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Catalase Supplement
Catalase Supplement
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Catalase has anti-aging effects and combats hair turning grey prematurely.

  • Reduces the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the body.
  • Protects the cell membrane structure and DNA against attacks from hydrogen peroxide.
  • Combats premature cellular aging and fights the development of some age-related health problems.
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Catalase Supplement

Catalase supplements, which are derived from an enzyme present in most living organisms, have a powerful anti-aging effect that primarily helps combat hair from turning grey prematurely.

Catalase reverses the damage done by oxidative stress, thereby possibly preventing greying hair, age-related diseases, and cardiovascular ailments. We will look at what catalase is, how you can benefit from it, and what scientific studies have found regarding this enzyme.

What is catalase?

Catalase's efficacy may be linked to its very specific chemical composition. It is, in fact, a large protein formed from four identical chains of amino acids, each of which contains an atom of iron called haem.

This specific structure means that catalase can produce almost 200,000 catalytic reactions per second. It is thus considered one of the most active enzymes. The iron atom is also able to break the oxygen-oxygen bond in hydrogen peroxide, a molecule harmful to healthy body function.

This chemical reaction means that catalase reduces the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the body. Scientists have studied catalase specifically for its protective effects that combat cellular aging.

On the basis of the many discoveries related to catalase, our supplement aims to counteract the signs of aging naturally, simply, and effectively. It has also been designed to combat premature cellular aging, which may be responsible for some health problems.

Supplementing with catalase may also help prevent the appearance of grey hair. With all these anti-aging benefits, catalase should be an integral part of any anti-aging supplement regimen.

Catalase Benefits

There are several benefits of catalase supplements to consider. And, although more studies are needed to support all the suspected benefits of catalase, here's what is known so far:

  • Its activity could potentially prevent the development of certain diseases, particularly those related to aging.
  • Hydrogen peroxide damage may be responsible for a number of health complications, and by blocking this harmful molecule's activity, catalase thus plays a key role (for example, it protects the cell membrane structure and DNA against attacks from hydrogen peroxide).
  • Some studies suggest it may also help protect and strengthen vital organs, such as the heart.
  • This protective role has led some scientists to describe it as the “longevity enzyme,” but research is still ongoing to evaluate the extent of catalase's potential.

Catalase and Grey Hair

A 2009 study showed that grey hair is simply the result of hydrogen peroxide buildup in hair particles. Catalase naturally breaks down hydrogen peroxide and turns it into a mixture of oxygen and water. As you age, catalase production slows down, creating an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in your body.

When hydrogen peroxide builds up, it bleaches the hair pigment centers, causing it to turn grey. In the end, grey hair is simply the reflection of your catalase deficiency, which may be reversible.

By adding more of the catalase enzyme back into your body, you may be able to reverse the effects of the built-up hydrogen peroxide. If the process is successful, you should notice less grey hair over time.

It may even prevent aging and grey hair in the future, which is why many people turn to a catalase supplement for gray hair prevention.

It's important to note, however, that any potential benefits of catalase on greying hair exists only when the cause is the lack of this enzyme. Your doctor can better help you determine the cause of your gray hair and help you determine if a catalase supplement will affect your hair.

Catalase and Heart Health

But catalase supplement benefits go beyond hair color. Research points to its benefits on your heart.

Oxidative stress is the main factor in most cardiovascular diseases. When oxidative stress is allowed to occur within your body, it creates an imbalance between the free radicals and antioxidants. And free radicals are essentially just molecules containing oxygen with an uneven amount of electrons.

But, with the uneven amount, the molecules quickly interact with other molecules, many of which should not be altered. And these free radicals lead to a large chain chemical reaction that can either be harmful or beneficial.

However, powerful antioxidants are capable of blocking this oxidative stress. When catalase has been examined, researchers found it to be effective at blocking some of the interactions that lead to heart failure, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension.

Catalase and Age-related Diseases

Catalase supplement uses for age-related health are not limited solely to cosmetic conditions. If you are concerned with aging, in general, you may find some benefits to catalase supplementation.

Oxidative stress does have a valuable effect on the body in the short term, like when you exercise or when your body’s attempting to fight a disease. However, long-term oxidative stress can lead to irreversible damage to your body's DNA, proteins, and cells. This can lead to several health conditions.

Long-term oxidative stress can cause chronic inflammation. When your bodily systems become inflamed, more free radicals are created, which leads to more oxidative stress, creating a dangerous cycle. This cycle causes many dangerous conditions, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. It can also contribute to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Research shows the brain requires 20 percent of the total oxygen level taken in by the body. The brain uses this oxygen to perform the necessary metabolic activities that produce free radicals. The free radicals are responsible for cognitive functioning, neuroplasticity, and cell growth.

A 2018 study shows that oxidative stress also alters specific proteins, known as the amyloid-beta peptides in the brain. And when these peptides are altered, an accumulation of amyloid plaque occurs in the brain. This is just one of the key markers of Alzheimer's disease.

What do studies say about catalase?

Some studies suggest that premature greying of the hair could be linked to a decline in catalase levels. The absence of this enzyme may enable hydrogen peroxide's damaging effects to produce grey hair.

Hydrogen peroxide interferes with melanin, one of the main pigments in the hair. By gradually destroying melanin, it leads to depigmentation, a process responsible for the appearance of grey and white hair.

A number of scientists have investigated catalase supplementation as a way of preventing this process. Increasing catalase intake means that the enzyme is able to reprise its protective role and, by dividing the hydrogen peroxide in two and thus blocking its activity, possibly prevent the destruction of melanin.

And, as we’ve already mentioned, aside from hair color, catalase has also been shown to reduce oxidative stress, which protects your body from heart ailments and age-related diseases.

Catalase Supplement Side Effects

Catalase supplements are not regulated or approved by the FDA for medical use. Because of this, there is no governing body looking over the quality, efficacy, and safety of these supplements. That is why it’s important to do your own research to find the best catalase supplement for your needs.

You want to find a catalase formula that does not include other unnecessary ingredients. You can also ask the company for third-party testing data to make sure there are no unexpected side effects.

At this time, there are no major catalase side effects to report, but the side effects of catalase have not been heavily studied. If you are concerned with the quality and safety of catalase, it's best that you speak to your healthcare provider. It's especially important to discuss taking a new catalase dietary supplement with your physician if you are taking medications or have underlying health conditions.

We also do not recommend taking catalase if you are pregnant or nursing. There are no studies discussing its safety for expectant and lactating mothers.

Additionally, catalase is found in most foods that we eat. For this reason, it's vital to consider how much catalase you may already be consuming through your diet before taking a supplement.

Daily Dose : 2 Capsules
Number of doses per pack : 30
Quantity per dose
Catalase (500 mg) 12 500 CatU
Other ingredients : Acacia gum, rice flour.
Directions for use

Catalase Supplement Dosage

Catalase supplements come in a variety of forms, including capsules, powder, and liquids. And sometimes, catalase is combined with other nutrients, herbs, and enzymes to provide additional support.

If you are taking catalase for greying hair, you may also consider adding saw palmetto or horsetail, as well as folic acid and biotin to your supplement regimen. You can also use a high-quality probiotic in conjunction with catalase for digestive support and a healthy gut.

Our catalase supplements come in the form of 250mg vegetarian capsules, which is equivalent to 6250 units of catalase activity. For best results, we recommend taking two capsules every day.

However, you can also start out with a lower dose and gradually increase it based on your needs. If you’re unsure what dosage to start with, talk to your doctor before starting a catalase regimen.

To preserve the efficacy of catalase, you must store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. It's best to store it between 35 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, so you may want to store it in the refrigerator.

When you buy catalase supplements from Supersmart, we recommend you combine it with other anti-aging formulas that protect your body from premature aging. We would recommend pairing catalase with one of these three supplements: Longevity Nutrients, DNA Repair, and AMPK Booster.

4.7 /5 3 reviews
5.0 / 5
5.0 / 5
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4.7 / 5

Reviews 3
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Well, it’s supposed to be making my hair not be gray but it hasn’t yet
UPATOFF Patricia
Very satisfied
Nicholas Galardi
Great Product! Good price! Seeing results from using this product!
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