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Grapefruit Extract Supplement
Grapefruit Extract Supplement
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Grapefruit Extract (Naringin)
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Grapefruit Extract is a naringin supplement derived from grapefruit seeds, pulp, and skin.

  • Contains bioflavonoids, antioxidant compounds known for protecting the body
  • May have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Rich in fiber and low-calorie content, which are often recommended for weight loss
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Naringin Supplement (Grapefruit Extract)

Grapefruit Extract is an extract of grapefruit standardized to 99% naringin, the fruit's main active principle. Grapefruit is rich in fiber, hence its low-caloric content and its popularity as a part of weight-loss diets. This naringin supplement is now available to buy in supplement form at Supersmart.

Ingredients in Our Grapefruit Supplement

This supplement’s excellence is largely due to the nutritional composition of the pomelo. Though often conflated, pomelo and grapefruit are actually two separate species, with grapefruit being more common in the West. This dietary supplement is formulated from pomelo, also known as Citrus paradisi.

Obtained via extraction from the whole fruit — the pulp, seeds and skin of the pomelo — the extract is then processed into dietary supplement form. In accordance with current legislation, Grapefruit Extract is completely free from synthetic compounds, such as benzethonium or paraben.

In addition, this extract contains bioflavonoids, antioxidant compounds known for the essential role they play in protecting the body. But the most important active ingredient in our grapefruit extract supplement is naringin, a flavonoid heteroside that gives the pomelo and grapefruit their distinctive bitter taste. Concentrated in the pith, naringin is used in a number of products, such as tonic drinks.

Naringin Benefits

While grapefruit is often recommended as part of a weight loss program, its pharmaceutical potential has also been widely studied by the scientific community:

  • Researchers have identified it as a powerful antioxidant because of its flavonoid content that may prevent cellular aging by reducing oxidative stress-induced cell damage.
  • Scientists have also been studying pomelo extract to better understand why some consider it to be a natural antiviral and anti-inflammatory.
  • Though the benefits of naringin have yet to be fully established, results suggest it may have analgesic, antiviral, anti-ulcer, neuroprotective and lipid-lowering effects.

Let’s dive deeper into the specific grapefruit extract, or naringin supplement, benefits.

Naringin and Burning Fat

If you are looking to lose weight, naringin supplementation may be right for you. Grapefruit extract contains naringin and other flavonoids that have been shown to aid weight loss efforts.

Research shows that grapefruit helps with weight loss, but the reasons aren’t fully known. Of course, this fruit is low in calories, so substituting grapefruit for other high-calorie fruits may be one of the reasons.

However, a 2003-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) showed that out of 12,700 people, those who consumed some form of grapefruit regularly had a lower body weight, lower body mass index and a smaller waist circumference.

Another study of 85 overweight adults revealed that consuming grapefruit before a meal could suppress appetite and lead to a full feeling in their stomachs. Another study of 91 obese participants showed that those who consumed grapefruit in various forms lost more weight than a placebo group.

But not everyone wants to eat or drink grapefruits every day, so they buy grapefruit extract instead. And with a comparable nutritional value, you can take advantage of all the grapefruit extract benefits without sacrificing the benefits you would gain by eating the citrus fruit on a daily basis.

Taking Grapefruit Extract for Skin Care

You may already know that naringin supports skin health, but how? Let’s find out and take a closer look at the biggest grapefruit extract benefits for skin.

Grapefruit extract capsules are rich in antioxidants and these antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which lead to aging. And when you expose your skin to the sun's harmful UV rays, you may struggle more with free radicals, which may lead to fine lines, hollowness, dark spots, and wrinkles.

But whenever free radicals are neutralized, the skin has the chance to rebuild and possibly create a more youthful appearance. It's also possible to prevent premature aging if you fight these free radicals — just another one of the many grapefruit extract skin benefits.

And, because grapefruit extract is also an anti-inflammatory, it reduces redness that is caused by the environment. It may even minimize blemishes and reduce healing time because of the increase in blood flow it produces. While there are many forms of grapefruit extract that can be applied directly to the skin, you may also see benefits from simply taking a grapefruit naringin supplement.

Naringin as an Antiviral and Anti-inflammatory

Naringin dietary supplementation may be able to kill over sixty types of yeasts and bacteria, according to some research. Other studies indicate that taking GSE is just as effective as some prescription topical antifungal and antibacterial medications, even nystatin. Grapefruit extract can kill bacteria because it breaks down the outer membrane of the substance, making it easier to attack. Studies also show it attacks and kills yeast through apoptosis, which makes the harmful substances self-destruct.

Among other grapefruit extract uses are its ability to create a steady flow of blood to the body for optimal oxygen and nutritional levels. If your body is inflamed and blood flow becomes restricted, affected areas may become damaged.

However, research indicates grapefruit extract may reduce the severity of this occurrence. GSE offers protection because of the powerful antioxidants that increase blood flow to the body's tissues.

Grapefruit Extract Side Effects

While grapefruit extract side effects are rare, it's important to know how any supplement you take is made. Some production practices can contaminate or reduce the potency of the naringin supplement, which could put you at a greater risk of experiencing side effects.

To avoid naringin supplement side effects, you want to make sure you buy the highest quality grapefruit extract. Some companies make their extract by mixing grapefruit and pulp powder with glycerin, then heat it with Vitamin C and ammonium chloride. And sometimes, hydrochloric acid is added.

If in doubt about the potency of a supplement, you should ask the company for an ingredients list and any available information related to third-party testing. To give yourself the best chance at avoiding side effects, make sure you buy a naringin supplement from a credible company, like Supersmart.

It's also recommended you discuss any new supplement with your healthcare provider. This is extremely important, especially if you are taking medications or have underlying health conditions. It's vital that you perform your own research before taking grapefruit extract or any other supplement.

Daily dose: 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30

per dose

Extract of grapefruit standardized to 99 % naringin 600 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice bran.
Directions for use

Instructions for Taking Grapefruit Extract Capsules

Our grapefruit extract capsules contain 300 mg of pomelo extract standardized to 99% naringin, the fruit's main active principle. We recommend most adults take two capsules per day. If you follow the recommended dosage, each container should last you for thirty days.

Remember to store your grapefruit extract away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This is generally the best practice for storing most supplements if you want them to maintain their original potency. You also want to always use all of the supplements in a given container before the expiration date.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it's best to avoid this supplement. There hasn't been enough research to prove the safety of grapefruit extract for expectant and lactating mothers. And, as with taking any new supplement, it's best to speak with a healthcare provider in advance. Your doctor can evaluate your other medications and health conditions to determine if this supplement is right for you.

Buy Grapefruit Extract capsules to support weight loss and benefit from its antioxidant properties.

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Margaret Ruf
since starting to take it my blood pressure has came down to normal range

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Grapefruit Extract (Naringin)
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