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10 good reasons to take rhodiola

Do you know rhodiola? This lovely yellow plant conceals abundant anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties that make Rhodiola the ideal partner for maintaining your well-being.

1/ Rhodiola is a 100% natural product

Rhodiola (or Rhodiola rosea) isa plant that grows in cold regions , such as Siberia and Scandinavia. Wherever rhodiola grows, people have for thousands of years used the plant’s rhizome (root) for therapeutic purposes.

2/ Rhodiola fights stress effectively

Rhodiola reduces the level of cortisol (a hormone secreted in response to stress) and boosts the body’s ability to resist stress , while regulating the nervous system. Rhodiola is also recommended for mild cases of anxiety and/or depression.

3/ Rhodiola is easy to take

What is the simplest way to take rhodiola? You can buy capsules or vials of liquid, which are both widely used in phytotherapy. Rhodiola capsules and liquid offer ideal forms and doses that allow you to complete a course of therapy easily. If you prefer, you can also consume rhodiola as an herbal tea. What is the proper dose? Two daily doses of 100 to 300 mg for eight days are generally recommended, preferably before meals (breakfast and dinner). You must then stop taking rhodiola for one week before restarting if you wish to continue therapy.

4/ Rhodiola does not have side effects

You must, of course, follow dosage instructions. Rhodiola, like all plants that contain active ingredients, can cause harmful effects in cases of overdose or improper use (specifically nervousness). Rhodiola is also contra-indicated in women who are pregnant or nursing and in children . Rhodiola must not be used with certain medications and does not combine well with stimulants.

5/ Rhodiola fights fatigue

This is one of the best known scientifically proven properties of rhodiola. Many athletes also use rhodiola because it is a stimulant that helps their bodies recover faster and adapt to exertion.

6/ Rhodiola is an antioxidant

This means that it is effective at fighting cellular aging and oxidative stress . Rhodiola is in fact rich in flavonoids and powerful compounds (specifically rosavin) that give it very interesting therapeutic antioxidant properties.

7/ Rhodiola has proven its effectiveness

Many studies have demonstrated the therapeutic properties of rhodiola, especially in countries where it has been used in phytotherapy (specifically in Scandinavia and Russia). Conversely, rhodiola has long remained unknown in western countries. Since the late 1960s, however, research teams around the world have investigated the therapeutic properties of rhodiola and validated earlier results.

8/ Rhodiola can improve sleep

Stress is a hormone disruptor that makes it more difficult to fall asleep and worsens insomnia. The overall anti-stress effects of rhodiola can improve wellness and help ameliorate sleep problems . Remember, however, that rhodiola is a stimulant and should not be taken in the evening.

9/ Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant

This means that it enhances the body’s resistance to all kinds of attacks (and thus all forms of stress) whether chemical, biological, or physical. Rhodiola also regulates and improves body functions without disrupting them.

10/ Rhodiola improves cognitive abilities

Rhodiola is especially beneficial for people experiencing stress and fatigue, as various studies of overworked students and doctors have shown. Taking rhodiola significantly improved the ability of study participants to concentrate and perform intellectual tasks, while limiting fatigue and stress.

Rhodiola therapy is thus of great interest during exam periods or for anyone who is working too much.



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