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8 essential supplements to help you prepare for summer

How ever you plan to spend summer, your body needs to be well-prepared, so read on for our guide to eight supplements that will help you get summer-ready!


Protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays and prepare your skin for tanning

Summer is synonymous with a bronzed, healthy-looking complexion – provided, of course, you take the right precautions to protect your skin! It’s widely recognized that exposing your skin to the sun’s rays can lead to substantial damage, and we’re not just talking about sunburn. Studies show that exposure to UV rays can promote premature aging of skin cells, increase the risk of skin cancer and cause genetic mutations. It’s therefore vital to give your skin optimal protection!

In practice: Even before you reach for the sun cream or oil, it’s a good idea to supplement with natural antioxidants such as lycopene in order to thoroughly prepare your skin for exposure to the sun. Lycopene is effective at preventing the accumulation of UV-generated free radicals which cause significant damage to the skin. And taking a combination of lycopene and melanin supplements before you hit the sun loungers can also help prepare your skin and intensify the tanning effect.

Prevent dehydration and moisturise dry skin

Though you might love the hot summer sunshine, your skin does not. High temperatures encourage perspiration and dehydration of skin cells, while exposure to UV rays triggers thickening of the epidermis, a natural defensive reaction. The skin therefore needs extra hydration.

In practice: To keep your skin soft and radiant-looking, it’s important to ensure skin cells remain hydrated. Drink plenty of water – without waiting until you’re thirsty to do so. You can also deeply hydrate your skin by taking nutricosmetics such as the supplement Skin Ceramides. This provides natural ceramides which counteract drying of the skin.

Slim down before summer

As summer draws near, it’s not unusual to want to look a bit slimmer. Losing a few kilos, burning excess fat, achieving a flatter stomach … There are as many reasons for wanting to slim down as there are ways of achieving it. What’s your technique?

In practice: Studies show there are three weight-loss mechanisms which are particularly effective. The first consists of curbing feelings of hunger with the help of appetite-suppressants, the second centers on reducing absorption of fats by slowing down gastric emptying, while the third is about stimulating thermogenesis – promoting the breakdown of fatty acids. You can benefit from the latest weight-loss advances by taking the supplement Advanced Fat Burner.

Boost your sexual desire and activity

Day-to-day worries, stress, fatigue … many factors can affect our sex lives over the year, but in summer, things tend to change! The warm weather and holidays are conducive to relaxation and offer the opportunity to enjoy a bit of romance… However, these intimate moments can be marred by sexual problems: impotence, a lack of libido, frigidity …..

In practice: Don’t panic. There are many ways of dealing with sexual problems. For example, the Ayurvedic plant Tribulus terrestris has been used for many years to treat erectile problems, low libido and lack of sexual desire. Studies conducted on this plant suggest it acts both as a tonic and as a natural aphrodisiac.

Strengthen the hair and nails

Just like the skin, our hair and nails need special attention if they are to withstand the numerous challenges posed by the summer months. They have to cope with damage induced by UV rays, as well as that from the heat, chlorine, salt and sand. What can you do to protect your hair and nails before the summer arrives?

In practice: To ensure your hair and nails get the protection they need, it’s important to recognize the structural and protective role played by the fibrous protein keratin, which is key to maintaining beautiful hair and nails. Indeed keratin supplementation has been a major area of cosmetological interest for a number of years. Today, synergistic formulations are available such as Hair & Nails Formula which contains keratin as well as other nutrients that benefit the health of our hair and nails.

Boost your vision ahead of long journeys and relieve tired eyes

Summer frequently goes hand in hand with lengthy journeys! We often spend more time in our cars during the summer months – getting away on holiday, staying with friends for the weekend, visiting family, going to summer weddings, moving house …! Though these trips are enjoyable, they can also be demanding for the driver, not only in terms of energy but in the constant attention and focus they require. Such continual alertness puts significant strain on the eyes and brain.

In practice: Getting a good night’s sleep before a long journey is clearly advisable but certain dietary supplements can also help in equipping you for summer travel. There are, for example, natural substances that can prepare your eyes for exposure to the sun along the route. To protect your eyes from what can be significant UV exposure, supplementing with antioxidants such as anthocyanosides from blueberries can be very beneficial.

Protect your sight from sun damage

As mentioned, exposure to the sun can damage the eyes, and over the long term, vision may suffer irreversible effects from over-exposure to powerful UV rays. Suffice to say that ensuring your eyes are adequately protected is absolutely crucial, whatever your age!

In practice: In addition to choosing sunglasses that offer maximum sun protection, you can also safeguard your vision by taking specific supplements such as Optivision This product combines multiple ingredients recognized for their benefits for eye health: powerful antioxidant polyphenols, retinol, glutathione, N-acetyl-cysteine, calcium folinate, sodium R-lipoate …

Improve your circulation

Many people suffer with circulation problems. Heavy legs, swollen ankles, tingling … these are all typical symptoms of poor circulation which can be particularly frequent in summer due to higher temperatures. Heat dilates the blood vessels, encouraging venous congestion which is responsible for the sensation of heavy legs.

In practice: A number of solutions have been developed to prevent such circulation problems and help you enjoy a pain-free summer. They include support stockings, as well as cooling gels and substances called venotonics. Also known as venotropics or phlebotropics, these reduce dilation of the blood vessels and venous congestion, thus relieving the symptoms of venous insufficiency. In anticipation of the summer heat to come, why not try the natural venotonic supplement Horse Chestnut Extract.


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