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Welcome Shop by health concern Stress and mood Organic Relaxing Oil Blend 75 mg
Organic Relaxing Oil Blend 75 mg
Organic Relaxing Oil Blend 75 mg
0433Organic Relaxing Oil Blend 75 mgSize
Organic Relaxing Oil Blend 75 mg
Stress and mood
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Organic Relaxing Oil Blend is a synergistic combination of essential oils for promoting rest and relaxation.
  • Contains 75 different active molecules.
  • Helps combat stress and anxiety.
  • Promotes restorative sleep without the risk of addiction.
60 softgels
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Organic Relaxing Oil Blend Supplement

Organic Relaxing Oil Blend is a classic blend of chemotype essential oils, aimed at promoting calmness and relaxing the nerves.

What are the benefits of Organic Relaxing Oil Blend?

This formulation helps combat the stresses of modern life and encourages restorative sleep without the need for sleeping pills. It acts on a range of symptoms such as palpitations, feelings of oppression, irritability, nervous tension, agitation or over-stimulation, sleep problems, intrusive thoughts, stress and nervous anticipation.

Each softgel contains no fewer than 75 different active molecules - a long way from the type of synthetic pharmaceuticals which contain just four or five at the most.

What are the essential oils in Organic Relaxing Oil Blend?

This synergistic formulation contains several benefits from the following chemotype essential oils:

  • Essential oil of sweet marjoram, the main constituents of which are cis-thujanol and trans-thujanol. It is a powerful regulator of the central nervous system with anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) properties, but is also used for its antiviral properties, its ability to regenerate the liver (viral hepatitis) and its effect on bronchial symptoms.
  • Essential oil of lavender, of which the flowering tops – rich in linalool, linalyl acetate and camphor – are used. It has shown remarkable efficacy in easing mental tension, calming nerve and heart palpitations, treating depression, and curing insomnia and other sleep problems. It’s also a recognized anti-spasmodic and sedative.
  • Essential oil of mandarin of biological origin, of which the zest, particularly rich in limonene and gamma-terpinene, is used. Popular for its fragrance, it is primarily used for treating stress, agitation and anxiety and also has blood pressure-lowering properties which can stop palpitations and extra systoles (extra heartbeats).
  • Essential oil of lemongrass, obtained from the essence of flowers rich in nerol, geraniol and monoterpenes. It is used especially for its calming and sedative properties, but it also combats indigestion, gas and pain associated with gastric ulcers.
  • Essential oil of lemon verbena, produced from the leaves which are rich in nerol and geraniol. Excellent for addressing temporary depression, it has powerful sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps regulate the hormone system and is a vesicular and pancreatic stimulant.

Why choose Organic Relaxing Oil Blend?

Though aromatherapy is increasing in popularity, it’s important to recognize that essential oils are not entirely risk-free. Used indiscriminately, these oils can actually be toxic, especially when taken internally, and even more so as some companies recommend unsuitable doses or are not clear enough about either the botanical source (there are many homologues) or the chemotype. This last point is important: the chemotype provides precise information on an oil’s active and predominant biochemical molecules.

A plant will produce specific aromatic molecules depending on the biotope in which it is grown: two identical species can produce two different essential oils, each of which is characteristic of the conditions in which it has been grown. A lack of knowledge of an oil’s chemotype thus opens up the possibility of toxicity and reduced efficacy. The chemotypes of the essential oils in Organic Relaxing Oil Blend are always specified and the active principles are dosed to maximise their efficacy, providing with several benefits while ensuring their safety (no more than 75mg per softgel).

Why take Organic Relaxing Oil Blend to reduce stress and relieve tension?

There are three main reasons to buy Organic Relaxing Oil Blend in order to combat anxiety:

  • A natural alternative to drugs: Anxiolytic, hypnotic and antidepressant drugs are widely used for treating stress and insomnia, but they often cause dependency and unwelcome side-effects. Its high time natural alternatives were given due consideration, particularly the unanimously-recognized option of aromatherapy. Organic Relaxing Oil Blend concentrates those oils most widely accepted as synergistically combatting stress and the symptoms of anxiety.
  • A blend of oils chosen for their efficacy and safety: A number of essential oils act on the central and vegetative nervous systems but taking them orally can be quite problematic. To avoid any unnecessary risk, it is therefore advisable to consult a therapist from the outset. Opting for Organic Relaxing Oil Blend, which has been the focus of considerable expertise, means avoiding any risks to your health as its combination of oils has been chosen by leading health professionals for their safety and efficiency.
  • It’s easy to use and saves you time: The ready-to-take softgels save precious time and facilitate therapeutic observance: avoiding the need to mix the blend yourself prevents the risk of potential errors and unwelcome consequences.

Buy your Organic Relaxing Oil Blend today and enjoy its calming effects with complete safety and optimal efficacy.

Daily dose: 4 softgels
Number of doses per pack: 15

per dose

Blend of organically-produced essential oils
Mandarin (Citrus reticulata),
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
Caraway (Carum carvi))
300 mg
Other ingredients : rapeseed vegetable oil, glycerin, water, tocopherols.
Directions for use
adults. Take 1-4 softgels, 30 minutes before bed.
Each softgel contains 75 mg of a mix of essential oils from organic farming.
Caution: Do not exceed 9 softgels a day.
4.4 /5 7 reviews
4.3 / 5
4.4 / 5
Value for money
3.6 / 5

Reviews 7
57 %

Me ayuda mucho a relajarme y me mejoró la ansiedad y duermo mejor-
Cumple con relación a estar más tranquilo y fácil de tomar pero no me aporta ayuda para el sueño
Alf Oterino
Me relaja y quita el estrés, lo uso para quitar las benzodiapecinas
Es efectivo para relajarte y ayuda a coinciliar el sueño.
Jose Manuel
Bueno me funciona muy bien sobre todo si eres constante tomandolo y cuando ya llevas unos días empieza hacer efecto me mantiene relajado por las mañanas en mi trabajo que es muy extresante de hecho compré tres botes mas.
Gaetano Fazio
Il prodotto sembra essere efficace
Je viens de commencer ce complément et, au bout de 6 jours je constate que je m'endors plus facilement donc je continue, à suivre ...

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Organic Relaxing Oil Blend 75 mg
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