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Champex® Supplement for Humans – Agaricus Bisporus Extract

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Champex® for humans is a patented extract of Agaricus Bisporus mushrooms.

  • Designed to neutralize the by-products responsible for bad breath.
  • Combats body odors caused by consuming garlic, onions, and alcohol, and by smoking.
  • Helps protect the liver and intestines.

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Champex® for humans is a proprietary extract of the Agaricus Bisporus mushrooms, which neutralizes the by-products of food decomposition that are exhaled as "bad breath" and generate body odor.

Developed in Japan, Champex® works by destroying odorous or toxic compounds (e.g. methane, trimethylamine, indole, skatole, and others) directly in the intestines where they begin and by reducing ammonia density in the blood. Champex® mushroom's effectiveness is documented by several studies.

Champex® Mushroom Capsules Benefits

What is Champex®?

The Agaricus Bisporus mushroom Champex® extract is more effective for bad breath than parsley seed extract. Studies show it is effective against bad breath and body odor caused by consuming garlic (93% proven efficacy), onions, fish, and alcohol, as well as smoking tobacco.

In Japan, when agaricus bisporus organic capsules were administered for 30 days to hospitalized patients, their body odor and bad breath disappeared completely, and urinary and fecal odor decreased significantly.

Champex® supplementation may do more than deodorize, however, as the toxic compounds it neutralizes can cause nausea, vomiting, spasms, and cyanosis. If those toxic compounds are reabsorbed by the intestinal wall, they may contribute to colon carcinogenesis, liver disorders, and accelerated aging.

Studies show that Champex® mushroom for humans produces profound digestive improvements, including:

  • Improvement in subjects experiencing diarrhea and constipation within 10 days.
  • Improvement of the intestinal condition of 80% of subjects in 30 days.
  • Benefits on gut health; studies show that Champex® mushroom supplement for humans may increase the amount of bifidobacteria by 150% and potentially halves the Clostridia population.
  • Purifying the blood by potentially reducing its ammonia content by 50% in 30 days.
  • Improving the activity of NK cells, a key element of the immune system, and supporting the immune system by detoxifying compounds produced in the intestines.
  • Reducing the proliferation of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria.
  • Combating the progression of renal insufficiency and maintaining normal levels of creatinine.
  • Reducing levels of uric acid in the body.
  • Decreasing leukotriene production – allergenic agents linked to asthma attacks and hay fever.
  • Acting as a powerful antioxidant effective against several free radicals.

While some people take Champex® for the odor-destroying benefits, they often find that Champex® mushroom extract for humans provides additional benefits they were not even looking for.

Agaricus Bisporus Supplement Side Effects

Before you begin taking a Champex® mushroom supplement, it is important to research potential side effects. While Champex® is safe in most cases, some people should not take agaricus bisporus capsules.

That is why we always recommend consulting your healthcare provider before you start taking any Champex® supplement. If you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking medication, inform your doctor before you buy agaricus bisporus extract.

Additionally, there have not been extensive studies about pregnant and nursing mothers taking Champex® extract. For this reason, we recommend avoiding the Champex® Champignon mushroom extract if you are expecting or lactating until more clinical research has been completed.

And if you plan to take Champex® alongside other supplements, it is wise to speak with a professional who understands how they could affect each other and learn about any side effects you may experience.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is a nutritional supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Keep out of reach of children.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any medical conditions, consult your healthcare provider before using this product.


Consult your healthcare provider before use, especially if you are taking any medications or other supplements as there may be potential interactions.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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