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Affron Eye® Supplement
Affron Eye® Supplement
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Affron Eye®
Hearing and vision health
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Affron Eye® is an extract of saffron standardized to 3% crocin.
  • Contains antioxidant potency and an anti-apoptotic effect.
  • Maintains visual health, helping to protect against certain eye problems.
  • Fights the oxidative stress and free radical damage responsible for cellular aging.
60 Veg. Caps.
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Affron Eye Supplement

Affron Eye® is an extract of saffron stigma with benefits for eye health, delivered in vegetarian capsules.

What is Affron Eye®?

Affron Eye® is formulated from an extract of saffron obtained from the crocus flower known scientifically as Crocus sativus. Though saffron is familiar as a culinary spice, used in dishes across the world for thousands of years, its therapeutic properties are less well-known. Yet traditional Ayurvedic and Persian systems of medicine have long featured Crocus sativus for its exceptional composition and health-beneficial properties, attributes which have been confirmed in numerous studies on the plant.

In recent years, scientists have succeeded in isolating extracts with a high content of active substances. Such research has also led to the formulation of our new supplement based on a saffron extract. Our new dietary supplement is formulated from a high-quality saffron extract standardized to 3% crocin. Affron Eye® is available in capsule form, with a suggested dose of two capsules a day. It can, if necessary, be taken alongside our formulation Macula Plus, also available to buy at Supersmart.

What benefits are associated with Affron Eye®?

Alongside its flavor-giving properties, saffron has an unusually complex composition, with more than 100 compounds discovered so far, including active principles such as carotenoids. Known for their antioxidant potency, these compounds are natural orange, yellow and red pigments and are indeed responsible for saffron's orange-red colour. Apart from these antioxidants, saffron is also comprised of safranal. Primarily responsible for the spice's distinctive smell, this molecule is also used as an active principle in a number of therapeutic preparations.

  • For some years, scientists have been increasingly interested in saffron's potential for maintaining visual health and preventing eye diseases.
  • Of particular interest are two carotenoids called crocin and crocetin, naturally present in the Crocus sativus plant from which saffron is obtained. These molecules have been shown to have antioxidant potency and an anti-apoptotic effect, and thus offer considerable promise for preventing certain eye diseases.
  • They may thus help to support the antioxidant defenses of retinal photoreceptors.
  • Protect the retina from the daily, free radical-generated oxidative damage caused by exposure to high light levels and smoking.
  • Increase blood flow to the retina and choroid.

May have benefits for AMD

With its high antioxidant activity, saffron extract may also offer protection against Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD, one of the most common eye diseases.

This silent, painless disease is characterised by a gradual deterioration of the central part of the retina which ceases to function correctly. It is a major cause of loss of vision, primarily among the over-60s, potentially leading to complete blindness. AMD sufferers find it increasingly difficult to carry out daily functions such as reading or driving.

This is why new preventive ways of combatting retinal deterioration have been developed. One such product is our dietary supplement Affron Eye® which fights the oxidative stress and free radical damage responsible for cellular aging.

Buy Affron Eye® to support eye health.

Daily dose : 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30
Amount per dose
Affron Eye® Extract of saffron stigma (Crocus sativus) standardized to 3% crocin) 20 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum. Affron Eye®, Pharmactive, Spain.
Directions for use
Adults. Take two capsules a day.
Each capsule contains 10 mg of Affron Eye®.
4.7 /5 6 reviews
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Reviews 6
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Soignez vos yeux et essayez ce produit
Laurence PAYOT
Très efficace
c'est un plus pour la protection de la vue
Bon produit
MUSETTE Christian
bon produit
BARGEL Jacques
Fait partie de l'arsenal pour le maintien d'une bonne vue

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Affron Eye®
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