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Digestion and oro-gastro-intestinal health
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Our piperine supplement, Bioperine®, is a proprietary black pepper extract (Piper nigrum) that maximizes the absorption of nutrients from food.

  1. Increases bioavailability of a number of micronutrients (2000% for curcumin).
  2. Increases activity of digestive enzymes.
  3. Standardized to 95% natural piperine (the maximum available for purchase).
  4. Increases thermogenesis.
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Black pepper plant and grains with piperine.

Piperine Supplement — ​​Bioperine®

We’re all familiar with the hotness of black pepper: it is due to the biological activity of several active compounds, in particular piperine, which is extracted and used to formulate our piperine supplement.

The Biggest Bioperine® Benefits

Piperine, specifically, is an alkaloid that may maximize the bioavailability of nutrients. Black pepper, which includes piperine, is one of three essential natural ingredients used in the majority of Ayurvedic formulations. It can increase the absorption of selenium and Vitamin C, as well as other nutrients.

Below are several other micronutrients whose absorption may be improved by piperine:

  • Curcumin
  • Iron
  • Resveratrol
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B6
  • β-Carotene
  • Extract of Boswellia serrata
  • Extract of Ginkgo biloba

Its effects are due to three distinct mechanisms of action:

  1. Piperine helps increase intestinal activity of glycoprotein-P, which is involved in the transport of many substances (including certain drugs).
  2. Piperine modifies the rate of glucurono-conjugation by reducing glucuronic acid content and inhibiting transferase activity. This mechanism enables foreign molecules to be solubilized for more effective elimination via urine.
  3. Piperine also increases thermogenesis via the release of thermogenic hormones called catecholamines. This results in improved absorption of nutrients in the gut, specifically.

Additional Bioperine® Supplement Benefits

There are additional piperine benefits, particularly related to digestive health. Piperine stimulates appetite and facilitates digestion by increasing the activity of salivary amylase and trypsin, an enzyme in pancreatic fluid that helps break down proteins. Piperine also helps increase the bioavailability of certain drugs, such as ibuprofen. It therefore should not be taken at the same time as medication.

How is Bioperine® produced?

So, what is Bioperine®, specifically? And how is it extracted from black pepper?

Black pepper is a climbing vine that grows in forest habitats and equatorial climates: it can only be cultivated between latitudes 15 degrees north and 15 degrees south.

Black pepper is picked when the berries, or drupes, start to turn red. It is at this stage that the amount of essential oil is at its peak. They are then deseeded, dried in the sun until the berries go black, then plunged into boiling water for several minutes. The heat ruptures the peppers’ cell walls and releases heat-resistant enzymes. The drupes are then dried in the open air before the outer coating is removed.

In the case of Bioperine®, the piperine content is increased so that it makes up about 95% of the natural black pepper extract. It’s worth noting that while piperine can be synthesized in a laboratory using an enzyme called piperotransferase, our Bioperine® supplement contains natural piperine extracted from black pepper drupes, unlike many piperine supplements on the market.

Can black pepper extract be combined with other supplements?

Piperine potentiates the bioavailability of many supplements, but it is curcumin supplements, known for their powerful anti-inflammatory effects, that benefit the most from being combined with Bioperine®.

Curcumin’s bioavailability is actually very low because it is quickly metabolized in the liver. In fact, taking 2 grams of curcumin will only produce a very slight increase in plasma concentrations.

However, taking piperine at the same time produces a clear increase in curcumin levels, in the region of 2000%, within about 30 minutes of ingestion.

The mechanism responsible is the inhibition of glucurono-conjugation, which slows down the breakdown of curcumin by the liver, considerably expanding its window of absorption.

Bioperine® Side Effects

You need to be aware of the potential Bioperine® side effects whenever taking a piperine supplement. It’s important to take control of your own health by researching any supplement you choose to take.

While Bioperine® capsules are generally safe to take, there is always a risk of experiencing side effects when taking any supplement. That’s why we recommend always looking closely at all the ingredients, and even researching each individual one. While black pepper extract is the sole Bioperine® ingredient, our vegetarian Bioperine® capsules also include acacia gum and white rice bran.

Anyone with pre-existing health conditions should consult their primary healthcare provider before consuming black pepper extract. Your doctor will be able to look through your medical history, help you understand what Bioperine® is, and determine whether Bioperine®, or black pepper extract, is right for you.

Another reason to get in touch with your doctor is so they can take into consideration other supplements or medications you’re taking. While negative interactions between Bioperine® and other supplements and medications are rare, it’s wise to always bear in mind the risk of potentially dangerous interactions.

Commercially available supplements are safe for most people. If you decide to take a black pepper supplement, make sure you follow all instructions as well. Any reputable supplement will always have clear instructions regarding its usage to ensure you can maximize Bioperine®, or black pepper, benefits.

To mitigate the risk of side effects from a Bioperine® supplement, never exceed the recommended serving. While Bioperine® is not particularly risky, side effects are possible if you take too much.

Daily serving: 3 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 30
Quantity per serving
Black pepper extract (Piper nigrum) standardized to 95% piperin 30 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice bran.
Bioperine® - Sabinsa Corporation.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 10 mg of Bioperine®.
Directions for use

How To Take Piperine Capsules

Black pepper extract, or Bioperine®, is designed to be part of a daily routine. Bioperine® should be taken on an empty stomach. Unlike other supplements, you can enjoy all the Bioperine® black pepper benefits by priming the body for further nutrient absorption as part of your meals.

We recommend taking a black pepper extract supplement up to three times a day, at least 30–60 minutes before meals in order to maximize Bioperine’s® absorption benefits. You may only need to take two capsules a day, depending on your diet and overall health. If you’re unsure how many you should take, your doctor can offer guidance on how many capsules a day you should take.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is Bioperine® black pepper right for me?”, studies have indicated that following a consistent routine can promote nutrient absorption. The body’s ability to absorb nutrients rapidly degrades naturally with age, which is why the biggest Bioperine® health benefit is its ability to aid the body efficiently absorb nutrients acquired through diet and other nutritional supplements.

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