Progesterone is a steroid hormone secreted mainly by women, and to a lesser degree, men. Like oestrogen, progesterone is involved in the female menstrual cycle and in pregnancy. Progesterone levels rise to prepare for and maintain a pregnancy and then decline if pregnancy does not occur. They also fall during the menopause. A lack of progesterone manifests principally as PMS symptoms and hot flushes. Some plants have shown benefits in reducing these effects. One such plant is yam from which a natural progesterone has been developed and is today available as a dietary supplement.
Natural Progesterone Cream
Natural Progesterone Cream56,7 g

The first natural progesterone on a liposomal support

Natural Progesterone Creamclose56,7 g

The first natural progesterone on a liposomal support

Apply twice daily ¼ to ½ teaspoon on neck, chest, behind the knees or the underside of arms or thighs. Avoid the mucous membranes. Change site of application each time. Pre-menopausal women can use the cream daily during the last two weeks of her cycle. Post-menopausal women can alternate two weeks of use and two weeks of abstention. The best results are observed after regular use.

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Natural Progesterone Spray 28 ml
Natural Progesterone Spray 28 ml160 sprays

Natural progesterone in a practical and dose-precise form

Natural Progesterone Spray 28 mlclose160 sprays

Natural progesterone in a practical and dose-precise form

Recommended use : Apply 1-5 sprays daily to the skin, varying the site of application over the course of the month. Menstruating or peri-menopausal women should start on days 12-15 of their menstrual cycle and stop on day 26 (counting from day 1 of their period).
Post-menopausal women, or those who have had a hysterectomy, can alternate two weeks' use with two weeks' abstinence, and repeat to mimic their pre-menopausal cycle.

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