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How to maintain a toned body throughout summer

How to maintain a toned body throughout summer

Summer is in full swing. Al fresco lunches, lazing on the beach, afternoon strolls in the sun, long evenings with friends… the pleasures of summer are many and varied, but they can take a toll on body tone, affecting not only our skin and hair but our muscles too. Fortunately, help is at hand. Here are three key tips to help you maintain a firm, toned body throughout the summer months.


1. Rid yourself of toxins

The beautiful weather has finally arrived. But despite the sun’s reenergising rays, you still feel tired. Your muscles lack tone. Your skin looks dull. The bags under your eyes just won’t go away. You have more and more spots. Your hair’s lost its shine. One thing’s for sure: it’s time for a detox! The build-up of toxins is causing all sorts of problems. Now’s the perfect moment to really cleanse and purify your body.

SuperSmart’s advice: There’s no shortage of benefits to be gained from detoxing the body, nor ways of approaching it. Scientific studies have identified numerous detox compounds and foods, which can be used in various ways, including in the form of nutritional supplements. Why not try the detox product Rehab, a supplement that combines more than 10 different detox agents for optimal results!

2. Keep your body hydrated

A toned body is a hydrated body! Indeed, water is key to ensuring that the body functions at its best. As well as being an essential ingredient in cells, it plays a role in numerous chemical reactions - transporting nutrients, eliminating metabolic waste-products and maintaining a constant body temperature. Without water, we’d soon start to suffer damage and feel the unpleasant effects! Muscle weakness, cramps, loss of elasticity in the skin, dull complexion … these are all warning signs that we’re failing to stay adequately hydrated.

SuperSmart’s advice: The importance of water for optimal health is well-documented. The advice from public health authorities is to drink water freely without waiting until you feel thirsty. Have you heard of SuperWater? It’s an alkaline water which has demonstrated a number of positive effects on vitality and well-being. It’s also important to ensure skin cells stay hydrated by applying moisturising creams and using nutricosmetics such as Skin Ceramides. This supplement encourages the skin to retain water which helps keep it well-hydrated, toned and firm!

3. Avoid gaining weight

The summer months can be quite a challenge for the figure. Lunchtime barbecues, ice cream in the afternoon, drinks on the terrace at sunset, extended dinners with friends … calorific pleasures abound in summer and it’s easy to gain a few kilos in a short time. However, before you decide to take drastic action and turn down all social invitations – just remember it’s all about moderation. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy yourself while watching your figure and maintaining a toned body!

SuperSmart’s advice: Yes, there are ways of preventing weight gain and maintaining a toned body throughout the summer months! Firstly, you need to eat as balanced a diet as possible, choosing vegetables over chips with your barbecued meat or fish. Similarly, it’s better to opt for a glass of wine than a sugary cocktail, in moderation of course. But did you know that there are natural products that can help you control your food intake? One such supplement to discover without delay is Appetite Control Formula!

BONUS: It would be wrong to talk about maintaining a toned body without mentioning the importance of regular physical activity. This applies the whole year round of course, but the summer is the perfect time to try out a new sport or get back to taking regular exercise. Find out more in our article Sport: 6 tips to get you motivated over the summer!



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