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Are you looking for the very best antioxidant supplements? Are you only interested in exceptional products with maximum efficacy and safety? You’ve come to the right place! Supersmart has gathered together the most powerful antioxidant supplements, made from high quality natural raw materials, and formulated to maximise the bioavailability of their active principles. As you’ll see, each of these products contains beneficial substances at significant levels – substantially higher than that of many supplements on the market.

Our expert teams always select the most sophisticated and inventive manufacturing processes to ensure the best possible absorption of the micronutrients contained in the supplements. After all, what’s the point in taking antioxidants if they’re not going to reach the bloodstream?

Here you’ll find the well-known formulation AntiOxidant Synergy, a unique and amazing combination of natural antioxidants (curcumin from turmeric, EGCg from green tea, polyphenols from pine bark, catechins from grape seed, glutathione …), as well as the naturally antioxidant and perennially popular Pycnogenol 50 mg, a patented maritime pine bark extract, and Sodium R-Lipoate, an R-lipoic acid supplement with maximum bioavailability. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you can’t find what you need!

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Health benefits of antioxidant supplements

Hundreds of scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of antioxidants (enzymes, vitamins, bilirubin …) for maintaining good health and re-establishing the right balance. Research has also shown that daily supplementation with antioxidant vitamins can restore normal antioxidant status in deficient individuals, further proving that nutritional antioxidants are crucial to a healthy diet.

Antioxidant dietary supplements are able to destroy or neutralize the aggressive chemicals that constitute reactive oxygen species. Trace elements (zinc, copper, manganese, selenium) are also important defense components for production of antioxidant enzymes in the body.

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