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Lymphatonic Supplement
Lymphatonic Supplement
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Heart and circulation
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Lymphatonic is a Melilotus officinalis extract standardized 18% coumarin.

  • Designed as an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema
  • Combats ulcers and swelling
  • Has veinotonic and capillary-protective properties
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Melilotus officinalis flower with bee extracting pollen

Lymphatonic - Melilotus Officinalis Extract

Lymphatonic capsules contain Lymphaselect®, a patented extract of Melilotus officinalis standardized to provide 18% coumarin. The medicinal properties of Melilotus officinalis extract were recognized long ago by our ancestors — specifically for inflammation, ulcers and swelling.

The standardized extract of Melilotus officinalis contains several benefits due to its contents in coumarins, flavonoids and terpenoids. It has veinotonic and capillary-protective properties, largely due to the presence of flavonoids. Its main constituent, coumarin, belongs to the family of benzopyrones, known for their ability to reduce protein-rich edemas. Melilotus officinalis is also referred to as sweet clover or yellow sweet clover. This sweet clover plant contains many lymphatonic benefits.

Lymphatonic Benefits

Scientific research has shown that standardized extract of Melilotus officinalis:

  • Increases lymphatic flow; a Melilotus-based preparation administered to volunteers increased lymphatic flow of the thoracic duct, confirming its lymphokinetic properties.
  • May have anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects: in rabbits with venous stasis in their hind legs, a Melilotus-based preparation significantly increased lymphatic and venous circulation.
  • Has the potential to reduce edematous swelling induced by experimental thrombophlebitis in dogs. Rutin appears to boost coumarin's anti-edema effect.
  • Increases capillary blood flow in organs and tissues such as myocardium and striated muscles (in dogs, it had a protective effect against myocardial lesions induced by ischemia).

What do studies show about melilotus officinalis extract?

Plenty of research looking into the health benefits of lymphatonic supplements has been. Let’s take a closer look at the Melilotus officinalis uses that have been the most heavily researched.

Clinical studies have shown this standardized extract may help alleviate lymphatic system blockage or chronic venous insufficiency. In addition, studies on baboons, as well as humans, have shown no liver toxicity. In particular, they have found that administering the extract reduced a wide range of problems, including inflammation, ulcers, hemorrhaging and pain across a variety of health-related conditions.

Lymphatonic Side Effects

Taking Melilotus officinalis is considered relatively safe for most people. If you want to take advantage of the Melilotus officinalis benefits, you should first research the potential side effects.

There's always a possibility that another supplement or medication from the Melilotus officinalis family could interact with Lymphatonic. If you are taking any other supplements or medications, please speak with your healthcare professional before starting a new regimen of Lymphaselect®.

Additionally, get further guidance if you suffer from any underlying health conditions.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should be especially cautious when taking any supplement, including those made from Melilotus officinalis leaves. Until further research is performed, pregnant and nursing women should avoid taking any new or unstudied supplements.

Don't exceed the recommended dosage and avoid use if the outer seal has been tampered with. You should keep all supplements and medications in a cool, dry place and away from pets and children.

Also, note that this product should not replace or be used as a substitute for a balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. Follow all guidelines and seek help if you notice any unusual symptoms.

Daily serving: 2 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 60
Quantity per serving
Lymphaselect™ (Mellilotus officinalis extract, standardized to 18% coumarin) 40 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice bran.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 20 mg Lymphaselect™.
Lymphaselect™ is a registered trademark of Indena SpA, Milan.
Directions for use

How to Take Sweet Clover Supplements

As far as how to take yellow sweet clover — the common name for Melilotus officinalis — supplements, we recommend taking one or two capsules each day at your doctor’s discretion.

If you take two capsules a day, you will gain a two-month supply from this bottle. Otherwise, taking one a day means you get a four-month supply of our high-quality Lymphatonic 20 mg formula.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 20 mg Lymphaselect®, which is a registered trademark of Indena SpA, Milan. Unlike other Melilotus officinalis supplements on the market, we don't fill our capsules with unnecessary ingredients. In our capsules, you will only find the main ingredient, plus rice bran and acacia gum. This formulation ensures you only get what you need and nothing more.

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  1. Pastura G, Mesiti M, Saitta M, et al. Linfedema dell'arto superiore in pazienti operati per carcinoma della mammella: esperienza clinica con estratto cumarinico di Melilotus officinalis [Lymphedema of the upper extremity in patients operated for carcinoma of the breast: clinical experience with coumarinic extract from Melilotus officinalis]. Clin Ter. 1999;150(6):403-408.

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