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Curcuma, a plant with multiple virtues


Looking for a turmeric supplement to relieve pain, soothe inflammation or improve digestion? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find Supersmart’s range of the most effective turmeric supplements on the market.

Turmeric contains amazing natural molecules called curcuminoids (including curcumin), which have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect but which are poorly absorbed by the body. It therefore makes sense to use high quality supplements that can increase curcuminoid absorption. If you take a curcuma lambda supplement, it’s unlikely the active principles will be absorbed by the body, and the benefits will therefore be negligible.

But by micronizing the curcuminoids (reducing the particles down to a microscopic size that mixes easily in water), Curcumin Solution significantly increases the transfer of these molecules into the bloodstream. It enables the curcuminoids to interact with a large number of cellular targets involved in inflammatory disorders and abnormal cell processes. However,

Super Curcuma remains the benchmark turmeric supplement: standardized in curcuminoids and combined with phosphatidylcholine (a natural fatty acid found in cell membranes which maximises the absorption of curcumin), it’s the only 100% natural turmeric supplement to effectively combat inflammatory processes, digestive problems and abnormal cellular events.

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How can you obtain maximum benefit from your turmeric supplement?

To optimize the efficacy of your chosen supplement, we recommend following these steps throughout the supplementation period.

  1. Take your supplement with food. Curcumin is always best absorbed at the same time as the body is digesting some dietary fat because the fat slows down intestinal transit and increases the micelles’ contact time with the intestinal wall.
  2. Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 from oily fish and fish oils have powerful anti-inflammatory properties though optimal levels are difficult to obtain from diet alone.
  3. Increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables while decreasing that of omega-6-rich, pro-inflammatory foods (which, in general, are highly-processed foods).
  4. Incorporate anti-cancer foods into your diet. The best-known of these include red fruits (as they contain ellagic acid, anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins), citrus fruits (vitamin C, polyphenols and terpenes), cruciferous vegetables (glucosinolates) and alliaceous vegetables (allicin, thiosulfinate, thiosulfonates, monosulfurs, disulfurs and trisulfurs).
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