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Start Enjoying SuperSmart’s Great Loyalty Program!

We want to reward you, our faithful customers, for keeping our brand alive since 1992.

After our annual promotions and clearance sales, you now have a unique and innovative Loyalty Program that gets you permanent and growing discounts on all your orders!

The concept is simple - your order amounts add up. If the cumulative amount of your orders exceeds:

  • $500 => 10% discount
  • $1,000 => 15% discount
  • $1,500 => 20% discount
  • $2,000 => 25% discount

On all upcoming orders and for life!

From now on, you get a unique privilege; all your orders are automatically reduced by the discount you have reached with the cumulative amount of your orders!

For example, let’s assume that Hannah is a SuperSmart client that has joined the program. If she placed:

  • 6 orders for a total of $970 => she benefits from an automatic 10% discount on all future orders
  • 11 orders for a total of $2,000 => she now receives an automatic 25% discount on future orders

Instead of paying $340 for her 12th order, Hannah will pay $255, a savings of $85. If she makes 6 orders at the same price every year, she will save more than $500 per year.

Unprecedented for a loyalty program!


What are the conditions of the program?

The program applies to all SuperSmart’s products, purchased by phone and on our website, us.supersmart.com.

  • All SuperSmart customers over 18 are eligible for the program. However, businesses, organizations, and other entities are not.
  • Discounts and corresponding amounts spent cannot be transferred between customers.
  • The amounts spent are calculated with VAT included but without shipping costs.
  • Program discounts can be added to the 5% fixed discount reserved for members of the "SuperSmart Club" (those who subscribe to our newsletter). Hence, the maximum total discount is 30%.
  • Program discounts cannot be combined with other existing discounts (commercial, professional, clearance, special promotions...). Amounts spent and accrued on products with other discounts are not eligible for this loyalty program.
  • Earned discounts remain valid for the duration of the loyalty program.
  • Your cumulative total only takes into account orders for which payment has been received.
  • Purchases made through subscription are added to your loyalty program’s cumulative total. However, discounts do not accumulate and only the subscription discount applies.
  • When an order elevates your discount band to the next level, the increased discount rate will not apply to that order but to the next. For example, when an order brings the cumulative purchase value to $1,000 or more, the 15% discount rate will apply to subsequent orders and when all previous orders have been paid.
  • Customers can check their account status (cumulative totals and discount rate) at us.supersmart.com, by logging-in and clicking on ‘My Account’, followed by ‘Loyalty Program / Referral’, or by telephone at +1 (786) 522-3907.
  • Customers who have reached 25% off form the us.supersmart.com VIP Club. They benefit from special advantages, including private sales.

If my SuperSmart account is inactive for a long period of time, will I still benefit from my loyalty program?

Of course! As long as you are a SuperSmart member and are part of our Loyalty Program, you will benefit from its advantages.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please do not hesitate to contact us or read our FAQ!

SuperSmart® reserves the right to modify or terminate the loyalty program at any time.
SuperSmart® will make all reasonable efforts to give its customers notice should it decide to end the program.
SuperSmart® disclaims any responsibility, pecuniary, legal, or otherwise, for such modification or termination of the program.

This loyalty program (and the calculation of amounts spent) went into effect on November 8, 2005.

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