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Why are the product descriptions and information sometimes so difficult to read?

Clear, transparent and documented information is the key to making educated choices. There are so many schools of thought and fanciful theories on nutrition-related matters that we have always made scientific information an absolute priority. But this no easy task. Nutrition and biochemistry are complex subjects which are difficult to communicate in lay language without compromising on scientific rigour. It’s why so few health professionals attempt it, forcing consumers interested in nutrition to search almost surreptitiously for information themselves.

A few years ago, we nevertheless decided to make our product descriptions more ‘user-friendly’, adding illustrations and scientific references, with clearer, well-spaced paragraphs and practical advice. All designed to make the physiological mechanisms involved easier to understand and support your supplementation regime as effectively as possible.

If, despite our efforts, you still have trouble understanding some of our descriptions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: we will be happy to explain them to you. Simply go to our Contact page.

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