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Stress Relief Formula Supplement
Stress Relief Formula Supplement
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Stress Relief Formula
Sleep problems
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Stress Relief Formula is a natural anti-stress formulation.
  • Contains several natural ingredients studied for their ability to fight the effects of stress.
  • Helps to soothe, restore energy and relieve fatigue.
  • Perfect solution for coping with periods of anxiety.
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Stress Relief Formula Supplement

The supplement Stress Relief Formula has been developed to respond to a common problem: stress.

What are the benefits associated with Stress Relief Formula?

Caused by multiple factors, stress can significantly affect our well-being with anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, fatigue. The everyday consequences of stress are so numerous that they can seem impossible to overcome. It is precisely to help fight all these effects that this natural stress relief product has been developed. In a single capsule, it combines a selection of natural ingredients with stress-fighting properties. The various active principles selected will:

  • Help lower stress levels.
  • Relieve anxiety.
  • Soothe nervous tension.
  • Restore energy.
  • Reduce fatigue.

What are the ingredients in Stress Relief Formula capsules?

Natural Plant Extracts

Stress Relief Formula contains extracts of several plants that offer stress and anxiety benefits, including:

  1. Passiflora (Passiflora incarnata).
  2. Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis).
  3. Rehmannia (Rehmannia glutinosa).
  4. Jujuba (Zizyphus spinosa).
  5. Polygala (Polygala tenuifolia).
  6. Magnolia (Magnolia officinalis).

Extensively studied, these plants are recognized for their calming properties and stress-relieving effects. They are primarily used in Phytotherapy for promoting calmness, facilitating sleep, improving sleep quality and increasing mental performance. Some of the plants selected have also been studied for their potential to support the adrenal glands which play a key role in managing stress.

Vitamins and Minerals

For optimal efficacy, Stress Relief Formula has also been enriched with stress relief vitamins and minerals:

  • It contains magnesium, a mineral often described as an ‘anti-stress nutrient’. It’s especially important to ensure adequate magnesium intake since a deficiency increases sensitivity to stress.
  • It also contains benfotiamine, a form of vitamin B1 that facilitates energy production and thus combats fatigue.
  • This quality anti-stress supplement has been further enhanced with the addition of pyridoxal-5-phosphate, a coenzyme of vitamin B6. This is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, molecules that regulate the body’s nervous system and help control stress, mood and general well-being.

When should you use Stress Relief Formula?

By combining nutrients and plants with anti-stress properties, Stress Relief Formula offers the perfect solution for:

  • Coping with periods of anxiety.
  • Nervous tension.
  • Excessive workload.
  • Fatigue or ‘burn-out’.

The recommended dosage for this natural anti-stress product is three capsules a day, though this can be adjusted in line with your needs and your therapist’s advice. You may also be interested in other products available to buy at Supersmart that provide long-term support against the effects of stress, such as melatonin supplements, often called the ‘sleep hormone’, or supplements containing GABA, a stress-relieving neurotransmitter, both of which are available as part of the Supersmart Stress and Sleep range.

Buy Stress Relief Formula to benefit from stress and anxiety relief.

Daily dose: 3 capsules
Number of doses per box : 30

per dose

Magnesium citrate 150 mg
Passion flower extract standardized to 3.5 % vitexin 120 mg
Schisandra berry extract standardized to 9 % schizandrin 90 mg
Rehmannia glutinosa root extract (10:1) 90 mg
Zizyphus spinosa extract (10:1) 90 mg
Benfotiamin 75 mg
Polygala tenuifolia extract (10:1) 60 mg
Magnolia extract standardized to 45-65% honokiol, 35-55% magnolol 45 mg
Pyridoxal 5 phosphate 30 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum, rice flour.
Directions for use
adults. Take 3 capsules a day, or as advised by your therapist.
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Stress Relief Formula
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