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Kidney Detox

Kidney Detox Supplement for Kidney Stone Prevention

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Kidney Detox is formulated to support overall kidney health and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

  • Helps increase urine flow and reduce kidney stone formation.
  • Contains the best natural ingredients for optimizing kidney health (Vitamin B6, magnesium, horsetail, dandelion, and more).
  • Draws on the latest research and traditional empirical use.
  • Contains an extract of the "stone-breaker" plant, Phyllanthus niruri, which facilitates the passing of stones.

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Kidney Detox

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Kidney Detox is a high-quality supplement formulated to promote renal health. Our kidney detox supplements are made with the best natural ingredients for enhancing urinary function and reducing the risk of kidney stones: dandelion, noni, Vitamin B6, chanca piedra, magnesium, horsetail, and phytic acid.

How do Kidney Cleanse Supplements Work?

Kidney Detox offers the benefits of a synergistic combination of the most scientifically-validated natural ingredients for supporting normal kidney function and preventing the formation of kidney stones.

What makes Kidney Detox one of the best kidney cleanse capsules is its ingredients. Those include:


Magnesium is invaluable in minimizing the risk of kidney stones. It works in two ways: it binds to calcium oxalate in the gut, reducing the amount of calcium the body absorbs, and it increases calcium's solubility in urine, considerably slowing down the crystallization process.

This double-blind clinical study examines magnesium's efficacy in reducing the recurrence of kidney stones. Other research has shown that poorly-absorbed forms of magnesium, such as magnesium hydroxide, produce less favorable results. That is why we have chosen one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium – magnesium glycinate – for our Kidney Detox formula.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5 phosphate)

We also include Vitamin B6, an essential water-soluble vitamin for the metabolization of proteins and amino acids, in our Kidney Detox capsule formula.

One study has shown that a higher intake of Vitamin B6 (from either diet or supplements) reduces the risk of kidney stones. This effect is due to the vitamin's ability to reduce urinary excretion of calcium oxalates.

Vitamin B6 is present in the diet in several forms (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine) but all are converted in the body into the active form, pyridoxal 5 phosphate. It is this optimally-bioavailable form that we have selected for our best kidney detox supplements.

Horsetail extract (Horsetail equisetum)

Horsetail extract is, without doubt, one of the best natural diuretics available. It has been used to treat kidney stones and urinary problems by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine and by Western medicine practitioners since the 17th century. It has also been used by several Native American tribes.

Its purifying, detoxifying, and diuretic properties are attributed to its high content of flavonoids and saponins. Some studies suggest it also helps reduce inflammation of the urinary tract and flush out existing small kidney stones by increasing the pH and decreasing calcium oxalate precipitation. One clinical study showed horsetail extract was able to increase urinary output and prevent kidney stones.

Note that it is safer to use extracts rather than the actual plant as it contains an enzyme called thiaminase that is liable to reduce the body's Vitamin B1 levels. These Kidney Detox capsules are, of course, free from any thiaminase.

Dandelion extract (Dandelion taraxacum)

Dandelion's medicinal virtues have been described for centuries in many of the world's pharmacopeia, including those of Arab, Native American, Indian, and Western European populations. It is primarily used to improve liver and kidney function and prevent problems with water retention. It is also recognized by ESCOP as a natural complement to treat any problem where reducing urinary frequency is desirable.

The mechanism responsible for dandelion's diuretic effect is likely related to its high content of potassium, flavonoids, and substances that encourage the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Noni extract (Morinda citrifolia)

This fruit, the juice of which is known as the "aspirin of the Ancients," has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 2,000 years. It contains numerous antioxidants that help reduce the risk of degenerative problems that affect the kidneys and the immune system. But it is the fruit's high levels of enzymes and potassium that make it a powerful renal detoxing agent, able to dilate small blood vessels.

Inositol hexaphosphate (phytic acid)

Phytic acid has had some bad press because it binds easily to minerals, but it is precisely this property that gives it the ability to reduce kidney stone formation. It is a completely natural compound found in high concentrations in cereal grains, pulses, oilseeds, and root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, and cassava.

What is Phyllanthus Niruri? And What does it do?

Phyllanthus niruri is one of the best kidney cleanse supplements. This Indian plant is renowned for its ability to cleanse the liver and kidneys. It is known as the "stonebreaker plant" because it is a natural and highly reliable aid to preventing and eliminating urinary stones. It also makes kidney stones smoother and more brittle and can facilitate their passage through the urinary tract by means of a dilation process.

You might have heard of this plant under the name chanca piedra. Studies have shown that it can increase urine flow, kill harmful viruses and bacteria, as well as relieve inflammation. These attributes make Phyllanthus niruri supplements the perfect solution to all your kidney health needs.

How Does Detoxing Help With Kidney Stone Prevention?

Your kidneys are amazing organs; they process around two hundred quarts of blood each day. The kidneys' main job is to get rid of excess waste and water, which removes toxins from the body and keeps everything running smoothly.

But when the kidneys are unable to remove toxins and waste, these substances build up in the body. As the kidneys fail to function normally, other organs become exhausted from working harder. These problems can lead to exhaustion, headaches, stomach pain, and water retention.

This buildup also leads to kidney stones, which are a mass of unprocessed minerals and crystals that can become as big as a golf ball. Studies show that kidney stones affect 1 in 11 Americans.

By flushing waste with a kidney stone cleanse, you allow your body to absorb more nutrients, process food better, convert food to energy more efficiently, and stave off fatigue.

Using a natural kidney detox can also help alleviate symptoms associated with prescription medications. In addition, natural kidney cleanse supplements support overall health and promote well-being.

What are the most Common Kidney Stone Symptoms?

Kidney stones are solid crystals that form in the kidneys, varying in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter. The smallest ones pass unhindered through the various parts of the urinary system and are eliminated without causing any symptoms.

However, the largest (accounting for 20% of them) can obstruct very small tubes such as the ureters, causing intense pain: this is called renal colic and is a relatively common problem. It is estimated that over 10% of people will suffer an attack of renal colic at some point in their life. It is more common after the age of 40 and affects men slightly more than women.

Kidney stones are formed by the crystallization of mineral salts (in 80% of cases, calcium, or more specifically, calcium oxalate) and too high a concentration of acid in urine. Predisposing factors include not drinking enough water (leaving urine insufficiently diluted) and eating too much sugar or protein.

However, the exact cause is often unknown. The health risks associated with kidney stones are significant and medical supervision is therefore vital.

Kidney stone symptoms vary from person to person, but may include:

  • Sharp pain in the back and side, below the ribs;
  • Radiating pain from the groin and lower abdomen;
  • Pain in waves and changes in intensity;
  • Burning feeling or pain while urinating;
  • Foul-smelling and cloudy urine;
  • Brown, pink, or red urine;
  • Needing to urinate more frequently, but only producing small amounts;
  • Nausea/vomiting;
  • Fever/chills.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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