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This supplement contains a Cyanotis vaga extract standardized to 95% beta-ecdysterone.

  • Helps improve stamina, speed and recovery in active adults and athletes
  • May increase protein synthesis by as much as 20%
  • Designed to increase muscle mass and the ratio of lean muscle to fat
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Natural Beta-Ecdysterone Supplement Made To Increase Muscle Mass

Beta-ecdysterone, or 20-hydroxyecdysone, is an active principle found in Rhaponticum carthamoides, Suma and Cyanotis vaga. The majority of ecdysterone studies to date have been conducted in Eastern Europe and Russia. They conclude its effects are comparable to those of androgenic hormones.

However, due to its high cost and the relatively large serving size —one gram per day)— beta-ecdysterone is often found in low-quality dietary supplement formulas. Fortunately, all of Supersmart’s supplements are made with only the highest-quality substances.

What is cyanotis vaga?

Cyanotis vaga is a species of plant that is native to the Southwester Arabian Peninsula, Western Malaysia and Tropical Africa. Cyanotis vaga extract is also known as hydroxyecdysone. This substance is extracted from the Cyanotis Arachnoidea plant. It has a white to light yellow powder appearance.

One of the biggest cyanotis vaga benefits includes the ability to naturally produce 20-hydroxyecdysone, otherwise known as ecdysterone or 20E. So, what is ecdysterone? and What does ecdysterone do?

This naturally occurring ecdysteroid hormone is a natural phytoecdysteroid, included in our 20-hydroxyecdysone supplement. The Cyanotic vaga benefits could have a far-reaching impact from stimulating muscle cells during protein synthesis to growing new proteins.

Cyanotis Vaga Extract Benefits

Increasing muscle mass is a well-researched area in the domain of competitive sport and endurance, but muscle mass is also important for older and younger non-athletes, alike.

The following are some of the top ecdysterone benefits:

  • Human and animal studies have shown reproducible results in terms of strength and mass.
  • Russian studies have been replicated at the Center for Biotechnology in New Jersey. Tested on human muscle cells, beta-ecdysterone was shown to increase protein synthesis by 20%.
  • Beta-ecdysterone studies also show it produces improvements in insulin function, which may help encourage a reduction in fat mass.
  • A study of 80 athletes also showed a gain of 6–7% in muscle mass and a 9–10% loss in fat mass after only two weeks' of beta-ecdysterone supplementation.
  • Ecdysterone supplements have also been the subject of research showing that they may protect the cardiovascular system by improving nutrient supply to the brain and muscles.
  • Studies show it also combats fatigue — an adaptogenic effect — as well as the negative effects on the immune system that can result from intense physical exercise.
  • Beta-ecdysterone may even improve stamina, speed and recovery, according to some research.
  • Other clinical trials show it may increase sperm motility, enhance testosterone production and boost metabolism, but without any androgenic side effects.

These findings are just the start of beta-ecdysterone benefits that have yet to be uncovered. As more research is done on ecdysterone supplements, even more benefits are expected to be discovered.

20-hydroxyecdysone Side Effects

While there are no serious side effects associated with beta-ecdysterone supplements, it’s important that you do your own research on ecdysterone side effects before you start any kind of regimen.

You should also talk to your doctor about any potential ecdysterone side effects you might experience. This is especially true if you’re taking any other supplements, or even any over-the-counter medications or prescriptions, as there could be interactions that exist that you’ll need to know about.

Additionally, it's important to discuss taking any beta-ecdysterone supplements, including the worst and the best ecdysterone supplements, with your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions to ensure there won't be any negative interactions with those either.

However, if you do notice any beta-ecdysterone side effects after you start taking it, you’ll want to stop using it immediately and talk with your healthcare provider. Only after your doctor has given you the go ahead to continue taking beta-ecdysterone 95 should you start taking it again.

There's also no research indicating 20 beta-ecdysterone supplements are safe for pregnant or nursing mothers. We advise avoiding supplementation until you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding.

Daily dose : 4 capsules
Number of doses per box : 15
Amount per dose
Beta-ecdysterone (from 1060 mg Cyanotis vaga extract standardized to 95 % beta-ecdysterone) 1 000 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum, rice flour.
Directions for use

How To Take 20-hydroxyecdysone

Similar to the side effects, you’ll also have to do your own research to find the best beta-ecdysterone supplements. Perhaps most importantly, you should always purchase supplements from a reputable company that can verify the potency of the product with third-party testing.

Our 20 beta-ecdysterone supplement comes in bottles of 60 vegetarian capsules and each capsule contains 250 mg of beta-ecdysterone. We recommend adults take 2–4 capsules, equal to 500–1,000 mg a day (from 1060 mg Cyanotis vaga extract standardized to 95 % beta-ecdysterone). So when you buy Beta-ecdysterone capsules from Supersmart, one bottle should last approximately 15–30 days.

Aside from the Cyanotis vaga extract, the only other ingredients in these capsules are acacia gum and rice flour. Don't take more than the recommended serving unless specifically advised by a doctor.

To achieve maximum ecdysterone bioavailability, combine these supplements with high biological value proteins available in your area that are equal to one to two grams per kilo of lean mass per day.

Keep all your supplements out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dry location, e.g. a medicine cabinet. You can take beta-ecdysterone with or without food, whatever works best for you. And make sure you follow the "best by" dates on supplements and dispose of any that have expired.

3 /5 2 reviews
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5.0 / 5
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Stuart Walker
Works like a charm with my wife.
HUG Karl
HUGE RIP-OFF! This product is legit, however, it is approximately 6 times more expensive than many. Shop around first. I assure you, you will find way better deals. We did!
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