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Palmitoleic Acid Supplement
Palmitoleic Acid Supplement
0668Palmitoleic Acid Supplement
Palmitoleic Acid
Fighting inflammation
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Palmitoleic Acid is a fish oil concentrate rich in omega-7.
  • Helps to improve cardiovascular health.
  • Increases levels of HDL-cholesterol and decreases those of LDL- and total cholesterol.
  • Helps to reduce acute and chronic inflammation.
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Palmitoleic Acid Supplement

Palmitoleic acid is a rich omega-7 supplement isolated from anchovies, with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and benefits for cholesterol.

What is Palmitoleic acid?

Palmitoleic acid, commonly known as omega-7, is a rare monounsatured fatty acid, which was generally reported to benefit the skin in promoting epithelialisation, and certain gynaecological problems (vaginal mycoses). Until now, sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), a shrub widely found in Europe and Asia, and macadamia nuts have been the principal sources.

However, recent advances have enabled it to be isolated from anchovies - a new, exceptionally rich source with a concentration of 50% compared with that of 13%-20% in plant-source equivalents. The discovery was made while scientists were focusing on the overall effects of fatty acids, including the famous long-chain omega-3s, EPA and DHA, on improving cardiovascular function. Researchers at Harvard Medical School, the Cleveland Clinic and universities in Hawaii and Japan found that omega-7 had significant effects on the so-called ‘diseases of civilisation', as a result of which they developed a method for isolating and purifying this precious fatty acid.

What are the benefits associated with Palmitoleic Acid?

Palmitoleic Acid contains Provinal®, a fish extract (from sustainably fished wild anchovies) standardized to 50% palmitoleic acid. It is currently the only ultra-purified, non-GMO, highly concentrated source of omega-7, with levels of antagonist fatty acids such as palmitic acid of less than 1%. It is guaranteed free from PCB residues, dioxins and heavy metals. Research shows that Provinal® acts as an overall metabolism regulator:

  • It significantly increases levels of HDL-cholesterol and decreases those of LDL- and total cholesterol.
  • It reduces acute and chronic inflammation by acting on CRP (C-reactive protein).
  • It reduces hepatic steatosis (the accumulation of fat in the liver).
  • It improves the function and proliferation of beta cells in the pancreas and reduces insulin resistance. It therefore provides effective support for insulin production and improves blood sugar control.
  • It improves glucose uptake by skeletal muscle.
  • It reduces triglyceride levels more effectively than EPA.
  • It acts as a ‘lipokine', ie, a hormone that can modulate lipid metabolism by stimulating certain adipocyte nuclear receptors. It also serves as a metabolic biomarker, as low serum concentrations indicate a risk of metabolic disease and the need for lipogenesis stimulation.

Provinal® is currently one of the few nutrients that protects against atherosclerosis, by raising HDL-cholesterol and acting on inflammation markers. In this context, Palmitoleic Acid can be taken on its own or in combination with other nutraceuticals available to buy at Supersmart that promote good cardiovascular health - vitamin K2 necessary for blood coagulation, and EPA and DHA which help maintain blood lipid balance. Each softgel of Palmitoleic Acid provides 210mg of palmitoleic acid. Taken for a minimum of 1 to 2 months, at a dose of 1 to 2 softgels a day with your main meals, this supplement free of side effects acts both curatively and preventively on various diseases and conditions: type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and atherosclerosis.

Buy Palmitoleic Acid for anti-inflammatory benefits.

Daily dose : 2 softgels
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
Provinal® (Fish oil standardized to 50% palmitoleic acid) 840 mg
Provinal®, Tersus Pharmaceuticals, USA.
Directions for use
Adults. Take 1-2 softgels a day.
Each softgel contains 210 mg of palmitoleic acid
Attention: contains fish derivatives.
4.2 /5 4 reviews
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3.0 / 5

Reviews 4
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Good product
Dans le but de réduire mon glucose sanguin, j'ai acheté 2 flacons et en ai pris entre 2 et 4 gélules par jour pendant un peu plus d'un mois et je n'ai vu strictement aucun effet et mes analyses sanguines non plus. S'il faut prendre 6 gélules par jour pour ressentir quelque chose, un flacon faisant alors 10 jours seulement, le prix est trop élevé ou le nombre de gélules par flacon trop réduit. Je comprends la démarche, mais cela relève trop du produit de luxe. Sans être sûr du résultat pour autant
ROUVERY Bernard et Jocelyne
ne peut faire que du bien
En cours pour une ami. Pour son foie

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Palmitoleic Acid
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