Posinol™ 50 mg
Posinol™  50 mg
Posinol™ 50 mg
Extract of Apocynum venetum (Luobuma) for fighting depression
  • Can lower heart rate;
  • Used for inducing mental relaxation and helping to reduce symptoms of mild to moderate depression.
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Today’s increasingly fast pace of life together with family and work pressures can upset emotional equilibrium over time and manifest as anxiety and depression. To address these emotional dips, we all too often turn to drugs - which have medium and long-term side-effects - when natural phytotherapeutic solutions are available that are just as effective.

Posinol™, a medicinal plant extract

The supplement Posinol™ is formulated from an extract of a little-known plant called Apocynum venetum (Luobuma). Indigenous to Asia, this plant has been used for over 600 years in traditional Chinese medicine where it is recommended for lowering the heart rate. Its therapeutic benefits come from the high content of its leaves in glycoside flavonols, multi-beneficial compounds belonging to the large flavonoid family. Posinol™ contains around 10 different forms of these molecules, which act in different ways in the body, including isoquercetin, hyperoside, rutin, astragalin, quercetin and kaempferol. Isoquercetin and hyperoside, for example, are known for their beneficial effects against anxiety and mild to moderate depression.

Beneficial effects of Apocynum venetum extract

Its use in traditional therapies has led to Apocynum venetum extract being widely-studied in recent years. Hyperoside, one of its main compounds, has in particular been shown to induce a state of mental relaxation, an action which also helps to lower blood pressure. As a result of this powerful relaxant effect, extract of Apocynum venetum is recommended as a natural anxiolytic for fighting anxiety and depression and is often suggested as a natural alternative to drugs. It can also be a substitute for St John’s Wort, a plant with similar effects to those of Apocynum venetum, but which has the disadvantage of interacting with other substances in the body.

Therapeutic benefits of Posinol™ supplement

In addition to its relaxing effects against anxiety and some forms of depression, extract of Apocynum venetum offers other therapeutic benefits. Studies have confirmed its efficacy in regulating the heart rate and combatting certain forms of arrhythmia. Studies have also demonstrated its potential in cardiovascular health in helping to prevent hypertension. In addition, this medicinal plant appears to offer natural antioxidant potency, enabling it to combat lipid peroxidation, while research suggests it also increases levels of ‘good’ HDL-cholesterol. According to current scientific data, extract of Apocynum venetum may therefore help prevent or treat anxiety, mild to moderate depression, certain cardiovascular diseases and some forms of dyslipidaemia such as hypercholesterolaemia.

High quality phytotherapeutic supplement

The many benefits of Apocynum venetum are now available in nutritional supplement form. The high quality phytotherapeutic supplement Posinol™ delivers 50 mg of leaf extract per capsule, with a suggested dose of one to two capsules a day, although this dose can be adjusted in line with your needs and your therapist’s advice. In addition to Posinol™, other phytotherapeutic supplements offer benefits against temporary depression and anxiety such as the relaxing properties of green tea extract (Suntheanine®) and the calming effects of Natural Sleep Formula. You may also be interested in the fish protein-based product Peptidea® for its stress-fighting effects.

For optimal efficacy, the recommended daily dose is two capsules, spread over the day.
Daily dose : 2 softgels
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
Posinol™ (Extract of Apocynum venetum) 100 mg
Other ingredients : Soybean oil, soy lecithins, beeswax.

Posinol™, Soft Gel Technologies, USA.

Adults. Take 1 to 2 softgels a day.
Each softgel contains 50 mg of Posinol™.

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Posinol™ 50 mg
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