Immune Support
AHCC 500 mg
AHCC 500 mg


AHCC 500 mg
Extract of shiitake mushroom root (Lentinus edodes)
  • Anti-tumour and immune-stimulant effects.
  • Contains AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) recognised for increasing Natural Killer Cell activity in cancer cases.
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Best if used before 07/30/2019

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AHCC supplement, a shiitake mushroom extract with multiple benefits

This dietary supplement has been formulated to offer the benefits of AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound), a rare compound developed by Japanese scientists. It is obtained by fermenting an extract of a mushroom popular in Asia and Europe called shiitake (Lentinus edodes). Interest in the health benefits of this mushroom is far from recent however – it has been used for many years in traditional Asian medicine. The result of considerable research, AHCC supplement offers the benefits of a combination of different active principles with immune-stimulant and anti-tumour properties.

Potent immune-stimulant in dietary supplement form

Among the active principles in AHCC supplement are the derivatives alpha-glucan and beta-glucan, polysaccharides recognised for their immune-stimulant effects. They boost the immune system by stimulating the activity of various groups of white cells including NK (natural killer) cells, recognised as the body’s first line of defence against attack. The active principles in AHCC also increase concentrations of T and B lymphocytes, white blood cells which act in a specific way against pathogens. These immune-stimulant effects therefore make this fermented shiitake extract a valuable aid in the prevention of various diseases.

AHCC’s anti-cancer potential

The immune-stimulant benefits of AHCC supplement, demonstrated in in vitro and clinical studies, have rapidly attracted the interest of the scientific community for their potential to fight certain cancers. There is a particular focus on AHCC’s stimulant effect on NK cells as they are such a vital line of defence against cancer cells. Part of the immediate innate immune response, NK lymphocytes are able to recognise and destroy tumour cells within a few hours. Suffice to say that AHCC’s stimulation of these ‘killer cells’ paves the way for promising new therapeutic perspectives in the fight against cancer!

Globally-recognised formulation

Since it was developed and its therapeutic virtues revealed, AHCC supplement has been used by many thousands of people, its use supported by studies conducted in over 30 university research institutes and 700 hospitals in Japan and across the world. In order to offer a high-quality immune-stimulant supplement, shiitake extracts standardised to 60% AHCC are obtained in a laboratory in accordance with GMP and ISO 9100 & 22000 standards, and delivered in capsules containing an optimal 500mg, with a suggested dose of one to two capsules a day. This dose can be adapted to individual needs and the advice of your therapist. For optimal efficacy, AHCC’s beneficial effects can be complemented by other natural active principles such as lactoferrin, a powerful antioxidant with immune-stimulant properties. The formulation Resveratrol Synergy is also a valuable aid with its exceptional antioxidant content, while the patented product AC-11® can help prevent mutations to DNA.

Ingredients: Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes) root extract (containing AHCC).
Other ingredients :maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide. Vegetarian capsules.

Take one to two capsules a day, or as recommended by your health practitioner.

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AHCC 500 mg
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