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Spermidine Supplement with Cell Restoring Properties

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Our spermidine supplement helps optimize autophagy and combat aging.

  • Promotes autophagy: the process of cleaning out and regenerating cells.
  • Helps inhibit the corruption of cells.
  • High quality, 100% vegan, additive-free, and made from standardized rice extract.

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With each passing year, the body’s cellular spermidine levels fall inexorably. It is one of the key signs of aging. But by taking a spermidine supplement, you can significantly increase your daily intake of spermidine and combat aging in a totally natural and healthy way.

Spermidine is known to help activate autophagy, a powerful cell detoxification mechanism. In particular, it has positive effects on cardiovascular health and helps combat deviant cell behavior.

This anti-aging compound therefore plays an active part in fighting aging.

What is Spermidine?

Spermidine is the polyamine responsible for beauty, health, and long life. Studies have shown that spermidine supports a healthy heart, brain, hormone balance, and more.

Some studies have even correlated people with high levels of this polyamine with a longer life due to the spermidine and autophagy connection.

The natural production of spermidine declines with age. Men above the age of 40, in particular, can benefit heavily from combating those declines with a supplement, alongside a healthy diet.

Foods Highest in Spermidine

Taking a spermidine supplement is the best way forward when you cannot acquire enough via a conventional diet. Combining spermidine capsules with foods rich in this polyamine can enable you to reap all the benefits of this powerful molecule.

Some of the foods highest in spermidine include:

  • Aged cheese – cheddar, brie, and parmesan are not only high in spermidine, but also calcium, the building blocks of healthy bones and teeth.
  • Mushrooms – oyster, maitake, and snow mushrooms contain high spermidine levels that support brain health and cognition.
  • Green peas – peas contain a wide variety of nutrients. A single cup of green peas contains eight grams of protein. Peas are also high in fiber, which helps with digestive function.
  • Rice – one of the best sources of spermidine is rice — which is how we extract spermidine for our supplement. Rice bran is another effective source of natural spermidine.
  • Mangos – mangos are known as a superfood because of their high levels of fiber, vitamins A and C, along with their spermidine content.
  • Chickpeas – chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are staples of the healthiest diets. Chickpeas, like green peas, are packed with vast numbers of nutrients.

Eating the foods highest in spermidine is an excellent way to ensure you get as much polyamine as possible. And taking spermidine cell regeneration supplements enhances the effects of those foods.

However, you should also make sure you are enjoying a balanced diet. Ensure you are getting the nutrients necessary to account for all your bodily needs.

Spermidine Benefits

With age, there is an irreversible decline in intracellular levels of spermidine. But our spermidine supplement enables you to significantly and naturally increase your intake of it. Quite simply, it is one of the highest quality and potent spermidine supplements on the market.

That is the reason why there are so many spermidine benefits. Various studies have shown that spermidine helps regulate autophagy. This cleaning out and recycling process removes damaged or toxic proteins and organelles from cells. Autophagy, which is essential for protecting the body against all kinds of problems, becomes less effective as we get older. But increasing your intake of spermidine, levels of which also decline with age, helps reactivate this autophagy mechanism.

In fact, there are studies where spermidine supplements have been correlated to increased lifespans in various invertebrate models — yeasts, worms, flies — and in human immune cells, by directly inhibiting acetyltransferases, and by maintaining histone H3 in a hypoacetylated state.

Additionally, it helps regulate blood pressure and supports cardiac function. A number of observational studies have shown that intake of dietary spermidine is inversely associated with cardiovascular problems. It also helps keep cells from becoming corrupted, has anti-inflammatory properties, neuroprotective effects, and plays a role in combating the decline of stem cells.

Spermidine supplements have also shown positive effects against glycation. This process, whereby sugars attach to proteins, is a factor in accelerated aging of tissues. Finally, recent research has shown that diets rich in spermidine are associated with increased longevity in humans.

In short, spermidine supplement benefits include support for your overall health as well as combating a myriad of factors that contribute to aging.

Advice On How To Hold Back the Aging Process

If you are looking for additional ways outside of supplementation to combat the rate at which your body is aging, here are some key tips to help you stay younger for longer:

  • Get moderate exercise. To maintain healthy arteries and combat aging of the heart, you should aim to engage in physical activity – walking, running, cycling, yoga, weight lifting, housework, gardening, team sports, etc., four or five times a week.
  • Keep yourself well-hydrated. As we age, our skin tends to dehydrate. So to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as much as possible, drink a liter and a half of hydrating fluid a day (water, tea, herbal tea, etc.) and use a suitable high-quality moisturizer on your skin.
  • Preserve your memory. To maintain your cognitive abilities, you need to keep your brain active by engaging in stimulating activities, such as crosswords, boardgames, reading, etc.
  • Reduce pro-oxidant factors. Limit your consumption of fried foods, fizzy drinks, and alcohol, as well as avoiding smoking and excessive exposure to UV rays – excessive free radical release causes oxidative stress which accelerates cellular aging.
  • Get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can lead to enlarged blood vessels in the brain, which causes a drop in cerebral blood pressure and thus an acceleration in cognitive decline. While we vary in the amount of sleep we need, most people require at least 7 hours a night.

Other Supplements That Act Synergistically With Spermidine

Alongside our spermidine supplement, we recommend taking our famous Senolytic Complex, formulated to eliminate senescent cells, one of the key causes of aging. This unique formulation contains fisetin, bromelain, quercetin, and black tea. It is, in short, an amazing supplement combining the best nutrients in the realm of anti-aging supplements.

You could also increase your intake of pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a very specific molecule that helps regenerate mitochondria, the powerhouses of the body’s cells. We recommend taking Mitochondrial Formula, another anti-aging supplement that contains lipoic acid and carnitine.

Spermidine Side Effects

When you buy a spermidine supplement, you should do your own research into the various side effects. All supplements have the potential for side effects, but when taken at the appropriate serving size, there is no reason why you should experience any negative effects.

Side effects typically occur when people fail to follow the instructions. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the instructions on the bottle and never exceed the serving size.

Another reason you may experience side effects when you buy spermidine is drug interactions. People who take prescription medications for chronic conditions should speak to their doctor about the potential benefits of spermidine and whether or not they can safely take this supplement.

That being said, taking a spermidine supplement presents minimal risks, and most people should not have to worry about enduring any unexpected negative side effects.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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