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Who are we ?

Our history

SuperSmart comes from the idea that people can live smarter and healthier lives when they properly take care of themselves.
Born in Los Angeles, the company started in 1992 when its founder started taking dietary supplements to prevent minor health issues and feel better about himself.
After taking these for some time and realizing that it worked great, he became more and more interested in supplements.
He became knowledgeable about supplements, to the extent that he wrote his first book, “New advances in anti-aging nutritional supplementation – What if aging were not inevitable?”. You can find this eBook in the section Book and Health Aid of our website.
When he went back to France, his native country, from Los Angeles, the brand’s creator started to import the supplements he used to buy there for him, his family, and his friends.
As time went by, he realized that he wanted everyone to benefit from the revolutionary properties of good dietary supplements, not only his relatives. This way, he developed his own formulations.
That is how SuperSmart was born.
SuperSmart offers nutritional supplements with unique formulations that are imagined and repeatedly tested by health experts and doctors who work jointly with us. The company manufactures every single one of its formulas, with the aim of providing the best quality and most effective supplements on the market. SuperSmart is a brand that advocates innovation, hard work, and continuous improvement since 1992.
After expanding all the way through Europe, SuperSmart successfully penetrated the American market in 2018, now delivering supplements to United States, Canada, and Mexico.

SuperSmart today

A pioneer in the market for nutritional supplements, SuperSmart today counts two branches working jointly in Europe and in America.
Scientifically supported and respected, none of our nutritional supplements are manufactured without reliable information, physicians’ coordination, and pharmaceutical grade products.
Led and managed by a highly professional team of pharmaceutical experts and managers, SuperSmart counts a growing team of employees, without mentioning various contractors and distributors.
With guiding principles of prioritizing quality, safety, efficacy, and scientific validation, which remained the same since the beginning, SuperSmart keeps using tools among the most innovative and effective available since 1992.
In fact, SuperSmart produces its own formulations, coordinated by a Doctor of Pharmacy and recognized specialist in nutrition. This human-scale company privileges self-employed and independent contractors, as scientific journalists and translators specialized in the health field to promote the best expertise.
The selection of raw materials and the control of the manufacturing process are managed by a food engineer. Dietary and nutritional supplements are packaged in regularly inspected laboratories that comply with the regulations in force.
Above all, the friendly and cheerful ‘Smarteam’ remains at your disposal every day to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have!

Our mission

At SuperSmart, our one and only purpose is to make as many people as possible feel good about themselves and healthier. This involves the conception of high-quality dietary supplements that are constantly researched, improved, and innovative.
Our team always rewards our customers’ loyalty, without whom SuperSmart would not be here today.
That is why the brand’s catalogue does not cease to grow, today counting more than 400 different unique formulas. From anti-aging to stress relief supplements, including pills that promote concentration, SuperSmart has an ever-wider range of products that can suit most necessities.

Our commitments

Since the company was born, our line of conduct has never changed. We still strive to privilege quality, safety of use, effectiveness, and scientific validation; a simple and authentic line that has won the loyalty of more and more customers, whom we sincerely thank.


  1. Since 1992, we develop unique formulas to improve our consumers’ health and we are committed to designing ever higher quality products.
  2. We only use ingredients and dosages selected from the best scientific research.
  3. Our manufacturing process is rigorous and at the origin of the quality of our supplements. Production and packaging methods are in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP certified, allowing maximum traceability and safety.
  4. We favor raw materials – selected by a food engineer – that meet an ethical charter, aiming to respect the environment and promote local as well as eco-responsible economies.
  5. We do not use any of the excipients that appear on the European list of “excipients with known effects”. More than 90% of our products contain only natural excipients (rice flour, rice bran, acacia gum).
  6. We increasingly value ingredients from organic agriculture in our formulas.


  1. We guarantee that our dietary supplements are marketed in the safest forms available to the body; forms that we are often the first to make available worldwide.
  2. We offer the most advanced and complete formulas with ingredients recognized for their effectiveness and bioavailability by renowned scientific studies.
  3. As you can read on the Certificates of Analysis published on our product pages, no tests are ever performed on animals.
  4. The design of our formulas is coordinated by a Doctor of Pharmacy and recognized specialist in nutrition.

Innovation and work

  1. We are a small business based in Miami, Florida (US) that works hard to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and research.
  2. Our product range is constantly evolving; we offer new products frequently and regularly review the composition of our best supplements.
  3. We offer reliable information and advice regarding food supplements and your health. We work closely with scientific journalists and translators specialized in the health field to that end.
  4. Our shipments are entrusted to logistics professionals who use the most innovative and efficient tools in the field to preserve the optimal quality of our supplements.
  5. We offer many exclusive supplements that are not always easy to find elsewhere because we search the world for the highest quality ingredients.

Please feel free to check out our FAQ to learn more about how we select and manufacture our supplements, price justification, our use of excipients, or any other question!

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Frequently-asked questions

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Any questions?

Are SuperSmart’s products really more expensive than those of other companies?

In health more than any other sector, the ‘cheapest’ inevitably ends up costing more. Poor quality supplements may be less expensive but in the long run, your health will pay the price.

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Why are the product descriptions and information sometimes so difficult to read?

Clear, transparent and documented information is the key to making educated choices. There are so many schools of thought and fanciful theories on nutrition-related matters that we have always made scientific information an absolute priority. But this no easy task. Nutrition and biochemistry are complex subjects which are difficult to communicate in lay language without compromising on scientific rigour. It’s why so few health professionals attempt it, forcing consumers interested in nutrition to search almost surreptitiously for information themselves.

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Where are your products manufactured and dispatched from?

We make around 60% of our products in the United States and 40% in Europe. Despite the unfavourable exchange rate, the American market remains by far and away the global benchmark for nutritional supplementation and we develop many products there that we simply wouldn’t be able to in Europe. Our main distribution centre is in the Netherlands, with a second centre in the US. Our administration and customer services have been located in Luxembourg for more than 15 years. This set-up is admittedly rather complex but it gives us flexibility, resilience and reliability.

Do your products contain allergens?

The most common dietary allergies involve foods that feature widely in our diet, such as eggs, milk, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts…), shellfish, peanuts, celery, etc. These are all included on an EU regulations list of common allergens, and we are committed to alerting customers when they are present in our supplements.

As we are keen to offer you natural-source ingredients, some of our supplements unsurprisingly contain ingredients included on this list. Our krill oil supplement obviously contains shellfish, just as our excellent supplement Celery 3nb contains celery seeds. That’s precisely why they’re so popular.

Rest assured, however, that you’ll never find any synthetic allergens in our excipients.

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