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Welcome Shop by health concern Immune system, fatigue and infections PP 40 Supplement
PP 40 Supplement
PP 40 Supplement
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PP 40 Supplement
Immune system, fatigue and infections
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PP 40 is standardized Pao pereira (PP) extract.

  • Traditionally used by the Amazonian Guarani Amazonian natives to boost the immune system
  • Contains extremely rare alkaloids (pereirine, flavopereirine, geissospermine and vellosimine)
  • Studies demonstrate immuno-stimulant properties.
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PP 40 - Pao Pereira Capsules for Boosting the Immune System

Pao Pereira is used by the Amazonian Guarani natives to boost the immune system. Supersmart’s PP40 Pao Pereira capsules can be used for all types of diseases involving immunodeficiency and can be used as synergistic adjunct therapy alongside chemo and radiotherapy in numerous forms of cancer.

Our Pao Pereira supplement contains extremely rare alkaloids (pereirine, flavopereirine, geissospermine and vellosimine), which are very difficult to extract, concentrate and stabilize. We are practically the only company able to guarantee a stable product, titrated in alkaloids. Pao Pereira's alkaloids carry a risk of toxicity only in cases of overdose and have no side effects.

Let's look closer at what Pao Pereira is, how it’s extracted and the benefits you can expect. We will also review the appropriate Peo Pereira dosing and potential side effects that you should know about.

What is a Pao Pereira Supplement?

Pao Pereira extract comes from the bark of the Brazilian Pao Pereira pear in the Amazon. It’s also known as Bergibita, Geissospermum vellosii, Geissospermum laeve, Pau Pereira and Brazilian Pear.

While Pao Pereira is becoming a popular way to boost immune system support, this natural method has been used by South American native tribes for centuries to support the immune system.

The first known use of Pao Pereira occurred in 1848. That's when Ezequiel Correa Dos Santos created a thesis titled, "Monographia do Geissospermum vellosii vulgo Pao Pereira." This document was the first monograph highlighting the Pao Pereira benefits.

Dos Santos also presented over twenty cases of the therapeutic use of this herb. His summary states, "The administration of the Pao Pereira bark was beneficial in cases of induration of cellular tissues, chronic diarrhea, passive hemorrhage, asthenia, as well as erysipelas." Pao Pereira has been the subject of countless studies since 1848 that further prove Do Santos’s initial findings.

How is Pao Pereira Extracted from Trees?

To create Pao Pereira capsules, the bark must be removed from the trees. Thankfully, this can be done without actually cutting down Pao Pereira trees. The bark regrows quickly, ensuring there is no damage to the trees. We extract Pao Pereira responsibly; no trees are damaged or destroyed in the process.

Additionally, harvesting Pao Pereira bark creates jobs for South American farmers. To establish the finished product, many native farmers receive an income that is valuable to their families. Once it’s harvested, the bark is often transported on the back of a donkey or on a traditional boat. This method of harvesting ensures the local Amazon natives benefit from the Peo Pereira production process.

This is why the harvesting of Pao Pereira is considered to be part of global fair trade initiatives.

Pao Pereira Benefits

Numerous Pao Pereira health benefits have been studied:

  • Professor Mirko Beljanski has conducted the majority of modern studies demonstrating the immuno-stimulant of the alkaloids contained in Pao Pereira bark, and he has used them as an adjunct therapy in some forms of cancer treatment.
  • Many of these studies have been validated by the Walter Reed Institute in the USA and have established (in vitro) the ability of Pao Pereira to block the transcription and replication of the HIV genome and to do so selectively (without affecting healthy cells).
  • Similarly, according to Professor Beljanski and additional studies, alkaloids extracted from Pao Pereira have the same toxic effect on certain cancer cells, with no such effect on normal cells. It crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and attaches itself to potential cancer cells (this activity is demonstrated in studies when Pao Pereira extract is given orally to mice).
  • Pao Pereira studies also indicate it inhibits replication of the Herpes simplex virus genome and may reduce the effects of ovarian cancer.

Additionally, people choose to use Peo Pereira for other health conditions, even though there are no scientific studies to prove its effectiveness against these ailments:

  • Constipation
  • Fever
  • Malaria
  • Liver disease
  • Sexual arousal
  • Digestive issues

Pao Pereira Side Effects

Researchers are still in the early stages of studying the Pao Pereira herb. Because of this, little is known about the side effects of taking Pao Pereira capsules. It's always best to speak with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement regimen.

There also isn't any research available regarding the safety of Pao Pereira during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Due to the lack of research, it's best to avoid it during these times.

All supplements may include side effects or interact with certain medications. It’s important to always monitor your health closely when starting any new supplementation regimen. And to prevent any accidental ingestions, make sure you store your supplements away from children's reach.

Daily serving: 6 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 15
Quantity per serving
Alkaloids [extracted from 2,100 mg of Pao Pereira (Geissospermum vellosii) standardized to provide 11.4% alkaloids] 240 mg
Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 350 mg Pao Pereira extract.
Directions for use

PP 40 Dosage and Directions

Our PP 40 vegetarian capsules contain 350 mg of Pao Pereira extract each, equal to 40 mg of alkaloids. One daily serving equals a total of six capsules, so you get 15 days worth of Pao Pereira in each container.

If you are currently suffering from immunodeficiency and want to learn how to boost the immune system, we recommend taking one or two vegetarian capsules before each of your three main meals.

To achieve optimal Pao Pereira herb benefits, you may require a higher dosage. This is possible only in accordance with the advice of your physician.

An appropriate Pao Pereira dose depends on several factors:

  • Overall health
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Current prescription medications being taken
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Whether it is taken with or without food

Taking Pao Pereira supplements to boost your immune system hasn't been evaluated enough to determine what the appropriate dosage is for every single person. That's why we recommend following our standard directions unless your pharmacist or physician advises you otherwise.

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  1. Dong R, Chen P, Chen Q. Extract of the Medicinal Plant Pao Pereira Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Stem-Like Cell In Vitro and In Vivo. Integr Cancer Ther. 2018;17(4):1204-1215. doi:10.1177/1534735418786027
  2. Yu J, Chen Q. The plant extract of Pao pereira potentiates effects against ovarian cancer. Pharm Biol. 2014;52(1):36-43. doi:10.3109/13880209.2013.808232

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PP 40 Supplement
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