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On-line dietary and nutritional supplements

Are Supersmart.com products really more expensive than others?

It’s a myth spread by those who envy us … When we at Supersmart.com develop a product, neither the cost price nor retail price comes into the equation. We use the very same ingredients as those validated in scientific studies, in the same forms and at the same doses. We use delivery systems guaranteed to provide the highest bioavailability. We then apply profit margins in line with industry standards – no more, no less – and in no way manipulate the retail price. If a Supersmart.com product sometimes appears to be more expensive than a similar European product, it is only because of our superior quality criteria. And the benefits our customers gain from our loyalty program easily outweigh any potential disadvantage. Having said that, we readily admit that nutritional supplements cost more in Europe than in the United States. The US supplementation market is the largest in the world and the tax and regulation situation for American companies is considerably more favourable – hence their lower prices.

What does Supersmart.com offer that I won’t find elsewhere?

• Products based solely on science, in forms and at doses proven to be effective. And nothing else.
• Cutting-edge supplements often unavailable elsewhere; and always the newest products in the sector such as the acclaimed ‘condition-specific’ probiotics. If you’re looking for an original and effective nutritional supplement and you can’t find it at Supersmart.com, you’ll struggle to find it anywhere else… And if you believe we’re missing something important, send us your suggestion and if we take it up, we’ll pay you for your idea!
• An anti-aging range that’s innovative, comprehensive and truly unique to us. These are products that need to be used for several months to appreciate the benefits they offer!
• Essential basic products that should form part of everyone’s supplementation regime from adolescence through to old age: powerful, comprehensive multivitamins, essential fatty acids, gastro-resistant probiotics, vitamins D3 and MK-7, all at effective doses.

What won’t I find at Supersmart.com?

• No ‘snake oil’ or ‘miracle cures’ – or products based on marketing. Never.
• No fantastical claims or undeliverable promises. It can sometimes take months or even years of supplementation to remedy certain health problems (detoxifying the body, for example, takes more than just a few days).
• No claims based on anecdotal evidence (one of the clearest signs of charlatanism) …

Why are the product descriptions and articles sometimes so difficult to read?

Because biochemistry and nutrition are complex subjects and in the interests of accuracy, we cannot simply substitute one word for another. We have never said that supplementation was simple … However, the most obvious approach is to start with the general and move on to the specific. Look at the pyramid on the back cover: at the bottom are the ‘essentials’, basic supplements for men and women at all stages of life. Next up are products that are age- and gender-specific. Then, if turning fifty is something that concerns you, you can choose to add in some anti-aging supplements. Finally, when health problems start to appear, you can find the right product for your needs in our ‘natural pharmacy’.

Where are your products manufactured and from where are they distributed?

We manufacture around 60% of our products in the United States and 40% in Europe. Despite the unfavourable exchange rate, the American market remains by far and away the global benchmark for nutritional supplementation and we formulate many products there that would simply be impossible to develop in Europe. Our main distribution center is in the Netherlands. Our administrative and customer service departments have been based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for more than 15 years. This set-up is undoubtedly somewhat complex but it guarantees us flexibility, resilience and reliability.

Do your products contain allergenic substances?

Never! Our rule of thumb is no allergens and the only exception is justified and flagged up. We use the minimum amount of excipients and these are always listed in the ‘other ingredients’ section of our nutritional information …
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