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Longevity (Anti-aging)

If you’re interested in anti-aging medicine and want to seriously delay the effects of growing older using the latest scientific advances, look no further. Here you’ll find a list of the best anti-aging supplements for reducing the signs of aging, both physical and mental!

Each of these supplements has a common objective: to help you stay healthier for longer and increase your longevity. To do that, they employ a wide range of mechanisms of action: they actively combat oxidative stress, reactivate telomerase, eliminate senescent cells using senolytic compounds, stimulate new mitochondria, mimic the effects of calorie restriction, and modulate the genes involved in age-related problems …

In particular, we’d highlight Astragaloside IV 98%, an extract of astragalus root containing the much-prized astragaloside IV, Senolytic Complex, the most innovative senolytic supplement on the market, and Mitochondrial Formula, an exceptional formulation for generating new mitochondria.

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Which anti-aging products are recognized for their efficacy?

Analysis of different anti-aging solutions has enabled certain substance to be isolated that can slow down cellular aging. Antioxidants, found abundantly in fruit, vegetables and nuts, are without doubt the best-known. They are able to neutralize oxidants formed as part of normal cell metabolism but which are boosted by factors such as exposure to the sun, smoking and alcohol. Antioxidants include resveratrol, flavonoids and anthocyanins.

An enzyme called telomerase has been making the headlines for several years now for its potential to reverse cell senescence. By extending the length of certain DNA sequences, telomerase may be able to induce cell and organ rejuvenation in mammals. Several studies have also demonstrated that a molecule derived from astragalus (astragaloside) reactivates telomerase in mice, lowering their biological age. This is why lobsters, which have particularly high levels of telomerase, never die of old age. Calorie restriction, whereby nutrient intake is optimized and calorie consumption limited - is a well-regarded lifestyle option for helping maintain youthfulness and preserve the skin’s natural beauty. But though it almost certainly works, is it really worth maintaining such a demanding regime throughout life?

Using Anti-Aging Dietary Supplements to Combat the Aging Process

Another solution is to take anti-aging dietary supplements that combine these various strategies. In whichever form – be it anti-aging pills, capsules or cream, the products offered by Supersmart are innovative and exclusive. At the cutting edge of research, they incorporate all the substances with proven benefits against aging and represent probably the best available option of fighting the aging process – in tandem, of course, with a sensible lifestyle.

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