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AMPK Booster Supplement
AMPK Booster Supplement
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AMPK Booster
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AMPK Booster supplement that combats aging and metabolic decline.

  • Plays a fundamental role in energy homeostasis and supports longevity
  • Designed to replicate the effects of calorie restriction, particularly the development of excess fat
  • Helps adults recapture a certain youthfulness without causing side effects
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AMPK Supplement Designed to Combat Aging

This AMPK supplement is an innovative formulation that combines the most effective activators — or reactivators — of cellular AMP-activated protein kinase, also known as AMPK, and promotes health and longevity.

What are the benefits of AMPK supplements?

What are some of the AMPK activator benefits? Inside each of our cells is a key metabolism enzyme called AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase), which plays a fundamental role in energy homeostasis and supports longevity, essentially.

AMPK is expressed in a number of body parts — the liver, the brain and muscles — where it functions like a metabolic master switch, regulating several intracellular systems.

AMPK benefits, more specifically, are as follows:

  • Can help delay aging, as shown in animal studies.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels by increasing cellular glucose uptake. More specifically, research shows it promotes glucose production coming from the liver and also uptake to the muscles.
  • Studies show an AMPK booster may inhibit the synthesis of surplus fats.
  • Reduces triglyceride levels in the blood. Studies indicate it also inhibits fatty acid production.
  • Combats liver degeneration and increases fat oxidation, according to research.
  • May spur an increase in the number of new, healthy mitochondria. Studies suggest that autophagy occurs more frequently, allowing quick removal of the misfolded and damaged proteins or mitochondria to make room for healthier cellular components.
  • Studies further suggest AMPK may inhibit protein production during low energy times in order to conserve energy for later. And this helps cells become less wasteful and more efficient.

As studies show, boosting the activity of AMPK can have several positive effects on the body. Our AMPK supplement is designed to activate or reactivate AMPK via the action of barberry, jiaogulan and Rhus succedanea. Together, these constitute a natural, effective formulation for supporting overall health.

You may also be interested in two other natural extracts available to buy at Supersmart for improving your general state of health and combating the aging process: Astragalus Extract and Reishi Extract,

Our AMPK Activator's Ingredients

Restoring AMPK enzyme activity may not only help you recapture a certain youthfulness; it may also help you combat the development of excess fat. When you boost AMPK, cells are thrown into survival mode and stop storing new fat. Instead, they burn stored fat — similar to what a calorie restriction does.

As far as how to boost AMPK, our AMPK Booster supplement combines three plant extracts able to reactivate this cellular enzyme. Those three ingredients are as follows:

Gynostemma pentaphyllum

What is gynostemma pentaphyllum? Gynostemma pentaphyllum (or jiaogulan), standardized in gypenosides, has also demonstrated AMPK-activating capacity. Used in traditional Asian medicine, this plant is sometimes called the “immortality herb,” both because it increases longevity and has a number of other properties conferring antioxidant, adaptogen and anti-atherosclerotic effects.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum has been heavily researched:

  • Scientists observed that in activating AMPK, administration of this herb led to an increase in fat-burning and an uptick in cellular glucose uptake.
  • In a pre-clinical trial, obese mice given gynostemma pentaphyllum showed impressive reductions in signs of excessive weight gain.
  • Obese rats supplemented for just four days showed reductions in triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and post-prandial blood sugar, compared with a control group.

Combined, these results show how the activation of AMPK produces huge benefits in reducing circulating sugar and fats. And human studies have found similar results: gynostemma pentaphyllum boosts AMPK activity, which may lead to certain long-term health benefits.


Our natural AMPK activator also contains fisetin, a flavonoid extracted from Rhus succedanea that sends a switch-on signal (like epitalon) to longevity transporter genes in a way similar to calorie restriction but without the need to make dietary changes.


Berberine (Berberis vulgaris), an isoquinoline alkaloid, scientifically demonstrated to be one of the best AMPK-activators, which acts on a number of parameters.

Further confirmation of berberine's AMPK-activating efficacy comes from recent studies that showed it promoted the multimerization of adiponectin in adipocytes into high molecular weight (HMW) multimers. These have greater metabolic activity and are closely associated with cell glycemic sensitivity.

Even though berberine inhibits adiponectin expression, its activation of AMPK promotes multimerization of adiponectin and thus helps combat the development of excess fat.

More specifically, berberine:

  • Helps to balance energy metabolism and control dietary intake
  • Improves cell sensitivity to glucose by increasing production of the transporter GLUT4
  • Stimulates fatty acid metabolism in the mitochondria
  • Like metformin, it is well tolerated by the digestive system and does not require a prescription

Why is boosting AMPK important?

As we get older, activation of cellular AMPK declines. This can spur the development of surplus fat, as AMPK determines body fat composition. In order to combat the aging process, it is therefore essential to restore AMPK production, and there are various ways of doing this, such as physical exercise and calorie restriction, in addition to supporting those efforts with the right dietary supplements.

Most Western societies today are facing a significant problem with over-consumption. Eating too many calories impairs vital functions, such as healthy uptake of glucose and fat from the blood and leads to the accumulation of cellular waste and changes to longevity genes.

Oftentimes, this results in the development of surplus fat. Few people are able to successfully maintain long-term calorie restriction, and so the research by scientists of AMPK activation supplements is extremely helpful. When activated, this cellular enzyme mimics calorie restriction and may even lead to a decrease in body fat. Pre-clinical research has shown that boosting AMPK activity is associated with:

  • A reduction in lipogenesis (storage of fat, particularly abdominal fat)
  • Stimulation of fatty acid oxidation
  • An increase in glycemic sensitivity
  • A change in glucose secretion by pancreatic beta cells
  • Improved glucose absorption by cells
  • Enhanced activation of the SIRT1 enzyme and of the P53 tumor-suppressor gene

As more research is performed, we expect to learn more benefits of AMPK booster supplements.

What are the side effects of AMPK Booster?

You want the strongest AMPK activator to achieve maximum benefits, but it's also important to understand any possible side effects of jiaogulan AMPK products. While our AMPK supplement is considered safe for most healthy adults, it's still important to do your own research.

Talk to your healthcare provider before you start taking an AMPK activator berberine gynostemma la-3 supplement. Your physician will want to know what products are in the AMPK activator supplement and will determine how it may interact with other supplements, prescriptions or health issues you have.

If you notice any strange symptoms after you start taking a gynostemma pentaphyllum AMPK supplement, you should stop using it immediately and talk to your healthcare provider.

Additionally, there has been minimal research related to pregnant or breastfeeding women taking AMPK boosters. For this reason, we advise against taking them unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Daily dose: 3 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30
Amount per dose
Extract of Gynostemma pentaphyllum standardized to 98% gypenosides 550 mg
Extract of Berberis vulgaris standardized to 97% berberine 600 mg
Extract of Rhus succedanea standardized to 98% de fisetin 70 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice flour.
Directions for use

How To Take an AMPK Supplement

It's important that you know where to buy AMPK boosters. You can buy an AMPK activator at many online retailers, but it’s not always clear what the potency is and what ingredients are included.

Instead, we recommend doing some research and using a trusted online retailer for your supplement needs. Opt for a provider that publishes third-party testing, so you can be sure of what you are taking.

Regardless of whether or not you’re already taking an AMPK booster or it’s your first time, it's vital that you follow the directions on the package. With our AMPK Booster supplement at Supersmart, we recommend adults take two capsules every day with lunch and another capsule with dinner. That dosage means that you will use capsules each day, giving you a month's supply of our supplement.

Aside from the ingredients included in this high-quality supplement that we have already discussed, you will also find acacia gum and rice flour. We don't put anything artificial in this supplement and believe in complete transparency when it comes to the ingredients that we use.

Additionally, you want to store this supplement out of direct sunlight to ensure potency. Keep it in a dry, dark location for the best results. Once this supplement reaches its "best by" date, it's time to dispose of it and purchase a new bottle. And, as always, keep all supplements out of the reach of children and pets.

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AMPK Booster
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