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L-Glutamine Powder 750 mg to Improve Your Muscle Health

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L-Glutamine powder is essential for protein synthesis, with a key role in muscle activity.

  • Improves sports performance.
  • Supports the maintenance and renewal of muscle mass.
  • Promotes post-exercise recovery.

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L-glutamine supplements are very popular with sportspeople. They provide an optimal level of glutamine, one of the 24 proteinogenic amino acids. This means it helps synthesize a number of proteins which are known for their key role in muscle activity. Proteins primarily support the maintenance and renewal of muscle mass and also help repair microlesions in muscles. Glutamine is therefore an essential amino acid for healthy muscle function and muscle mass development.

Why is it Important to Supplement with L-Glutamine?

Although the body is able to synthesize glutamine from glutamic acid, certain situations can significantly deplete reserves of this amino acid. A state of extreme stress is one such example, which can be the result of intense sport, physically demanding activity, or muscle trauma. Certain everyday stress factors can also contribute to a lack of glutamine.

That is why glutamine is considered as a conditionally-essential amino acid – in other words, additional intake of glutamine is essential in certain situations, particularly during intense and exhausting physical training. In the situations described above, the body draws on its reserves to support muscle activity and healthy immune function. If these reserves are too low to meet requirements for glutamine, it can result in burnouts and compromised immune defenses. This can encourage the development of infection, hence the benefits of supplementing with glutamine.

What are the Benefits of L-Glutamine?

This supplement offers numerous benefits for sportspeople:

  • It helps prevent post-exercise dips in immune defenses;
  • It improves recovery by preventing ’overtraining syndrome', the result of too short intervals between training sessions, to allow the body to recover properly;
  • Overtraining can manifest as problems with sleep, mood, and appetite, amongst others. It also leads to a decrease in sports performance. By promoting post-exercise recovery, glutamine supplementation can thus help improve sports performance.

This essential amino acid is available as a nutritional supplement, providing the benefits of glutamine and helping prevent deficiency. Each measure provides 3 g of L-glutamine, with a suggested dose of one per day, although this can be adapted to individual needs. Studies show that sportspeople obtain good results from taking two grams of L-glutamine after exercising.

L-Glutamine Powder and Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in your body. The human body requires proteins for most of its functions, including developing and supporting organs, transporting substances through your blood, and constructing an immune system to fight off foreign pathogens efficiently.

Glutamine is just one of the amino acids manufactured in your body. Like most amino acids, there are two forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine. The latter appears to be relatively unimportant in supporting living organisms.

L-glutamine powder is effective because it is the same natural amino acid found in foods like beef, eggs, skimmed milk, and white rice.

Some of the L-glutamine benefits include:

  • Supporting brain health;
  • Muscle healing;
  • Potentially improving athletic performance;
  • Boosting immune health;
  • Supporting the gastrointestinal system.

Buy L-glutamine as part of an amino acid supplementsregime and enjoy all these benefits and more.

L-glutamine can be produced naturally in the body, as it is also the most abundant amino acid found in the blood. However, this essential amino acid often needs to be supplemented to support the body's needs, especially when recovering from an injury or illness.

Choosing L-glutamine powder as your supplement will help your body function optimally. Whether you are searching for L-glutamine for exercise recovery, athletic performance, or general health, this could be the supplement for you.

Does this Supplement Have Side Effects?

Everyone looking to add amino acid supplements to their diets must be aware of potential side effects. Thankfully, L-glutamine side effects are relatively uncommon and mild. However, it remains vital to do your research.

Search for scientific studies and anecdotal reports from others who have used these supplements for muscle recovery. L-glutamine powder amino acids are safe to take as a supplement, but it is also recommended to schedule a health check with your doctor.

Your family medical practitioner will be able to go through your medical history to determine whether you are likely to experience side effects from an L-glutamine supplement. This step is pivotal if you take prescription medications for acute or chronic illnesses.

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