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Natural Sleep Formula Supplement
Natural Sleep Formula Supplement
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Natural Sleep Formula
Sleep problems
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Natural Sleep Formula to help fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality.

  • Combination of natural active principles for promoting sleep.
  • Contains extracts of valerian, rhodiola rosea, hop, eschscholzia californica and californica root.
  • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep.
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Natural Sleep Formula - Sleep Supplement to Take at Bedtime

Our Natural Sleep Formula is made up of several active principles that help promote sleep. Each of these sleep supplements contains 350mg of valerian root extract, 100mg of hop extract, 200mg of Rhodiola Rosea root extract, 50mg of Eschscholzia californica root extract and 350mg of L-tryptophan.

Why do people take natural sleep supplements?

Why would someone search out the best natural sleep supplement? For one, getting a good night's sleep is essential for overall health. Sleep is required to keep your brain and body functioning correctly. In fact, studies show that getting sleep can improve learning, decision-making, creativity and memory.

Furthermore, if you don't get enough sleep, you might be at a higher risk of several conditions, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, according to some research. Even though sleep is important, quantity and quality continue to be at an all-time low, according to a recent study.

The CDC recommends that every adult get at least seven hours of sleep a night.  And while the amount of sleep each person gets is important, so is the quality. The CDC continues to point out that poor sleep quality can leave you feeling tired throughout the day. Signs of poor sleep quality include waking up often during the night, snoring or gasping for air.

Good sleep starts with developing good habits, but it's not that simple for everyone. Some medications will promote sleep, but many of these aren't considered safe. In fact, research shows sleeping aids can create numerous health concerns, including daytime sleepiness, dementia and sleepwalking.

There's also the worry about dependency. Recent reports suggest that more than 500,000 Americans are currently abusing prescription sleep aids. However, the best natural sleep aid supplement can safely help you achieve the high-quality sleep you need. By taking natural supplements that help you sleep, you also don't have to worry about developing any dangerous conditions or becoming addicted.

What are the ingredients in Supersmart's sleep aid formula?

Our Natural Sleep Formula contains several ingredients that act synergistically to help promote quality sleep without the common side effects of sleeping tablets.

Supersmart’s sleep Formula contains the following ingredients:

Valerian root extract

Valerian root extract has a tranquilizing effect, traditionally used to reduce nervous tension, particularly in the case of sleep problems.

More details related to valerian root extract are as follows:

  • Controlled studies have shown that valerian root extract reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep.
  • One study found that valerian extract increases the percentage of the slow-wave sleep phase, the deepest and most restorative phase.
  • The efficacy of valerian extract, when combined with hop extract, has also been demonstrated.
  • The ability of L-tryptophan to induce drowsiness was first recorded in 1962. Over 50 studies examined the effects of Tryptophan as a sleeping aid and the consensus was that even at a low dose, it could halve the time it takes to fall asleep in cases of mild insomnia.

Rhodiola Rosea root extract

Rhodiola Rosea root extract acts as an adaptogen, modulates the production of stress hormones and helps maintain the balance of other hormones.

More details related to Rhodiola Rosea root extract are as follows:

  • Older people have raised stress hormone levels during the night, which can affect sleep.
  • Rhodiola Rosea root extract re-establishes hormone equilibrium, thus promoting drowsiness and improving sleep quality.
  • When given to students during exam periods, Rhodiola extract reduced mental fatigue, improved sleep habits and decreased sleep requirements.

Hop extract

Hop extract was traditionally used for its sedative and hypnotic properties in cases of sleep disorders. It helps relieve tension and anxiety. Several studies have shown that combined with valerian, hop extract offers an alternative to benzodiazepines for treating occasional, non-psychiatric sleep disturbances.

Eschscholzia californica root extract

Eschscholzia californica root extract contains alkaloids. Protopin, in particular, has shown to increase the attachment of GABA to post-synaptic membrane receptors in rats. In mice, an aqueous extract of Eschscholzia showed a dose-dependent effect. In humans, clinical studies have shown that Eschscholzia effectively improves sleep problems: it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea)

Rhodiola (Rhodiola Rosea) is recognized as an adaptogen plant, which means it can help the body adjust to stress. It is, therefore, helpful for restoring the body's equilibrium and reducing the stress that can impair sleep quality.

Californian poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

Californian poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is useful for reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and improving sleep quality. Its beneficial effects are a result of its exceptional alkaloid content, particularly protopine.

Daily serving: 2 tables
Number of servings per bottle: 22.5
Quantity per serving
Valerian root extract (4-6:1) 700 mg
L-tryptophan 700 mg
Rhodiola rosea root extract 400 mg
Hop extract (5-7:1) 200 mg
Eschscholzia californica root extract 100 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum.
Directions for use

Natural Sleep Formula Dosage and Directions

The recommended dose with this sleep formula is one to two tablets, taken before bedtime. Though this can, of course, be adapted to your needs and to the advice of your therapist. There are two other sleep formulas available to buy at Supersmart that have benefits for tackling sleep problems and helping you manage stress better: Stress Relief Formula and Adrenal Support.

After you purchase the best natural supplement to help sleep, it's best to store your product away from children. Additionally, you want to keep your all-natural sleep supplement at room temperature.

While it's been deemed relatively safe to take the best all-natural sleep supplements, there are some considerations to keep in mind. First, if you have any health concerns, it's best to discuss your needs with a professional before you start taking any sleep supplements.

While most ingredients in natural supplements to help you sleep won't lead to side effects, there have been some found in valerian root and Tryptophan, specifically.

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Natural Sleep Formula
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