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Magnesium, an essential mineral for human health

Magnesium is an essential nutrient involved in many of the body’s functions. It is primarily recognised for promoting muscle relaxation, preventing blood clotting and maintaining a balanced nervous system. Though recommended intakes for magnesium vary according to a person’s age and stage in life (adolescence, pregnancy …), deficiencies are common and can manifest as sleep problems, muscle pain, and feelings of stress … Such deficits can be corrected by eating foods containing magnesium or through dietary supplementation. Supplements may contain a magnesium salt (magnesium chloride or magnesium sulphate) or a combination of several salts such as in the formulation Optimag, which combines eight different forms.

Adrenal SupportAdrenal Support

Supports adrenal function and improves the body's response to stress

Alkaline FormulaAlkaline Formula

Acid-base balance Helps balance the body's pH

Daily 3®Daily 3®

The most complete multivitamin supplement you can take in a single capsule

Daily 6®Daily 6®

Contains 55 ingredients! An exceptionally broad spectrum multi-nutrient for optimal health.

Mg Cl2 544 mgMg Cl2 544 mg

Magnesium chloride in the proportions recommended by Professor Delbet.


Multiform supplement that protects and possibly improves hearing function


8 synergistic forms of magnesium for optimum bioavailability New, more absorbable and better-tolerated formulation

Super Bone FormulaSuper Bone Formula

Completely reformulated to maintain and improve bone density more effectively

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© 1997-2019 Fondation pour le Libre Choix. All rights reserved