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Paradoxine® – Grains of Paradise Supplement

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Paradoxine® is an extract of paradise seeds with potential fat-burning properties.

  • Contains 6-paradol, a powerful antioxidant that may also have a fat-burning effect.
  • May gently combat the accumulation of fat while also attacking existing body fat reserves.
  • Shows efficacy at reducing adipose tissue with low risk of unwelcome side-effects.

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What are Grains of Paradise?

The Aframomum melegueta plant, source of the grains of paradise spice, comes from the Zingiberaceae plant family, also known as the ginger family. The plant pods contain red-brown seeds. Often used in cooking, these seeds provide a peppery and spicy flavor. Grains of paradise are also known by other names, such as alligator pepper, melegueta pepper, Guinea grains, efom wisa, and ossame.

Several compounds inside these seeds create their pungent flavor and aroma. However, the compounds may also aid in burning fat. These powerful compounds include 6-paradol, 6-shogaol, 6-gingerdione, and 6-gingerol. Of these, the most vital compounds offering benefits to your health include 6-paradol and 6-gingerol, with 6-gingerol also found in ginger.

Why would someone consider taking grains of paradise from Paradoxine® pills? To answer that question, let's look at some of the top grains of paradise extract benefits and most common Paradoxine® uses.

Grains of Paradise Benefits

Also known as melegueta pepper or alligator pepper, grains of paradise is a perennial plant that, like ginger, belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. Native to West Africa, it is widely used both for its digestive benefits and aphrodisiac properties.

The beneficial effects of Aframomum melegueta are primarily linked to the presence of an active phenol compound called 6-paradol in this supplement. This compound is also responsible for the plant's spicy taste, similar to ginger. The chemical structure of 6-paradol is close to that of some of the compounds found in ginger, such as zingerone, 6-gingerol, and 6-shogaol.

What about Paradoxine® for weight loss? There are a number of top-performing plants with fat-burning effects. However, grains of paradise are often chosen over others because of their efficacy at reducing adipose tissue and their absence of unwelcome side-effects. Other natural fat-burners contain substances like caffeine, to which some people are sensitive and, in some cases, can have a negative effect on the central nervous system.

Many people consider weight loss among the top grains of paradise benefits. But what do studies show about Paradoxine® benefits and can you count on grains of paradise for fat loss results?

What do Studies Show About Grains of Paradise Supplementation?

The grains of paradise health benefits have been the subject of numerous scientific studies:

  • Studies show that supplementing with this plant extract may not only constitute a gentle way of fighting the accumulation of fat but may also attack existing body fat reserves.
  • Scientists attribute these benefits to the presence of 6-paradol, as it may trigger thermogenesis of brown fat tissue, which, in turn, stimulates weight loss.
  • Along with its potential slimming effects, an extract of grains of paradise offers other health benefits. For example, it is recognized as an effective stimulant.
  • Some scientists believe it has greater aphrodisiac activity than Piper guineense, which is used to treat erectile problems.
  • Other studies have looked at the mechanisms of action of 6-paradol. According to such research, it may help combat glycation processes and have an anti-tumor effect.

These are just some of the health benefits of grains of paradise that have been studied. With more studies, we may uncover more grains of paradise extract uses.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Excellent 2 Reviews
Kilburn Susan

january 10 2024

I am not sure I saw any difference in my weight or anything else.

Frank Reinert

july 31 2023

Diet is tight, but the weight loss stalled? Paradoxine could be the kick in metabolism you just might want.

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