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5 natural products for stimulating an erection

Are you looking to strengthen your erections (or those of your partner)? Discover five natural and effective solutions for remedying sexual dysfunction and improving the quality of erections.

Causes and incidence of impotence, or erectile dysfunction

To begin with, let’s remind ourselves of the many factors that can cause erection problems (also referred to as sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction): age, stress, performance anxiety, low self-esteem, medication, alcohol, smoking, poor diet, diabetes, hypertension… (1)

In terms of incidence, a French survey reported that 6 out of 10 men have at some point had trouble achieving or maintaining an erection (2). So let’s now take a look at 5 natural and effective options for either combatting these problems or simply achieving stronger erections .

Achieve harder erections and renewed desire with Tribulus

Tribulus terrestris( also called ‘Maltese Cross’) is one of the top natural remedies for rediscovering a good erection because of its ability to stimulate vasodilation of the sexual organs and improve performance (3).

Tribulus also acts on other factors. It is known to reduce blood sugar levels - diabetes being among the most common causes of erectile problems (4). It also has a positive effect on transient depression (5).

In practice: Tribulus terrestris is available in supplement form (such as the product Tribulus Terrestris), a course of which can be started as soon as you feel a lapse in sexual form. It’s worth noting that tribulus stimulates libido in women as well as men.

Restoring your energy with ginseng

Ginseng is a key member of the well-known family of adaptogen plants. These plants are able to adapt to any kind of stress in the environment, an ability they impart to those who ingest them.

Ginseng provides energy, counters fatigue (6) and exerts a genuine effect on erectile dysfunction by improving microcirculation (7). If you think your problems are due to a lack of energy, ginseng could well be the solution.

In practice: a course of ginseng supplements can be taken for temporary or chronic fatigue (a good choice, for example, is Ginseng 30%). This herb is more effective when taken in the morning.

Capitalise on the effects of maca to boost your libido

Maca root is an extraordinary plant from the cabbage family which grows exclusively on the high slopes of the Peruvian Andes. As well as having outstanding nutritional resources, maca and the macamides it contains have been shown to revitalise sex drive in men.

Not only does it produce an increase in desire (8), it also boosts sexual function and satisfaction during love-making (9): maca is one of the best substances you can take to help achieve a good erection. Its two key components, macamides and macaenes, are thought to work by positively affecting androgen receptors.

In practice: to significantly improve your sexual vitality, opt for a maca supplement with a high macamide content, such as Super Maca.

Choose arginine, for greater sexual satisfaction

If arginine is often cited as one of the most effective substances for erectile problems, it’s because it’s essential for the production of nitric oxide. This compound helps produce the blood flow necessary to achieve an erection.

Are you lacking in nitric oxide? Arginine will help turn things around and improve your sexual satisfaction(10).

In practice: choose an arginine supplement specially formulated to dilate the blood vessels and combat sexual dysfunction, such as Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG).

Revive a flagging erection with damiana

Long renowned in traditional South American medicine, the properties of damiana, or Turnera diffusa, are now recognized by science. Damiana will help you maintain your performance for longer.

According to a study on small mammals, this plant - traditionally-considered as an aphrodisiac - helps reduce the time needed to achieve a second erection following ejaculation (11). Its high caffeine content also makes it a natural stimulant.

In practice: damiana is also recommended for women with a low sex drive. A good choice for both men and women is, for example, Damiana Extract.

Sexual performance in men can be affected by a temporary loss of form. Low libido, extreme fatigue, stress, etc. Fortunately, various plant-based formulations are available to help restore your sexual vigour: also worth mentioning are Prosexual Formula Man (which contains avenin and icariin for helping to increase the production and release of the male reproductive hormone), Prosexual Booster Formula (certain compounds of which inhibit the enzymes that cause a loss of erection), and Prosexstim (a powerful vasodilator and nitric oxide protector). More than enough, then, to help you once again achieve the erection you want, and along with it, a more fulfilllling relationship.


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