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SuperSmart mangrove forest

How SuperSmart has planted thousands of trees in Madagascar

As a result of an initiative in April 2021, Supersmart has enabled thousands of trees to be planted in Madagascar. Discover the positive impact of this project in which large numbers of you participated.

The SuperSmart forest: more than 4000 trees planted in Madagascar

A brief recap on the principle of this operation, launched to coincide with Earth Day on 22 April 2021. Over 4 days, SuperSmart offered customers the opportunity to plant a tree for every product sold, through a collaboration with the organisation Tree-Nation.

There are now more than 4451 trees in the ‘SuperSmart forest’, all of which are located in a planting site called Ankirambo in northwestern Madagascar. You can pay the forest a virtual visit by clicking here.

Reviving the mangrove, thanks to Tree-Nation and the local community

It’s a sad fact that production of charcoal in this region has led to widespread mangrove deforestation. The environmental damage has endangered wildlife, particularly fish ... and as a consequence, the livelihoods of local fishing communities too.

The mangrove reforestation was carried out following Tree-Nation’s Employ-to-Plant methodology: using local trees (usually Rhizophora mucronata mangrove trees), and employing local villagers, etc.

Incidentally, 4451 trees planted represents 1.48 hectares of reforested mangrove, which translates into 89.02 tons of C02 captured! What’s more, healthy mangrove forests help prevent coastal erosion.

Ecology: SuperSmart also prioritises organic and vegan supplements

Increasingly engaged in ecological change, SuperSmart also strives to offer supplements which are ever more environmentally-friendly as well as ever more beneficial for your health.

The most eco-friendly supplements are obviously organic, ie, produced from organically-grown plants where pesticide use is prohibited. Ideally, they are also vegan (free from all animal products). Let’s not forget that intensive livestock farming plays an active role in global warming: greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation to make way for pasture or fields of grain to feed animals ... The less we use animal products, the more the planet benefits.

Our organic and vegan supplements include:

  • Organic MCT Oil, an organic, vegan MCT oil obtained from coconuts, with 98% C8 caprylic acid, and known to be non-fattening (1) ;
  • Organic ABG10+®, an extract of organic black garlicexcellent for maintaining normal cholesterol levels and offering antibacterial properties (2) ;
  • Organic Defense Mix, the perfect oral cocktail of organic essential oils: peppermint to help soothe the mouth and throat, oregano to support gut health, etc. (3) ;
  • and last but not least,Vegan D3, our vegan vitamin D product. Unlike standard vitamin D formulations, this excellent nutritional supplement does not rely on either fish or lanolin from sheep’s wool: Vegan D3 is made entirely from algae guaranteed to be GMO- and pesticide-free (5).


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