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Are SuperSmart’s products really more expensive than those of other companies?

In health more than any other sector, the ‘cheapest’ inevitably ends up costing more. Poor quality supplements may be less expensive but in the long run, your health will pay the price.

When we develop a product, neither the cost price nor the retail price comes into the equation: we use only the very best raw materials, patented ingredients, forms and dosages validated by the scientific literature, and delivery systems that guarantee optimal preservation and bioavailability of the supplement’s contents. This commitment to excellence doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a price worth paying for maximising the benefits reported by clinical studies.

We apply profit margins in line with industry standards – no more, no less – and in no way manipulate the retail price. If a SuperSmart product sometimes appears more expensive than a similar European product, it is only because of our superior quality criteria. Having said that, we readily admit that equivalent nutritional supplements cost more in Europe than in the United States. The US supplementation market is the largest in the world and the tax and regulation situation for American companies is considerably more favourable – hence their lower prices.

Three reasons for the prices of our supplements:

  1. Supplements that contain patented ingredients, such as Mirtoselect® (Eye Pressure Control), ZeroPollution® and Go-Less® (Complete Uricare) tend to cost a little more as the companies that make them have invested in research to ensure their ingredients are more effective than others. So while you might pay a little more, you can be sure you’re buying a supplement with scientifically-demonstrated efficacy and safety.
  2. The source of the raw material can also affect the price. Marine-source glucosamine (Joint Support Formula) for example, costs a lot more than the bovine-source alternative but the latter has in the past raised important concerns in terms of mad cow disease. The same applies to forms of vitamins and minerals: calcium carbonate is very inexpensive but numerous studies have shown that other forms (such as calcium orotate) are much better absorbed by the body. Similarly, some cheap synthetic vitamins are suspected of aggravating health problems and producing the opposite effect of that intended!
  3. The way in which a supplement is manufactured can also influence the price: tablets tend to cost less than capsules, but they’re more difficult to digest. Conversely, the gastro-resistant and extended-release capsules we use for our probiotics are more expensive because they benefit from cutting-edge technology which guarantees maximum efficacy. Freeze-drying plant extracts, which preserves their nutritional value much better than drum-drying, can also be more expensive, as can the organic ingredients we use whenever possible (Organic acacia, Organic Royal Jelly, Organic MycoComplex…).

Despite this unwavering commitment to excellence, we at SuperSmart actually managed to lower our prices in 2018 and are proud to offer unprecedented value-for-money. This has been possible due to growing consumer demand (which has expanded the accessibility of high-quality products) and increasingly advanced logistics. In the current economic climate, this is a welcome development: while few of us are prepared to sacrifice our health by opting for the cheapest product, we’re nonetheless keen to pay the lowest price possible for a top quality supplement.

To this end, we’d recommend regularly checking out the Promotions section of our website to find certain supplements at discounted prices.

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