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What are natural remedies for preventing and relieving osteoarthritis?

Do you, like millions of other French men and women, suffer from or are you at risk of osteoarthritis? Here are five simple, natural, and effective methods for relieving osteoarthritis pain.
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2016-09-30 (blog.publication: 2016-08-18)Commentaires (0)

Start exercising again


Whether you want to prevent osteoarthritis or have already been diagnosed with it , engaging in regular physical activity doesn’t just help you maintain a healthy weight (and excess weight is another predisposing factor for osteoarthritis). Exercise also helps keep your bones and muscles in optimal condition. How? Physical activity helps muscles provide support and helps joints stay relaxed, while keeping cartilage well “nourished.”

Practical steps

If you have osteoarthritis, you should always exercise (or engage in a gentle physical activity) at an intensity that doesn’t cause you pain. What matters is the consistency of the activity, not how intense it is.. Don’t neglect exercises that strengthen muscles and be sure stretch muscles after exercising (which is essential for maintaining flexibility)

Eat fruits and vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that combat oxidative stress and thus cellular degeneration. Vitamin and mineral content is also high in fruits and vegetables, and helps maintain bone and cartilage health.

Practical steps

Include fruits and vegetables in the menu for every meal, and vary them as much as possible to reap their benefits. To enhance vegetable dishes, you can use curcuma and pepper, which contain recognized anti-inflammatory compounds.

Avoid grilled foods and saturated fats


A study published in Great Britain found that grilled foods produce a detrimental effect on the body: glycation, which causes inflammation and degeneration of cartilage. Saturated fats also promote inflammation. In contrast, foods rich in omega-3 have the beneficial effect of slowing the process of cartilage wear.

Practical steps

Limit grilled foods and sautéed vegetables, don’t eat the skin from grilled chicken, and avoid fried foods. Eliminate saturated fats (such as cold cuts, palm oil, and fatty meats) and choose foods rich in omega-3 instead (such as fatty fish, flaxseed, and nut oils).

Focus on (good) plants


Certain plants are of great interest to anyone struggling with osteoarthritis pain; they include nettle root, field horsetail, arnica, and black currants. These plants have anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic properties, but they can also help overall bone health because they also have remineralizing properties.

Practical steps

You can consume these plants as herbal teas or use them in the form of mother tinctures, macerates, or poultices. Ask your herbal specialist for advice

Try food supplements


Several studies have shown the effectiveness of taking food supplements in people with osteoarthritis-related pain. Among the substances that have scientifically proven benefits, glucosamine and chondroitin are notable (look for our product NAG 500 mg. These two substances play a role in producing proteoglycans, which ensure good cartilage health. Harpagophytum (or “devil’s claw”) is also used for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Practical steps

Follow the dosages indicated on the product container (some capsules should be taken between meals, others during a meal) and always continue the treatment over the long-term. The benefits take effect after several weeks or even several months of treatment.



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