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Cardio Clear – Oral Chelation Capsules to Support Heart Health

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Cardio-Clear are oral chelation capsules that support circulation and arteries.

  • Contains magnesium, which optimizes cardiac muscle health and function.
  • Contains garlic standardized in allicin, recognized for inhibiting age-related vascular problems (atherosclerosis).
  • Contains bromelain, an exceptional anti-inflammatory enzyme.

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Cardio Clear is a remarkable formula. Chelation is a detoxification process designed to eliminate harmful metals from the body. Enriched with magnesium, allicin, and bromelain, these oral chelation capsules offer holistic support of blood and vein health. Our oral chelation formula combines well with Tensix, a benchmark supplement for supporting heart, vein, and blood health.

What does Chelation Mean?

The chelation process is designed to eliminate harmful metals from the body by means of a chelating agent. This agent binds to electrically charged minerals and metals, such as iron, lead, copper, and calcium, to form a stable, non-toxic complex that is easily eliminated via urine.

In addition to its benefits for combating heavy metal poisoning, numerous studies also report on the potential supportive qualities of chelation for the cardiovascular system. EDTA, in particular, has shown promise in studies for its chelating ability, and that happens to be the chelating agent in Cardio Clear.

Note: though generally considered safe for healthy individuals, EDTA is not recommended for people experiencing kidney failure, coagulopathy, cirrhosis of the liver, or those taking anticoagulants.

Who is Cardio Clear Aimed at?

Cardio Clear is for anyone who wishes to support the cardiovascular system, particularly those that may be at risk for cardiovascular issues. The Interheart study identified nine profiles of people who are particularly at risk of experiencing cardiovascular problems:

  • Those with high cholesterol levels.
  • Smokers or ex-smokers.
  • Diabetics.
  • Those with high blood pressure.
  • Those suffering from chronic stress due to work, relationships, money, depression, etc.
  • Those who are overweight.
  • Those with an inadequate fruit and vegetable intake.
  • Those who do little or no daily exercise.
  • Those exposed to road traffic pollution.

What is in these Oral Chelation Capsules?

Cardio Clear contains two chelating agents, the previously mentioned EDTA and malic acid, a compound with a pleasant taste, found abundantly in plant life and naturally present in apples, pears, and grapes.

It also contains other natural compounds widely studied for their anti-atherogenic properties.


In these oral chelation capsules, you will find EDTA. This molecule is otherwise known as a chelating agent that features a claw-like substance able to stick onto other molecules. In most cases, EDTA is used to stick to calcium, but it can also be used for dealing with metals such as lead.

This EDTA chelation formula may be used to support better cardiovascular health. EDTA has been used in medical settings to clean out toxic metals from the bloodstream. It is a common practice for heavy metal poisoning and can be given through an IV. EDTA has also been studied for its decalcification ability.

However, note that the EDTA found in Cardio Clear is considered to be an over-the-counter variation. These are taken by the mouth versus through an IV to help detoxify the body and boost overall wellness.

Malic Acid

Malic acid is named from malum, a Latin word meaning apple. In 1785, malic acid was isolated from apple juice. It is the substance that gives drinks and foods their tart flavor. It is also used in some personal health products, such as shampoos and body lotions.

Malic acid comes from the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) family of fruit acids, which can be beneficial in skincare products. Additionally, your body can naturally produce malic acid when it converts carbs into energy. If your body did not have malic acid, it would become difficult to move.

However, this chelation formula contains malic acid because of the potential benefits to heart health. Cardio Clear uses malic acid because of research that shows it may be able to reduce harm to myocardial tissue, lower platelet aggregation, and reduce serum levels of TNF-α. These in vitro experiments show that malic acid can also reduce LDH release and decrease the apoptotic rate. While more research is needed, there is a reported connection between malic acid and cardiovascular protective effects.

Garlic Extract

Research has shown garlic supplements may be beneficial to support healthy blood pressure due to the fact it supports heart, blood, vein, and gut health. It is also recognized by the World Health Organization for its effect on damage to the arterial wall from inflammation and fibro-fatty deposits.

However, you would need to consume huge quantities of garlic to benefit from this property, which is difficult. That is why supplementation can assist, particularly since the garlic in Cardio Clear is standardized in allicin, the component primarily responsible for garlic’s therapeutic effects.

Magnesium Malate

A mineral essential for cardiac function, magnesium has been shown to help regulate blood pressure. Clinical studies suggest that the administration of magnesium supplements may also reduce the occurrence of blood clots. Epidemiological research has shown that the lower the level of magnesium in the blood – hypomagnesemia – the greater the risk of experiencing cardiovascular problems.

Cardio Clear provides chelated calcium magnesium that offers very high availability and solubility. This is important because where magnesium is concerned, it is not quantity, but quality, that counts. Inferior forms will not be properly absorbed by the body, potentially causing some unpleasant problems, such as osmotic diarrhea, and significantly reducing its benefits.


Bromelain is a collective term for the proteolytic enzymes – those able to break down proteins into shorter fragments – present in the stem, fruit, and leaves of the Bromeliaceae family of plants, which includes the pineapple. Approved and clinically used in Asia for reducing inflammation, studies have also identified its benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Unlike other enzymes, bromelain is not broken down by the digestive system. That means it can enter the bloodstream and exert a systemic effect. Research on the properties and therapeutic application of bromelain report on the beneficial effects of bromelain for cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Parsley Extract

Parsley contains two particularly beneficial antioxidants: apigenin and lutein. These reduce oxidative damage in the body, which helps delay the development of cardiovascular issues. However, it is also included in the composition of Cardio Clear for another, quite different property: in forming specific enzymes, it is able to capture sulfur-containing compounds in the mouth and gut produced by garlic consumption. Cardio Clear thus has none of the unpleasantness of many garlic extract supplements.

Five Reasons To Choose Cardio Clear

Why would you choose to take Cardio Clear? Here are some reasons to consider:

  1. The use of oral chelation to support the overall health of the cardiovascular system.
  2. It is particularly difficult to obtain bromelain without taking supplements, as it is processed out of products, such as canned pineapples and commercial pineapple juice.
  3. To support adequate intake of magnesium for overall health.
  4. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among Western populations.
  5. Heart, vein, and blood health are highly complex. It is important to support them on all fronts.

Cardio Clear was designed to support overall cardiovascular health with its diverse ingredients and modes of action.

Following is a selection of other supplements which may be of interest for supporting heart health:

  • Cardio Booster: combines the most widely studied substances for cardiac muscle function.
  • Sytrinol™: a natural alternative for combatting hypercholesterolemia.
  • TMG: a natural compound involved in the methylation cycle.
  • Triple Protect: a formulation for supporting artery health.

Cardio Clear is an alternative formulation aimed at supporting the cardiovascular system. It is based on oral chelation and incorporates a number of ingredients widely studied for their benefits on circulation.

Are there any Cardio Chelate with EDTA Side Effects?

While our cardio chelate with EDTA benefits may outweigh potential side effects, it is still important to do your own research and speak with your primary medical care provider. This magnesium with malic acid supplement contains a variety of ingredients that should all be researched thoroughly.

We recommend reviewing all Cardio Clear ingredients with your healthcare provider before taking. Some healthcare conditions and medications can interact with some of the ingredients, so it is important to discuss everything you take with your doctor before beginning a supplement regimen with Cardio Clear. Only after a qualified healthcare professional gives you the okay should you begin taking a chelated blend magnesium supplement.

More research is required to determine if taking a magnesium chelated blend is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. During these critical life stages, it’s best to avoid taking oral chelation capsules until new studies prove they are safe. Additionally, cardio chelate oral with EDTA should not be taken by children. This supplement is intended only for healthy adults looking to support cardiovascular health.

If you begin to notice any unusual side effects once you start a new supplement, discontinue the regimen immediately. At that time, you should have another appointment with your doctor to determine what caused the unwanted reaction so it can be avoided in the future. Only once the supplement has been cleared for use again by a certified medical professional should you begin taking it.

Once a supplement reaches its "best by" date, you should no longer take it. The efficacy may decrease after the expiration date, making it difficult to determine whether or not it is working effectively.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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