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IsoQuercitrin Supplement
IsoQuercitrin Supplement
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Immune system, fatigue and infections
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Our Isoquercetin supplement — 17 times more bioavailable than quercetin.

  • Recommended for digestive and respiratory allergies.
  • Combats eye and sinus problems, such as itching, watery eyes, and congestion.
  • Provides antioxidant effects.
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Isoquercetin Supplement (EMIQ) - Combats Effects of Allergies

Our isoquercetin supplement is a form of quercetin with high bioavailability, delivered in vegetarian capsules. It is designed to combat the effects of digestive and respiratory allergies, as well as eye and sinus problems, such as itchy and watery eyes, as well as congestion.

What is alpha-glycosyl IsoQuercitrin?

Of the various types of quercetin, the enzymatically modified form, IsoQuercitrin — also known as alpha-oligoglucosyl IsoQuercitrin and EMIQ — has been identified as having the greatest bioavailability. Quercetin, a flavonol found in various vegetables and herbal medicines, has considerable biological activity, possessing anti-allergy and antioxidant effects. However, the use of quercetin has been limited by its insolubility in water, and therefore low oral bioavailability.

IsoQuercitrin is derived from another flavonol, rutin, through natural enzymatic modification.

As a result of modifications to its structure, IsoQuercitrin is — up to 12 hours after ingestion — 17 times more bioavailable and more concentrated in the blood, compared with dihydroquercetin.

In vitro studies have shown that two enzymes — lactase and maltase-glucoamylase — play an important role in the rapid intestinal hydrolysis and absorption of this modified form, and subsequently, the release of the quercetin.

And while IsoQuercitrin (IQC) has greater availability than any other type of quercetin, by far the best option is specifically a water-soluble form: enzymatically modified IsoQuercitrin.

Given that water solubility is enhanced by glycosylation — i.e. the process of attaching to sugar — scientists have evaluated the bioavailability of several orally administered quercetin glycosides:

Quercetin 2%
Quercetin-3-O-glucoside (IsoQuercitrin, IQC) 12%
Quercetin-3-O-maltoside (Q3M) 30%
IsoQuercitrin (EMIQ®) 35%

Isoquercetin Benefits

As with most flavonoids, quercetin and IsoQuercitrin IQC are recommended for digestive or respiratory allergies and can be taken alongside L-ascorbic acid and zinc.

In a double-blind study of 24 subjects with a pollen allergy, eight weeks of taking IsoQuercitrin EMIQ during pollen season seemed to alleviate eye and sinus problems — itching, watery eyes, congestion.

In order to make the most of supplementation, users should begin taking isoquercetin at least two weeks before the arrival of the pollen season and continue until it is over. It can even be combined with conventional antihistamines. In fact, some studies have found that those who take an antihistamine alongside quercetin report experiencing a greater impact on their allergies.

What do studies show about IsoQuercitrin supplements?

Now that you have a better understanding of the IsoQuercitrin benefits, you probably want to know what studies have to say about its effectiveness. Studies on IsoQuercitrin have shown:

So, as you can see, IsoQuercitrin capsules do more than just fight digestive or respiratory allergies. Start taking advantage of all the IsoQuercitrin benefits by adding it to your supplement regimen.

Isoquercetin Side Effects

Adding enzymatically modified IsoQuercitrin to your diet is a great way to combat allergies. However, responsible supplement usage is essential, meaning that you need to do your own research to ensure that this is the right supplement to incorporate into your daily regimen.

Start by looking at more scientific studies related to alpha-glycosyl IsoQuercitrin. Medical websites are also an excellent source of reliable information on alpha glycosyl IsoQuercitrin for allergies.

Additionally, you can glean anecdotal information from various forums. Speaking to others who are already taking isoquercetin can be an excellent source of information, as you’ll be getting information straight from the source, based on real people’s lived experiences with it.

Experiencing side effects as a result of taking an IsoQuercitrin supplement is generally rare and any you experience will be mild. Most people will not have to worry about side effects as long as they follow the instructions on the bottle and never exceed the recommended daily serving size.

One of the biggest reasons someone who takes a quercetin glucoside supplement experiences side effects is due to a negative drug interaction. That is why people who are already taking prescription medications for chronic medical conditions are advised to talk to their doctors to ensure that taking an isoquercetin supplement will not cause any unwanted side effects.

Finally, if you do happen to experience any side effects as a result of taking an EMIQ supplement, stop taking the supplement immediately and get in touch with a doctor.

Daily dose: 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack : 30
Quantité par dose
Enzymatically modified Isoquercitrine EMIQ® 200 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice flour. EMIQ®, Theravalues Corporation, USA.
Directions for use

How To Take an EMIQ Supplement

In order to take advantage of all the IsoQuercitrin benefits, you need to know how and when to take it. Since our isoquercetin supplement is sold as part of a blend to enhance absorption, it is recommended that you take this supplement with food.

We recommend taking one or two IsoQuercitrin capsules a day, ideally with food. Taking enzymatically modified IsoQuercitrin (EMIQ) immediately after eating enhances absorption and primes the digestive system to receive the supplement.

It is important that you avoid taking a quercetin glycosides supplement on an empty stomach, as studies have shown that this can increase the chances of experiencing negative side effects.

It is also important that you never exceed the recommended daily serving size. Some people believe that isoquercetin benefits can be enhanced by taking this supplement more often. However, this is not true and could cause side effects. Always stick to the recommendations on the bottle.

Be sure to closely monitor your health as you take IsoQuercitrin to ensure there are no adverse effects. If you do experience side effects, you should stop taking this supplement straightaway.

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