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Telomeres Maintenance Formula

Telomeres Maintenance Formula Capsules Made With Powerful Antioxidants

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Telomeres Maintenance Formula contains powerful natural antioxidants to fight oxidative stress.

  • Telomere capsules help counter telomere shortening, protecting DNA.
  • Protects telomeres and thus fights the effects of aging.
  • Reactivates telomerase, considered the 'immortality enzyme'.

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Telomeres Maintenance Formula

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Based on the latest advances in anti-aging medicine, the nutritional supplement Telomeres Maintenance Formula has been developed to protect telomeres and fight the effects of aging.

What is Telomeres Maintenance Formula?

Located at the tips of chromosomes, telomeres protect our DNA, but as we age, they become shorter, exposing our bodies to numerous health problems. Several studies have shown that telomere shortening is associated with cellular aging, the development of certain age-related diseases, and a decrease in life expectancy.

Certain molecules have been identified as being able to curb telomere shortening and thus protect DNA. To offer the anti-aging effects of these substances, several of them have been combined in the supplement Telomeres Maintenance Formula. The combination of these molecules in a single capsule means this supplement offers two-pronged anti-aging activity:

  • Telomere protection from powerful natural antioxidants.
  • Reactivation of telomerase via the activity of certain bioactive compounds.

What are the Components of Telomeres Maintenance Formula?

The anti-aging supplement Telomeres Maintenance Formula contains powerful natural antioxidants in vegetarian capsules, the activity of which curbs the shortening of telomeres by protecting them from oxidative stress, a process known to contribute to cellular aging. To combat oxidative stress and maintain telomere length, the supplement Telomeres Maintenance Formula contains:

  • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a rare and stable form of vitamin C which offers significant natural antioxidant potency.
  • L-carnosine, a natural dipeptide recognized for its antioxidant properties and anti-glycation activity – another process involved in cellular aging.
  • An extract of the fruit Terminalia chebula which contains tannins with antioxidant and cytoprotective effects.
  • An extract of green tea which contains antioxidant polyphenols such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

What is a Telomere?

Telomeres are parts of the DNA found within the human body's cells. These sections are found at the ends of our chromosomes. A telomere consists of the same sequence of amino acid bases repeated over and over again. All humans share the same sequence of TTAGGG.

In most people, the sequence is repeated around 3,000 times, with a maximum length of an estimated 15,000 base pairs.

So, what is a telomere in relation to our chromosomes? Telomeres serve several purposes, including:

  • Organization – telomeres help organize the 46 chromosomes within the nuclei of human cells. The nucleus is the cell's control center.
  • Protection – telomeres are a natural protection for chromosomes by forming a cap. Without telomeres, chromosomes would potentially stick to other chromosomes.
  • Replication – the final function of the telomere is to support the chromosome in replicating correctly during cell division. Since chromosomes naturally lose up to 200 bases per replication, telomeres ensure only they are lost, rather than the DNA of the chromosome itself.

Over time, humans naturally experience telomere shortening. Each division loses between 25 to 200 bases from the telomere. Oxidative stress caused by aging, diet, smoking, and stress is the leading cause of telomere shortening, making telomere support essential as you move through life.

If the telomere becomes too short, the chromosome can no longer be replicated. It triggers the cell to die through a self-destruction process known as apoptosis.

Understanding Telomere Lengthening Supplements

The length of your telomeres can indicate the age of your body. The actual biological age of a person's body may be more or less than their chronological age.

Scientists are increasingly analyzing people's health based on their biological age rather than their chronological age because they believe it can tell them more about a person.

Using telomere products such as telomere capsules is a scientifically proven way to preserve and increase telomere length. Researchers at Stanford University have already developed a new procedure to lengthen the telomeres. Procedures like these are a way of unlocking a new era of scientific study by turning back the clock on the cell's natural aging process.

Using a telomere supplement can increase the number of times a cell can divide before it reaches "critical length" and enters the apoptosis stage.

Several natural substances, including vitamins, have been shown to prevent telomere shortening, and this is what telomere anti-aging products are based on.

Most modern supplements focus on the compound telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme that helps lengthen telomeres. The production of this enzyme declines with age, meaning your telomeres begin to shorten rapidly later in life. Encouraging the production of telomerase through supplementation can slow down the shortening process.

What Benefits are Associated with Telomeres Maintenance Formula?

In addition to protecting telomeres, the anti-aging formulation Telomeres Maintenance Formula reactivates telomerase. Considered as the 'immortality enzyme', telomerase counteracts telomere shortening.

This enzyme, the discovery of which was rewarded with a Nobel Prize in 2009, halts the cellular aging process by repairing telomeres and ensuring their growth. Given its key role in longevity, this enzymatic activity needs to be maintained throughout life.

In this context, molecules have been identified that modulate telomerase activity, such as D-gamma-tocotrienol, a specific form of vitamin E mainly found in the fruit of the palm tree. Certain compounds in purslane also seem able to increase telomerase activity, hence the addition of a purslane extract and patented palm fruit extract (Tocomax) to the formulation of Telomeres Maintenance Formula.

Combining the benefits of these various anti-aging compounds, Telomeres Maintenance Formula offers a complete solution to telomere shortening. It is delivered in capsule form, with a suggested dose of 2 capsules a day to be taken after food, though this dose can be adapted in line with your therapist's advice.

To boost the formulation's effect, it can be combined with other anti-aging supplements available to buy at SuperSmart such as Astragaloside IV, Cycloastragenol Maximum Strength, Resveratrol, and Longevity Nutrients.

Telomerase Supplement Side Effects

There is little evidence to state that someone taking this anti-aging supplement will suffer severe side effects. Like with any supplement, taking the telomere anti-aging formula requires you to take charge of your health and do your research.

Telomerase supplement side effects are relatively mild and rare, but there is always a risk with any supplement. It is recommended that you set up an appointment with your doctor to discuss the pros and cons of telomere capsules.

Your doctor can go through your medical history to determine whether there is an adverse drug interaction risk. If you are already taking prescription medications for acute or chronic conditions, you must ensure that the substances within your medications will not inadvertently cause an adverse reaction.

Buy Telomeres Maintenance Formula to fight the shortening of telomeres.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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