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Natural Iodine Supplement
Natural Iodine Supplement
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Natural Iodine
Brain nutrition
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Natural Iodine is a natural source of iodine from an extract of Ascophyllum nodosum.

  • Provides a balanced intake of iodine to support thyroid health.
  • Due to its low sodium content, it represents an excellent way to reduce salt intake.
  • It also has benefits for the metabolism, with efficacy at detoxing/draining in the case of sluggish digestion, and the ability to inhibit enzymes that encourage elevated blood glucose levels.
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Ascophyllum nodosum algae

Natural Iodine Supplement

Natural Iodine is an extract of Ascophyllum nodosum delivered in vegetarian capsules, to provide a healthy intake of iodine without consuming excess salt.

Iodine Supplement Benefits

Are you aware of just how important iodine is for our health? This trace element is integral to the healthy functioning of the human body. It plays a role in regulating:

  • Body temperature.
  • Reproduction.
  • Growth.
  • General metabolism.
  • Heart function.
  • The formation of blood cells.
  • The development of the nervous system.

That being said, with its high content of Ascophyllum nodosum, there is one additional benefit of Natural Iodine that you won’t find in all iodine supplements: salt intake regulation.

If your doctor has recommended you reduce your salt intake, you could use Natural Iodine to do it.

Supplementing with iodine extracted from seaweed helps limit salt intake because it contains only a tenth of the sodium found in other iodine sources. This is a significant advantage in combating conditions associated with high salt intake as it won’t adversely affect your iodine levels.

Until very recently, this product had been recommended sparingly by doctors and naturopaths, but its credibility has been boosted with the identification of in-depth scientific research identifying a number of benefits, including metabolic effects, efficacy at detoxing/draining in the case of sluggish digestion, and the potential to inhibit certain enzymes that contribute to high blood glucose levels.

Why is it important to supplement with iodine?

Too little iodine can lead to enlargement of the thyroid gland and impaired thyroid function, which can result in heart problems and weight gain. That’s why it’s essential to ensure a balanced intake of iodine, taking care to check its provenance in order to ensure an adequate amount.

It’s worth noting that up to 5 percent of the general population suffers from hypothyroidism, the main effects of which are weight gain, fatigue, muscle weakness, brittle hair and nails, and increased sensitivity to cold weather. These individuals may be iodine deficient, or have poor pituitary gland function, or may suffer from an auto-immune condition.

That being said, iodine deficiency is relatively rare, the reason being that some years ago, health authorities decided to take steps to prevent such deficiency by adding iodine to table salt. In other words, most people depend on table salt and salted foods for their iodine intake

Yet salt is known to have a particularly adverse effect on blood pressure and vascular health. What’s more, the average salt intake in Western countries is much higher than that recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) — a maximum of 5g a day — regularly exceeding as much as 20g a day.

What are the best sources of iodine?

While lowering salt consumption is essential, it’s nonetheless important to maintain your intake of iodine. To do so, you need to eat naturally iodine-rich foods — which are not that plentiful. Among the best sources are seafood, fish — anchovies, sardines, mackerel, etc. — and certain types of seaweed, such as Ascophyllum nodosum — also known as knotted wrack or kelp in North America.

This is a particularly useful source of iodine as it also contains specific polysaccharides called fucans, which offer a number of health benefits. It’s widely used as a replacement for salt, an aid to slimming diets, and for its nutritional properties. When ingested in sufficient amounts, it contributes to:

  • Normal child growth.
  • Healthy metabolic function.
  • Cognitive function.
  • A balanced nervous system.
  • Production of thyroid hormones.

Given that the WHO also recommends restricting fish consumption due to methylmercury exposure, which is toxic to the human central nervous system, seaweed constitutes by far the best food option for ensuring a healthy iodine intake. There are also other algae that are highly beneficial to overall health, such as spirulina — the best extract being, without doubt, Spirulina 498.5 mg.

Where is Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed found?

The best source of this beneficial seaweed is found in the clear, uncontaminated waters along the west coast of Scotland — the famous Outer Hebrides. Once harvested, it is turned into powder and microencapsulated to ensure maximum activity and increased bioavailability.

The result? A high-quality Ascophyllum nodosum supplement.

Depending on the state of your health, Natural Iodine can be combined with other supplements available to buy at Supersmart Natural Thyro Formula, an enhanced formulation for promoting thyroid balance, and Coleus Forskohlii, a plant extract that stimulates thyroid function.

Iodine Supplement Side Effects

When taking iodine supplements for thyroid issues, it’s important to do your research first. Before adding an iodine supplement to your daily routine, there are several boxes you need to check.

Firstly, do you have any existing health conditions? The human body requires a careful chemical balance to function optimally. Natural iodine supplements for thyroid problems can be highly beneficial, but if you are already taking medications for other conditions, you must tread carefully.

Speak to your physician about Ascophyllum nodosum health benefits and whether your existing medications could lead to side effects. An iodine supplement for low thyroid issues may not have any side effects by itself, but it could interfere and interact with other medications.

You should also go out of your way to perform your own research. While countless studies indicate that Ascophyllum nodosum capsules are healthy and provide several benefits for overall health, you must never rely on any one resource to form conclusions. You should always check multiple sources.

Just to reiterate: consider your existing health conditions, talk to you doctor about any existing medications you’re taking and do your own research before you start a supplement regimen.

Daily dose: 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30

per dose

Geeseanutra® Extract fromAscophyllum nodosum standardized to 650 ppm of iodine 1 000 mg
Other ingredients: acacia gum, rice bran.
Geeseanutra®, Lehvoss, UK.
Directions for use

How to Take Iodine Capsules

Understanding how to take a natural iodine supplement is also important for your health.

When it comes to Natural Iodine, the recommended serving size is 1–2 capsules, each of which contains 500 mg of PureSea®, an extract of Ascophyllum nodosum standardized to 650 ppm of iodine. That serving size is not associated with any contraindications and delivers the seaweed’s benefits as described on this page. While supplementing with iodine to replace your salt intake is a sensible measure, it’s even better to take an iodine extract obtained from seaweed.

Children can also benefit from taking an iodine supplement to confront a deficiency. Note, however, that the recommended daily allowance varies by age.

Consuming more than necessary will not enhance any Ascophyllum nodosum benefits. Instead, exceeding the recommended daily allowance will only increase the chances of side effects, so make sure you check the ascophyllum nodosum iodine content before taking any iodine supplement. Not all supplements are standardized with regards to the measurable iodine content.

That all being said, when is the best time to take iodine supplements?

When it comes to Supersmart’s Natural Iodine supplement, it makes little difference when during the day you take it. Since people with thyroid problems typically experience periods of low energy throughout the day, try taking a capsule before you would usually start to feel drained of energy.

You can also try a simple trial and error process to determine what time of day best suits you. However, if you experience any side effects when taking iodine capsules, including Natural Iodine, stop taking them immediately and consult your doctor for further guidance.

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Natural Iodine
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