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Desmo Forte™ Supplement
Desmo Forte™ Supplement
0486Desmo Forte™ Supplement
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Desmo Forte™
Liver and detoxification
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Desmo Forte™ is a liquid extract of Desmodium adscendens.
  • Traditionally used to relieve various ailments, particularly liver diseases, such as hepatitis.
  • Has a relaxant effect on the the lungs, inhibiting the contractions and constrictions caused by the release of substances during allergic reactions.
  • Appears to produce improvements during chemotherapy, where deterioration in the liver can occur.
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Leaves of Desmodium Adscendens

Desmo Forte Supplement

Desmo Forte™ contains a 1:2 liquid extract of Desmodium adscendens, an herbaceous plant originating from equatorial Africa and Latin America with several benefits, now available to buy at Supersmart. For centuries, traditional healers and doctors have used extracts of the plant to treat various ailments, particularly liver diseases, such as hepatitis, and asthma attacks.

What benefits do studies show about Desmo Forte™?

Introduced into Europe by French doctors who discovered it while working in Africa, Desmodium adscendens is now used by certain therapists to treat liver diseases.

  • Desmodium appears to produce rapid results in acute viral hepatitis accompanied by symptoms including jaundice, asthenia (weakness) and modified biological parameters such as transaminases. The jaundice and asthenia disappear within a week and biological parameters return to normal within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • A study of 32 cases of acute viral hepatitis show that Desmodium's effects are rapid and permanent as long as the disease is treated promptly, within a few days of it presenting it. Treatment is less effective when started later, although there are still effects on biological parameters. It seems that early treatment prevents the disease from becoming chronic.
  • A study of 47 patients with hepatitis B, conducted at the Bamako Hospital in Mali, showed that Desmodium resulted in a rapid reduction in jaundice, transaminases and bilirubin. In almost half of the patients, biological parameters improved within 45 days of being treated.
  • In a preliminary clinical trial in Italy of 41 patients with hepatitis C, Desmodium produced signs of improvement in liver function in 58% of cases, with no effect in 26%.
  • Desmodium appears to produce improvements during chemotherapy where deterioration in the liver can occur, signified by transaminase levels.
  • In Ghana, traditional healers use Desmodium to control asthma attacks. Animal studies conducted to establish Desmodium's mechanism of action in these cases have shown that Desmodium has a relaxant effect on the smooth muscle of the lungs and that it inhibits the contractions and constrictions caused by the release of substances during allergic reactions.

Buy Desmo Forte™ today to support your liver health.

Daily serving: 15 ml
Number of servings per bottle: 16
Quantity per serving
Desmodium adsendens (from 15 ml of liquid extract 1:2 of Desmodium adscendens whole leaves) 7,5 g
Other ingredients: glycerol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid.

Once opened, consume within 15 days.
Directions for use
Take one 15 ml dose of Desmo forte™ a day.
5 /5 1 reviews
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5.0 / 5
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Greg Gaines
I purchased this supplement to treat liver problems and found all it's health claims to be true as stated. My only complaint is how fast the potency declines after opening. Otherwise I love this supplement.
  1. Van Dooren, I., Foubert, K., Bijttebier, S., Breynaert, A., Theunis, M., Exarchou, V., … Pieters, L. (2018). In vitro gastrointestinal biotransformation and characterization of a Desmodium adscendens decoction: the first step in unravelling its behaviour in the human body. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.doi:10.1111/jphp.12978
  2. Gyamfi MA, Yonamine M, Aniya Y. Free-radical scavenging action of medicinal herbs from Ghana: Thonningia sanguinea on experimentally-induced liver injuries. Gen Pharmacol. 1999;32:661–7.

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Desmo Forte™
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