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Nitric Oxide Formula
Nitric Oxide Formula
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Nitric Oxide Formula
Heart and circulation
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Enhanced formulation for relaxing vascular smooth muscle

  • Facilitates blood flow.
  • Supports physical exercise, cardiac function, and venous insufficiency.
  • May help combat effects of erectile dysfunction.
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Nitric Oxide Formula

Nitric Oxide Supplement

Nitric oxide is a gas molecule released by the body to relax the smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels. When the latter contract, blood flow decreases, and when they relax and dilate, blood circulates more freely. Our nitric oxide supplement is designed to help those muscles relax.

Nitric oxide is present in every movement we make throughout life. Its importance was recognized in 1992 when the journal Science named it “Molecule of the Year.” In 1998, three researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for research into nitric oxide.

However, as we get older, our bodies produce less nitric oxide. This can lead to a number of health problems since nitric oxide's characteristics are not limited to the dilation of blood vessels and maintaining stable blood pressure. Nitric oxide is also active in the lungs; relaxing the smooth muscle enables a greater flow of oxygen to the lungs and pulmonary alveoli. Without this, respiration becomes more difficult and problems of breathlessness occur.

Nitric oxide is also a natural sex organ stimulant. In fact, adequate production in the penis is essential for achieving an erection. Nitric oxide supplementation is a simple and effective way of supporting sexual function and possibly even increasing sexual response both in men and women.

Nitric Oxide Benefits

Nitric oxide contains potent compounds that support health and performance. When evaluating any supplement, you need to be aware of the benefits to decide whether to add them to your regime.

Nitric oxide benefits may include:

Nitric oxide formula is a strong candidate for males — especially athletes and anyone who likes to exercise — to add to their daily dietary regimen. With all the powerful ingredients our formula contains, it’s like taking multiple supplements at once, which makes it convenient and affordable.

Nitric Oxide Capsule Ingredients


Nitric oxide is produced from the amino acid L-arginine, particularly in its alpha ketoglutarate (AKG) form, which is unique in the sense that it’s extremely effective at converting into nitric oxide.


L-citrulline, in its malate form, helps eliminate metabolic waste products produced by the muscles when exercising. The reduction in these combustion waste products ensures increased stamina during exercise. Citrulline's action complements that of nitric oxide and allows it to regenerate.

Supplements with L-arginine and L-citrulline increase levels of nitric oxide, both in the short and long terms — thanks to L-citrulline's prolonged action. Combining these two substances optimizes cardiac function and may also improve the immune system’s response.

The immune system is better supported during recovery and has stronger resistance to germs and viruses. Arginine alpha ketoglutarate directly influences the activity and production of lymphocytes, allowing nitric oxide to stimulate natural killer cells to fight certain forms of pathogenic bacteria.

D-aspartic acid (DAA)

D-aspartic acid (DAA) is naturally present in the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, and the testicles. D-aspartic acid supplements stimulate the luteinising hormone, which acts as a neurotransmitter and leads to testosterone production in the testicles. DAA is essential for energy production.

Agmatine sulfate

Agmatine sulfate perfectly complements aspartic acid and prevents over-activation of NMDA receptors, which ensure transmission of electric signals between the brain cells and spinal cord. Agmatine is a by-product of arginine and is produced via the process of decarboxylation.

It acts as a pump, encouraging increased nitric oxide levels in the soft endothelial tissue that surrounds the blood vessels, and therefore helps prevent vein constriction.

Additionally, agmatine stimulates the release of NO and inhibits the enzymes that destroy it. The results are clear: agmatine produces prolonged, continuous muscle pump action. More effective than arginine, agmatine stimulates the release of LH and GH hormones, making it a useful, pre-training aid for athletes. Last but not least, agmatine protects the nervous system and engenders well-being.


Nitric oxide formula also contains Vinitrox™, a powerful polyphenol extract from apples and grapes that has antioxidant and vasorelaxant properties and is beneficial in sports nutrition. It acts synergistically with arginine by stimulating endothelial production of nitric oxide, improving the latter's efficacy as a relaxant and cell oxygenator. Polyphenols reduce the harmful effects of free radicals generated during exercise, lowering levels of nitrotyrosine and promoting recovery.

Potential Nitric Oxide Supplements Side Effects

Our nitric oxide formula is powerful because it’s so multifaceted. It acts as an agmatine sulfate supplement, a Vinitrox supplement, and so much more.

However, whether you’re looking to take a nitric oxide supplement for heart health or any other reason, you should do your own research to understand the side effects before you start taking it.

Some supplements have side effects if taken improperly or combined with certain medications.

Talk to your doctor about nitric oxide vascular effects and nitric oxide’s effect on heart issues to get a better understanding of whether or not it’s right for you. Your doctor will be able to tell you if any of the prescription medications you take may pose any potentially adverse interactions.

Generally, the benefits of nitric oxide far outweigh the risk of any side effects. The vast majority of people who take this supplement will not experience any negative side effects.

And, as always, make sure you only buy tested and authorized nitric oxide supplements from a reputable vendor like Supersmart.

Daily dose : 3 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 30
Amount per dose
L-citrulline malate 2:1 450 mg
L-arginine alpha keto glutarate 2:1 250 mg
D-aspartic acid 150 mg
Agmatine sulfate 150 mg
Vinitrox™ 150 mg
Other ingredients : Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, Vinitrox™, Bio Serae, France
Directions for use

Instructions for Taking Nitric Oxide Daily

Although the simplest way to increase your intake of nitric oxide is to monitor your diet, sometimes the building blocks of health are not enough to provide your body its recommended daily intake.

Daily supplementation to take advantage of nitric oxide benefits, and others, like Vinitrox benefits, is the most convenient way of giving your mind and body precisely what they need.

Whether you’re taking nitric oxide for muscle relaxation, nitric oxide for blood vessels, or simply to support overall blood flow and heart health, the benefits cannot be understated.

We recommend taking one nitric oxide capsule, three times a day, preferably with food. Consuming nitric oxide daily alongside food may help increase absorption and efficacy.

Studies have shown you can also take nitric oxide before performing certain activities. For example, if you use nitric oxide for exercise, you should take a supplement as part of your pre-workout meal. And during your post-workout meal, you can also take it to help reduce muscle soreness.

And if you’re planning to engage in sexual activity, you may want to take it prior, as taking nitric oxide for erection support is one of the most popular uses of nitric oxide supplements.

Regardless of what you need nitric oxide for and when you take it, always make sure you follow the instructions. While there are no severe health issues associated with nitric oxide, under no circumstances should you take more than the recommended serving size.

5 /5 2 reviews
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5.0 / 5
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Recently had a SVT racing heart issue(ambulance ride), on a beta blocker to control BP and racing heart, at first only took nitric oxide on days I worked out b4 this event. Now take it daily, it helps me tremendously to dilate blood vessels and oxygenate, which I desperately need. Very thrilled w/results.
Works very well, like how it should lower BP and provide energy. A bit expensive, so I only take it on days I work out, MWF and sometimes other days.

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Nitric Oxide Formula
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