works by destroying odorous or toxic compounds (methane, trimethylamine, indol, scatol and others) directly in the intestines where they begin, and by reducing ammoniac density in the blood. Its effectiveness is documented by several studies:
¤ Champex® is several times more effective for bad breath than parsley seed extract. It is effective against bad breath and body odour caused by consuming garlic (93% proven efficacy), onions, fish, and alcohol and by smoking tobacco.
¤ In Japan, when supplements were administered for 30 days to incontinent hospitalized patients, their body odour and bad breath disappeared completely, and urinary and faecal odor decreased very significantly.

For the scientists who led these studies, Champex® supplementation achieved much more than deodorizing, because the toxic compounds it neutralizes cause nausea, vomiting, spasms and cyanosis. If they are reabsorbed by the intestinal wall, they contribute to colon carcinogenesis, liver disorders and accelerated aging. Thus Champex® :
¤ improves the condition of subjects with diarrhea or constipation in 10 days;
¤ significantly improves the intestinal condition of 80% of subjects in 30 days; ¤ increases by 150% the intestinal population of bifidobacteria and halves the Clostridia population (two beneficial effects);
¤ purifies the blood by reducing its ammonia content by 50% in 30 days';
¤ significantly improves the activity of Natural Killer Cells, a key element of the immune system, and strengthens the immune system itself by detoxifying the toxic compounds produced in the intestines; significantly reduces the proliferation of Helicobacter pylori bacteria; stops the progression of renal insufficiency and maintains normal levels of creatinine; reduces levels of uric acid and reduces the pain associated with gout; decreases production of leucotrienes (allergenic agents implicated in asthma attacks and hayfever); is a powerful antioxidant effective against several free radicals. by your therapist.

For effective cleansing, detoxification and purification of the digestive system, other dietary supplements may also be of interest. Combining a number of natural extracts, the blend Cruciferous Detox Formula, for example, is perfect for detoxifying and protecting the liver. For its part, the supplement Colon Cleanse Formula can help cleanse the colon by encouraging the elimination of waste products, food residues, bacteria and parasites. Discover too the innovative formulation Lectin Flush which facilitates the elimination of lectins, proteins implicated in certain digestive problems.

Daily serving: 6 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 20
Quantity per serving
Champex® 1500 mg
Other ingredients: magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 250 mg of Champex®, a patented extract of the mushroom Agaricus bisporus.

One capsule per meal is generally sufficient. Two to six capsules a day may be necessary as required or as advised

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Champex® 250 mg
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