Melan-Off 150 mg
Melan-Off 150 mg


Melan-Off 150 mg
Blend of natural extracts for skin tone
  • Used to lighten the skin (by inhibiting the mechanism responsible for melanogenesis).
  • Contains verbena and bearberry.
  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photoprotective effects.
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    Skin pigmentation is influenced by various factors, the most important of which is linked to melanin, a dark pigment present in the epidermis. Biosynthesis of melanin, or melanogenesis, is affected by genes, diet, hormone medications and other factors, the most significant of which is tyrosinase, an enzyme which plays a role in the formation of eumelanin (a brown to black pigment) and pheomelanin (a yellow to red pigment).

    Melan-Off supplement, blend of natural extracts for skin tone

    Controlling the production of melanin not only helps ‘whiten’ the skin, but also prevents the development of ageing or ‘liver’ spots, melasma (the ‘mask of pregnancy’), post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, imperfections and patchy areas caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays.
    To date, substances such as ellagic acid, glabridin, fucoxanthin and phloridzin have partly fulfilled this function but none of these has been shown to be as effective as Melan-off.

    Melan-off is a proprietary blend of two highly-standardised extracts of the plants:
    - Aloysia triphylla (lemon verbena) of which verbascoside (15%) is the active substance. This dihydroxycinnamic acid is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photoprotector, and studies show it has powerful skin-whitening properties.
    - Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (bearberry) , which contains 10% arbutin. Research shows this glucopyranoside prevents melanogenesis by inhibiting tyrosinase.

    Combining these two compounds in one supplement provides a three-fold action:
      • it works in advance to inhibit tyrosinase and thus prevent melanin from being produced;
      • it directly inhibits tyrosinase activity during melanin synthesis;
      • it exerts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects to reduce the skin’s melanogenic response.
    Low doses of around 300-500 mg/day of this two-extract combination have proved particularly effective at lightening the skin and treating melanogenesis, with no apparent side-effects.

    Spanish research conducted at the Miguel Fernandez University at Elche, Valencia, particularly the B6-F10 study, has confirmed this three-fold action, for which there is much support in scientific literature on the subject.

    This particular study demonstrated in vitro that Melan-off is able to inhibit melanin production in B16-F10 melanocytes, cultured at 37ºC for 72 hours at different concentrations (50 to 200 μg/mL).

    The combination of these two standardised extracts thus maximises skin ‘whitening’, making it the perfect choice for lightening the skin and treating melanogenesis. It can be taken in complete safety - even for prolonged periods - since its active principles are already widely used in phytotherapy for their efficacy in treating urinary problems.

    For optimal efficacy, take two capsules a day of this nutricosmetic.
    Daily dose: 2 capsules
    Number of doses per pack: 30
    Amount per dose
    Melagenol® [Proprietary blend of extracts of verbena (aloysia tryphilla) standardised to 15% verbascoside, and of bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) standardised to 10% arbutin] 300 mg
    Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate silicon dioxide.
    Melagenol®, Monteloeder, Spain.

    Adults. Take 2 capsules a day.
    Each capsule contains 150 mg of Melagenol®.

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