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Complete K Supplement
Complete K Supplement
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Complete K
Care of joints, bones and muscles
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Complete K is a highly bioavailable Vitamin K formulation.

  • Combats Vitamin K deficiency, helping prevent the onset of several health problems
  • Plays a part in activating certain coagulation factors
  • Helps to redistribute calcium within the body to the bones and teeth
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Complete K - Vitamin K Supplement

Complete K contains vitamins K1, K2 MK-4 and K2 MK-7, for complete and optimal delivery of Vitamin K in vegetarian capsules. This Vitamin K supplement is now available to buy at Supersmart.

Who should take Vitamin K capsules?

The term Vitamin K covers various substances that play a part in activating certain coagulation — or koagulation, in German — factors. Once it reaches the lymphatic vessels, Vitamin K is taken up by chylomicrons and accumulates in the liver, where it participates in the synthesis of four coagulation factors, including factor II (prothrombin) and its conversion into thrombin.

Having said that, research by Dr. Rhéaume-Bleue has revealed that 80 percent of Americans are deficient in Vitamin K2, which can potentially lead to brain disorders, cancer, strokes, kidney stones and osteoporosis. Taking Complete K is especially important for anyone who:

  • Is at risk of bleeding.
  • Has an intestinal malabsorption disease (Crohn’s or celiac disease, chronic diarrhea…).
  • Is older.
  • Is at risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Is going through menopause.
  • Is at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Vitamin K is also especially important for newborn babies, which is why many pregnant women take a Vitamin K supplement during pregnancy and why Vitamin K supplements for breastfeeding mothers are often recommended by healthcare professionals.

Vitamin K supports strong muscles and bones as well, which is why many people take Vitamin K supplements for bruising and even take Vitamin K supplements for osteoporosis prevention.

In addition to the groups who fall under all those Vitamin K capsule uses, scientists at Maastricht University found that many healthy people are not receiving the recommended daily intake of Vitamin K and that supplementation may be beneficial for anyone over the age of 40.

Vitamin K Supplement Benefits

It is now known that a Vitamin K2 supplement remains active for a long time in the body (up to 72 hours), at very low doses, while being ten times more bioavailable than a Vitamin K1 supplement. It also acts synergistically with a number of nutrients, such as Vitamin E and calcium. However, there are even more biological benefits of Vitamin K2. Here are a few other Vitamin K capsule benefits:

  • It moves calcium into tissues where it needs to be — the bones and teeth. When activating the synthesis of osteocalcin, a specific hormone of bone tissue produced by osteoblasts, it ensures mineralization by capturing and redistributing calcium within the body to the bones and teeth.
  • It, therefore, reduces osteoporosis-related bone fractures — particularly broken hips.
  • Conversely, it removes calcium from parts of the body where it shouldn’t be, such as the arteries and soft tissues where it can cause hardening.
  • By doing so, it protects such tissues from eventual calcification in the form of atherosclerosis and aortic calcification.
  • And finally, it supports healthy functioning of the renal system by preventing calcium type kidney stones.
  • A study published in the journal ‘Modern Rheumatology’ has also shown that Vitamin K2 may improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, while other research suggests it can help maintain normal ATP production in mitochondrial dysfunction such as that related to Parkinson’s disease.

The health benefits of Vitamin K supplements speak for themselves. However, there are even more specific benefits of taking Vitamin K capsules for skin health.

What do studies show about Vitamin K?

Up until the past few years, it was thought there was only one form and one active family of Vitamin K, represented by Vitamin K1 (phytomenadione or phylloquinone). Vitamin K1 is found primarily in plants and cruciferous green vegetables, such as cabbage, parsley, spinach and lettuce. It’s fat-soluble and heat-stable but sensitive to light and alkaline environments.

The other form of Vitamin K, Vitamin K2, is divided into two forms: menaquinone-4 (MK-4) and menaquinone-7 (MK-7). Vitamin K2 MK-7 supplementS and Vitamin K2 MK-4 supplements have recently been the subject of important studies that highlight several new properties.

The MK-4 form of Vitamin K2 is very similar to Vitamin K1. In fact, the body is capable of converting Vitamin K1 into Vitamin MK-4. However, the latter has a biological half-life of barely an hour and is therefore not a good supplement to take alone.

MK-7, on the other hand, has a half-life of three days, ensuring stable blood concentrations and enabling low doses to be taken with no cumulative effects. Natto is one of the primary sources for extraction.

According to the latest studies, MK-7 is proving to be one of the best preventive agents against chronic inflammation which, over the years, can silently damage tissues and contribute to the development of associated conditions, such as obesity, cancer and cardiovascular diseases (including strokes and heart attacks). Studies have shown it inhibits pro-inflammatory markers produced by monocytes.

Menaquinones (Vitamin K2) are synthesized by bacteria in the intestinal tract, but they are unfortunately totally eliminated in feces rather than distributed to vessels, bones and various tissues.

K2 vitamins are also found in offal, meat, fermented products, including specific cheeses, and especially natto, a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans, which is by far the richest source of Vitamin K2 but is unfortunately not part of most Western daily diets.

There is also a synthetic form, Vitamin K3 (menadione), but it’s rarely used since it interferes with cells’ antioxidant defenses and can cause oxidation of cell membranes. In babies, it can destroy red blood cells, leading to anemia. Those looking to supplement with Vitamin K should do so with K1 and K2 forms.

Dose journalière : 1 gélule
Number of doses per pack : 60
Amount per dose
Vitamin K1 (phytonadione) 1 500 mcg
Vitamin K2 MK-4 (menaquinone 4) 1 000 mcg
Vitamin K2 MK-7 [MenaQ7™ (menaquinone 7)] 150 mcg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice flour.
MenaQ7™, NattoPharma ASA, Norway.
Directions for use

Vitamin K Supplement Dosage

The best Vitamin K supplements contain a variety of properties to boost overall health. That’s why you want to take Vitamin K2 MK-4 and MK-7 supplements, all-in-one. We recommend taking Vitamin K supplements, like Complete K, once a day. You can take it with or without food.

Women can also take a Vitamin K supplement for breastfeeding benefits. The Vitamin K supplement side effects are minimal and generally don’t affect healthy individuals or pregnant women. In fact, taking a Vitamin K dietary supplement every day is considered completely safe for most people.

There are, however, some drugs that may interfere with Vitamin K. Talk to your healthcare provider if you take antacids, antibiotics, blood thinners, cancer drugs or have any underlying health conditions.

If you plan to use Vitamin K capsules for dark circles under your eyes or Vitamin K supplements for skin health, watch for any signs of interaction. Stop using Vitamin K if your condition worsens.

Complete K is one of the best Vitamin K2 MK-4 and one of the best Vitamin K2 MK-7 supplements available. Buy Complete K capsules today to start fighting Vitamin K deficiency.

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Complete K
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