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GlucoFit™ (Banaba Leaf Extract) for Blood Sugar Regulation

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GlucoFit™, or banaba leaf extract, is a powerful transporter of glucose across cell membranes.

  • Oily extract form of corosolic acid derived from the leaves of the plant Lagerstroemia Speciosa.
  • May help regulate blood sugar.
  • Could help manage weight and body fat.

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GlucoFit™ is an oily extract form of corosolic acid derived from the leaves of the plant lagerstroemia speciosa, grown in Asia. Also known as banaba leaf extract, corosolic acid is a powerful transporter of glucose across cell membranes, which means it could help efficiently regulate blood sugar.

Corosolic Acid Benefits

As you have gathered by now, one of the primary benefits of taking a banaba leaf extract supplement is its potential to help regulate blood sugar. While research specific to GlucoFit™ is limited, one recent study shows the extent to which banaba leaf extract may lower blood sugar levels in humans.

The body’s ability to transport glucose is extremely important to overall health. Glucose that is not transported into cells stagnates in the blood and is often converted into fat. Elevated blood sugar levels can not only lead to weight gain, but also to glycation, a specific type of damage caused by a reaction between glucose and protein, as well as other diseases, such as atherosclerosis.

But that is not the only corosolic acid benefit; banaba leaf extract also has powerful antioxidant properties and may also support overall heart health.

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants are essential for counteracting the formation of free radicals in the body. Free radicals accelerate age-related conditions and impact everything from your DNA to your body’s ability to fight off disease, making banaba leaf extract a highly recommended natural addition to your diet.

One of the most significant GlucoFit™ benefits is the ability to fight off and neutralize free radicals, as banaba leaf capsules contain high levels of flavonoids and phenols, both essential antioxidants.

Studies have shown that GlucoFit™ neutralizes high levels of free radicals and regulates antioxidant producing enzymes. Research remains ongoing, but the benefits of GlucoFit™ are promising.

Heart Health Support

GlucoFit™ supports heart health by way of cholesterol. The principle is that high levels of cholesterol in the blood raise the chances of experiencing heart disease later in life. But the corosolic acid in banaba leaf extract may lower the rates of cholesterol in the blood, along with levels of triglycerides.

Animal and human studies have contributed to the increased knowledge of the effects of corosolic acid supplements on cholesterol and heart health. One study showed a near 50% drop in liver cholesterol levels and a 32% drop in blood cholesterol levels in mice over ten weeks.

Scientists acknowledge that studying the effects of corosolic acid supplements – including the impact of banaba leaf extract – must continue, but early results are encouraging.

Corosolic Acid Supplement Side Effects

Whether you are looking to take GlucoFit™ for weight loss, heart health, or any other reason, you need to examine the potential for side effects to make an informed decision on whether or not taking corosolic acid supplements daily is for you.

First and foremost, it is essential to consult your doctor if you are already taking any prescription medications for a chronic condition, as adverse drug interactions are possible with almost any modern pharmaceuticals. Your primary care physician can review your medical history to determine whether you may be at risk of experiencing corosolic acid side effects.

In any case, you should always perform your own research. There are plenty of credible studies accessible online that examine banaba side effects and study the risks of experiencing them.

Generally, most people will find banaba leaf extract perfectly safe to take. Side effects are most common when consuming more than the recommended daily dosage or using GlucoFit™ with certain prescription medications.

Take control of your own health while taking corosolic acid for weight loss, heart health, and antioxidant properties. Monitor any side effects – however mild – and consult your doctor if they become unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Note that banaba extract side effects are mild to nonexistent for most people. Nevertheless, proceed with caution, as you should when adding any new supplement to your daily regimen.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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