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Calcium Orotate

Calcium Orotate Supplement

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Calcium and magnesium combination supplement.

  • Helps combat muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Potential positive effects on stress, sleep, and bone health.

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Calcium Orotate

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This calcium orotate supplement combines the action of calcium and magnesium, maximized by orotic acid. There are many calcium orotate uses to consider if you are hoping to boost your overall well being. On this page, you will learn what calcium orotate is and how it works, as well as all the benefits of taking calcium combined with magnesium, potential side effects, and instructions for how to take it.

What is Calcium Orotate?

Calcium orotate is a supplement that combines calcium with the properties of magnesium for boosted support. It has been deemed one of the most effective forms of calcium supplementation because of its bioavailability. Calcium orotate's absorption rate is faster than other types of calcium supplements due to how well calcium orotate penetrates cell membranes. The rapid absorption rate enables speedy delivery of the calcium ions to the inner layers of the cellular nucleus and mitochondria.

Because of the exceptional calcium orotate bioavailability, it tends to outperform other calcium supplements. Calcium citrates, carbonates, lactates, gluconates, phosphates, and malates do not appear to penetrate the membranes as quickly or effectively as other orotate varieties can.

What is in Our Calcium Orotate Formula?

Our calcium and magnesium orotate supplement comes in the form of vegetarian capsules. Each capsule contains both calcium orotate and magnesium orotate for well-rounded support.

At SuperSmart, we avoid fillers and unnecessary ingredients in our calcium orotate supplement, as well as all in our supplements. We have one of the best calcium orotate supplements because we only add acacia gum in it. Many other supplement brands choose to add a long list of ingredients that are not needed, many of which can lead to unnecessary side effects.

Calcium Orotate Benefits

The potential benefits of taking calcium and magnesium orotate has been heavily researched. It has been found to be particularly effective for supporting a few aspects of overall health, including the following:

  • Widely-accepted research indicates calcium may help combat the loss of bone cartilage, especially when combined with glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Calcium orotate with magnesium orotate may boost overall bone health, according to many studies, especially when combined with D3 vitamins.
  • Research indicates it provides a sedative action in migraine conditions, possibly helping to reduce pain and help those who are affected by migraines relax.
  • Studies show it may have a rejuvenating effect on sleep.
  • Calcium and magnesium orotate has also been widely researched for its impact on stress.
  • Studies show that calcium orotate supplementation might be beneficial for cramps and spasms of various origins, especially when combined with D3.
  • Scientists continue to look at the relation between calcium and decalcification.
  • Additional studies indicate that calcium supplementation can be extremely important during menopause and while breastfeeding.

Before you buy calcium orotate, it is recommended that you research all the benefits for yourself, and look at how it may benefit your health, in particular. Also, note that there are many health issues linked to nutrient deficiencies, and both calcium and magnesium are vital nutrients.

Calcium Orotate Side Effects

Whether you want to take calcium orotate for bone health support or to help you relax, you should always discuss new regimens with your physician. In most cases, it is considered perfectly safe to take calcium orotate supplements. However, there is always a chance of it negatively interacting with other supplements and medications you are taking, which is why you should always talk to your doctor first.

Calcium orotate supplement benefits often outweigh the potential risks, but you should not determine this on your own. Your healthcare provider is better equipped to make those decisions.

If you start to experience any unusual symptoms once you begin a new supplement, you should stop taking it immediately. It is important that you rule out the supplement before you resume taking it.

While calcium and magnesium supplements contain a lot of benefits that have been studied, they are only meant to support a healthy lifestyle. You cannot expect calcium to treat or cure any condition you are suffering from. Additionally, magnesium orotate is designed for healthy adults, not children.

Calcium and magnesium are considered safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding (these are two of the most commonly recommended supplements for soon-to-be or new mothers). However, it is important to only take as much as you need and to take the best calcium orotate supplement possible.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Pozen Debra

february 21 2024

This works & has good absorption. Free of a long list of other ingredients that can be harmful.

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