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Welcome Shop by health concern Slimming and weight control Water Retention Formula
Water Retention Formula Supplement
Water Retention Formula Supplement
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Water Retention Formula
Slimming and weight control
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Water Retention Formula helps reduce the build-up of excess fluid in tissues.

  • Supports circulation in blood vessels.
  • Facilitates the drainage of toxins.
  • Has an anti-water retention effect that helps refine body shape.
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Water Retention Supplement That Helps Combat Excess Fluid Buildup

Our water retention supplement, Water Retention Formula, helps maintain the right balance of intracellular fluid and contributes to optimal function of the capillaries and lymphatic tissue.

The benefits of this natural formula that includes a combination of powerful active ingredients are supported by science. Together, the ingredients in Water Retention Formula work to eliminate the build-up of excess fluid in tissues, remove toxins, and reduce fluid seepage and fatty deposits.

What are the Benefits of Taking Natural Supplements for Water Retention?

Water Retention Formula is designed to help alleviate problems that occur when the body retains excess fluid. Taking natural diuretics enables your cells to maintain their optimal water balance and allows the body to flush out dangerous toxins.

Compounds like Cacti-Nea, Elim'real, troxerutin, all form part of any good anti-water retention supplement. And Water Retention Formula contains all of those compounds. In fact, regular sufferers of water retention problems often find these ingredients to be transformative.

Some of the troxerutin benefits and Cacti-Nea benefits, according to the latest research, include:

  • Inhibit bloating
  • Avoid swollen lower limbs
  • Reduce joint stiffness
  • Combat wild weight fluctuations
  • Eliminate puffiness

Anti-water retention supplements are helpful for combating a wide range of water retention issues. And while dietary changes are also beneficial, a water retention formula — as part of a supplement regimen — can ensure that your body’s cells have the right amount of fluid at all times.

Water Retention Formula Ingredients


Troxerutin is a natural bioflavonoid with a more active, recognized form of rutin that facilitates circulation in the blood vessels, microcirculation in the capillaries and venous return. It also reduces the capillary permeability and inflammatory reactions that lead to cellulite deposits.


A 100 percent natural extract of prickly pear with significant diuretic and antioxidant properties. Its essential active principle is the fruit's natural pigment, betalain, comprising 65–85 percent of highly bioavailable indicaxanthin. Clinical studies show that:

  • Facilitates the drainage of toxins.
  • Contributes to an increase in diuresis.
  • Decreases the sensation of heavy legs, as well as swollen feet, ankles, and calves.
  • May have a positive effect on lean mass distribution, as well as body shape and composition.
  • Reduces water mass with no negative effects on mineral balance or blood pressure.

Elim'real Complex

An exclusive, proprietary blend of plant extracts: carvi, meadowsweet, guarana standardized to 80 percent caffeine — a classic diuretic — goldenrod, fennel, and dandelion.

All these extracts are recognized as active ingredients in phyto-therapy that are well-tolerated and have diuretic properties that address the problems of fluid retention as a whole.

Double-blind clinical studies have demonstrated that the aforementioned plant extracts may:

  • Increase urination frequency and volume.
  • Reduce the sensation of heavy legs.
  • Improves the sensation of drainage and detoxification.

Elim'real, combined with Troxerutin and Cacti-Nea is the ultimate diuretic complex. Buy Water Retention Formula today to combat the effects of excess fluid build-up in the body.

Do Supplements to Reduce Fluid Retention Have Side Effects?

Side effects are an everyday concern for anyone looking to take natural supplements for fluid retention. While taking a troxerutin supplement is widely considered safe for most healthy adults, it’s essential to do your own research. Never take any single resource at face value. Investigate the ingredients of all supplements for water retention you’re considering and make an informed decision about whether you should add it to your daily routine. Always follow the science.

Speak to your physician first to reduce the risk of experiencing Cacti-Nea side effects. If you are already taking other medications, your doctor may be able to warn you about potential adverse drug interactions in advance. Everyone’s health situation is different, and that’s why experts recommend always consulting with your doctor before taking any troxerutin or Cacti-Nea capsules.

Finally, take charge of your own health. If you experience any adverse side effects, refrain from taking any more supplements and schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Daily dose : 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
Cacti-Nea® (Extract of Opuntia ficus indica standardized to 0.05 % betalains and 0.03 % indicaxanthins) 800 mg
Elim’real® (blend of 323 mg of carvi extract,
200 mg extract of meadowsweet flower buds,
100 mg extract of guarana standardized to 80 % caffeine,
12 mg extract of Goldenrod whole plant , 8 mg extract of fennel fruit,
and 4 mg extract of dandelion leaf.
650 mg
Troxerutin 160 mg
Other ingredients : maltodextrin.
Cacti-Nea®, Nexira, France. - Elim’real®, Inoreal, France.
Directions for use

How to Take Water Retention Capsules

While there are several foods and fluids that can assist with water retention, not everybody can create the perfect diet that helps their body manage and maintain an optimal water balance. Not only that, but everyone’s body’s react differently to natural diuretic foods and fluids.

Capsules for water retention support a healthy lifestyle every day. That being said, you should always follow the recommended daily consumption rate for any supplement.

When taking Water Retention Formula, we recommend taking two capsules before breakfast and two capsules after lunch — a total of four capsules per day. You can take capsules with water.

Be aware that water retention capsules may contain high levels of caffeine, so it’s recommended that you avoid consuming high-caffeine food or drink in the hours before and after taking these capsules.

That being said, can you take a water retention supplement at any other time of day?

You can, but before meals is the most effective time. When you consume food and drink, you risk retaining more water than you do when resting. Supplements for water retention ensure your body has everything it needs to combat excess water retention after you consume a meal.

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Water Retention Formula
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