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Lose weight naturally: the golden rules!

If you’re looking to lose a few kilos without compromising your health and without taking anything, take a look at these golden rules for implementing an effective and natural slimming plan.
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Eat intelligently

The key to success? At the end of the day, it’s all about what’s on your plate. But we’re not suggesting you follow a restrictive and monotonous diet – though it might produce rapid weight loss, you’ll almost certainly put it back on again. On the contrary, eating intelligently is about getting pleasure from good food in healthy portions. It’s about prioritising foods with a low glycaemic index (whole grains, pulses, oilseeds, dairy products…) as they provide beneficial nutrients without tipping the scales; fruit and vegetables for their high content in fibre, antioxidants and vitamins; and lean meat and fish for their protein content which maintains lean muscle mass.

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Put your faith in slimming plants and herbs

Plants as well as fruits and vegetables can be a godsend to slimming regimes because of their diuretic, draining, and appetite-suppressing effects. So when it comes to watching your figure, which are your very best friends? On the fruit and vegetable front, it is artichokes, chicory, apples and grapefruit, while the best plants are dandelion, rosemary, guarana and ash. By incorporating these fruits and vegetables into your eating plan and supplementing with these weight-busting herbs, you will slim down more easily and more durably.

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Take your time

Time is a key element in any weight loss plan. The more gradually we lose our excess kilos, the more likely it is they’ll stay off. This is a question of physiology; we know that when we lose weight too fast (by eating a very low calorie diet), we put it straight back on again. A good rate of weight loss is 2 kilos a month. It’s also important not to rush when eating a meal. It takes 20 minutes for sensors in the stomach to send satiety signals to the brain. If we eat too quickly, we risk eating more than we need.

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Drink enough fluids

If you don’t drink enough fluids (between 1.5l and 2.5l a day depending on your activity levels) and if your diet does not contain enough fruit and vegetables, your body’s draining functions will not be activated.

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